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  1. Out of 90 friends like 2 ppl are playing this? I need someone to add to do 3 missions with. HMU if interested please.
  2. Appreciate the reply but im an absolute moron.... I already unlocked in in November. I tricked myself because I hadn't gotten that far in the game and stopped playing for awhile then came back around to the game after a month of not playing. Saw some of the secret ones gameplay related and somehow thought I hadn't unlocked that one. The irony is you can probably unlock that in a couple hours of play if I had it that early...
  3. Anyone have any idea if Triathelete doesn't count the automatic mount riding? It's the only thing I can think of. 1500m swimming is absolutely nothing. I completed the 15 underwater locations and crossed over to land many times before noticing the achievement. To be safe I purposely swam 600m. So unless I somehow did all that without swimming 900m which I doubt. I must have the 1500. According to Ubisoft club I've traveled 459k. That's insane. To think I somehow traveled 459k without exceeding 40k on a mount or 10k while running is insane to me. Just to be safe before posting this I swam another 600-700m to absolutely rule out swimming. Almost makes me wonder if there is something I don't get about RUNNING lol. You run basically everytime you move. Multiple times I noticed to myself how we seem to run pretty fast as 300-400m runs aren't really all that far as I did them countless times to objectives. I can say im positive I did everything required. EXCEPT Manually ride a mount more than 40k. That is the only possibility.
  4. I haven't played Gears 4 since before any of these updates. It sounds like the new achievements should've all popped for me at once like it sounds it did for most of you. I had to gain a level to get the level achievements. I had to look at the card to get the skill card achievement. Yet for some reason none of the campaign ones unlock for me despite all being at 100%. I even replayed 4 chapters and nothing.
  5. Seems buggy. Looked on another site and there are a few people with this problem. My sidequest tracker is stuck at 89% even though I did everything. Contraptions and their upgrades All collectibles All of the sidequests. That is really frustrating. I am Death Incarnate was so difficult im not even bothering to try the higher one. But with that one bugging its the same thing as having never completed the higher difficulties point wise.
  6. For some reason I can't get the complete all sidequests achievement to pop. I have done all 6 of the quests listed. I did all of the commander missions too. Found every single collectible including the readable's. Heck I even did a few things unmarked. EDIT. Apparently there is an NPC who suggests you find toy for Max. That doesn't stop you from finding them either way. I know the guide says there isn't a NPC but can anyone confirm they got it to pop without having ever talked to her? It's the only thing I can think of.
  7. Thanks big d the one you mentioned in the sewer was the one I was missing.
  8. I swear I have a special ability of failing achievement attempts in ways that make them so frustrating. Some of these are pretty difficult others can be frustrating. I'm going to assume all the ones involving planes are going to be hard. The only one I got naturally was the first one where you use the AA gun. I just failed a Gasoline Cowboy attempt because I fired my final shell at the tank a tenth of a second after he fired AND connected on me just barely pushing me past the 20% dmh threshold. So i give up and go for the final Rescuer one I missed. The elusive 2nd heroic action in Ambush that for me didn't show up or I missed it due to its weird spawning like many people. So I start up again play through the mission reach the area. Notice I have to walk through the barracks then turn around for the action to spawn. Somehow the Nazi struggling with the ally get shot by someone else and it says heroic action completed. Yet I notice it didn't count so I assume it happened because I didn't actually do it. Reload...yay it checkpointed me one second after the part. Only me dude..
  9. 5 seconds after I posted that. Chain smoker pops AND Slow and Steady. The full gauge is like 5 seconds. There is no chance I actually did 3 minutes worth. Not even one minute worth. Ill take it.
  10. I think some are messed up for sure. I was farming the spotting achievement at the point where you first gain the ability just to see if you could farm. It worked. However as I was doing this I noticed the chainsmoker achievement. In this area you can from my understanding easily affect 10+ guys every 30 seconds. I was already throwing them to buy more time. I absolutely should have it by now. The 1% seems suspect too as apparently its a rare achievement yet its so simple.
  11. So Nightmare was really hard? Noooo thats not supposed to be that way!
  12. Sometimes I think those numbers are completely BS. The ones on Wolfenstein are REALLY off for sure. Like Fallout 4. I find it really hard to believe that nearly half of all players didn't reach lvl 5. Seriously? Or the Telltalle games. More than half of people on Xbox who played the first episode of Batman season 1 didn't complete it. Not the season...the first episode.
  13. The percentage for the collectible achievements right now seem unusual. So far I have only played the first 2 levels and im not sure if I missed anything but some of the readable items I could see being incredibly easy to miss. I missed 3 in a row and reloaded. 67% of all gamers found all star cards? 77.91% of all gamers found all concept art? That can't be right? Or is all that stuff basically impossible to miss? So far the one concept art I found looked fairly easy to miss.
  14. Actually out of dumb luck while doing the mosquito kids special randomly the achievement popped. I wasn't even testing if I missed his. I found it odd that I apparently never did his as I used that guy a lot. Basically used everyones at least 5 times. Upon using his though I was like...yeah...I don't remember seeing this before. Craigs stood out to me though because it feels shorter than the others and I could remember doing it. I guess that's because his and Tweaks changes so they made Craigs possibly both of their original moves short. But out of everyones I couldn't remember what Tweaks original move was at all I still kinda think I didn't do it. So I guess it's possible you can still get the achievement if you miss the original moves. I just watched a video of Tweaks original move. I can't remember if I used this before or not. Means theres a good chance I didn't If anything might be worth a side note that two of their moves will change and to be safe use them prior.
  15. Orgy of power I believe can be missed. I am pretty sure I never got to do Tweaks special. Then there is a certain quest that changes his and Craigs.
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