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  1. Bahaha, I came across your post in one of my old threads where you stated you missed me because of the way I welcomed you to the site. I just went and looked at your wall to look and about died. I don't remember why I posted it on your wall, but I assume we shitposting in some thread, haha.


    Just got back into forums a little more, maybe I'll catch you around! :)

  2. Happy New Year :)

    Not sure how active you around around here these days as I just returned recently. Either way I hope all is well. D

  3. Tad harsh, he just feels strongly about certain things. Something we're all entitled to.

    But hey I'll always be around if you want to chat about stuff or whatever.

  4. Welp, I gave it my best go in that thread. You and I have now come a long way from me treating you like a MLP creeper, and I apologize for that.


    But Pants has pretty much reminded me why I left this place in the first place and with that post I'm going to turn on my heel and head back into Reddit until stuff gets slow again and I forget again why I left this place.


    Dude creeps me out. Is probably going to kill someone some day. Be wary.

  5. Well, first season didn't get rolling until a few episodes in, either, and was a little clunky when how they started it off with the fight in the tower as a sort of "flash forward". Good to know it's out, though. Now I have to decide if I'm going to watch it as it's released or wait 'til the dub since I could tolerate the dub of the first. Watamote OVA is OUT http://i.imgur.com/j3bXlzl.gif but i can't find it subbed, i'll give it another day
  6. This discourse seems familiar. OH RIGHT. http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=557625 That should be my sig. So, in the future, if anyone has anything that delves into this area of discussion and Pants tries to engage, it's probably best to just dismiss him until he gets frustrated enough to lock the thread. Let me reiterate so that you don't get me wrong: You have legitimate and reasonable justification to have the reactions that you do. I just don't want to verbalize that and would rather take it as a given because I don't want to be condescending or act like I'm giving you permission or some shit. By that same token, take the lesson you imparted with me -- "don't foist that attitude you have on all men", alright. Don't foist that attitude on mcnichoj. There's plenty of paths to discuss in regards to this sort of disturbing material, controversial viewpoints or working through the waist-deep bullshit that comes with it without giving any sort of condonation to the concepts and materials within and then implying that even within that own packaging that it somehow translates into what someone does in the real world.
  7. Well, that's all you did for that entire post, so I'll just leave you to stew in your own filth. Changes are being made, and I'm helping make them, while you're running around going "nuh uh there aren't 15k subscribers to KiA so your points are invalid". How many are sockpuppets, then? What margin of error do you want? 500? 1000? Half?
  8. Yeah, I caught the copypasta over at KnowYourMeme I've been working on something blockchain related and playing less video games, since I've been playing less games, it doesn't always come to mind to drop in and check on this place. My posting style and the moderation style of x360a doesn't really sit well with each other, either, so I'll make a dozen posts, disappear, and so on.
  9. Commentary on the clickhole article: And to counter, this I feel encapsulates the whole thing better, because it gives representative from both sides opportunities to answer the same questions: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:jJWW9gp9FawJ:mangotron.com/pro-vs-anti-gamergate-two-interviews/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=ubuntu And apparently it was so non-biased and really let the SJW be his own worst enemy to the point where Mangotron, in their current hissyfit, pulled the article. If you go to the link, it's not there, they pulled it. That's why I just gave a cached version. http://mangotron.com/pro-vs-anti-gamergate-two/ Why? Because the girl they interviewed discovered they were trying to build a doxxing honeypot and called them out on it: Look, it's a precarious situation. People running around making threats willynilly may or may not be GamerGate people, but no one claims them, because when you get down to it, they're people that are unhinged. On the flip side, you have these bloggers and new media people that are embraced or trying to embody anti-GG ideals... and they keep coming up as assholes breaking laws, intimidating people, retracting their own shit, namecalling sponsors and so on, while definitively being part of the GamerGhazi/SJW side. Ladies and gentlemen, this is anti-GamerGate. Where publically available information that you argue is legally obligated to be put on every server on the internet is somehow "doxxing" if someone somehow LOOKS at this information that you can whois directly from the command line. And these same people are arguing that anonymous identities shouldn't exist ala 4chan/8chan and they should keep documentation on all the people on their sites as registered users, but call the whois on their servers *doxxing?!* The coup de grace? This: http://www.getresponse.com/archive/bring_back_phil_fish/Bring-Back-Phil-Fish-Update-11872700.html He tied his identity to a domain that points through the nameservers to his server. Derp. He literally doxxed himself and anyone with access to Google could see it.
  10. Whoops! I made the same mistake. My question was about the latter. Hilariously enough, the former, on Wikipedia, doesn't have a "Controversy" section, but the latter does. First three pages on Google are either rough descriptions or reaction videos. I'm going to stick my neck out here and guess it's not any good and is pure shock value.
  11. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d4/Divergent.jpg Divergent 8/10 I actually sat down to watch a movie. And it was everything I ever want in a movie. I wish it would've dove deeper into the factions, but there's only so much you can do in two hours.
  12. Alright, let's back up for a bit. Since you seem to know something about it and I know nothing about it, I'm going to ask: is it in the same vein as, say, Welcome to the NHK, where it starts out with a false sense, false world around someone's "stinkin' thinkin'" and over the course of the series as they see their bad decisions pile up around them and make their life harder that they ultimately start making changes and pull themselves out of their rut? To what level is something mired in glorification or is the rickety rails of a roller coaster about to fall down on everyone in proximity? Since everyone was arguing about it I pulled it up on TPB to see if it's up there so I could legitimately throw my two cents on it but no one is seeding it. Which, in itself, speaks volumes.
  13. lawl Terror In Resonance is fantastic. It gets better and better as it goes. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is a very, very slow show with some great setpiece moments but focuses more on post-disaster survival in a non-fiction setting (though they take some liberties), and the stories that drive the characters is worth the ride. There is an abbreviated version of it that's movie-length if you want to save time and get the gist of it, but, you know. Welcome To The NHK ... sigh. Power through the first five episodes. It's weird, it may feel icky, but after you get so far the story itself helps reinforce the consequences for the negative choices being made. The "conspiracy" angle is played heavy in those first couple of episodes but it runs away from it as fast as possible as the series continues and it's better for it; this is a story about depressed, selfish people working through and triumphing or desperately failing and falling apart in the midst of a prison made up of their own shit. You may feel like stopping a few episodes in. Don't. If you make it halfway through, you'll know it's worth hanging around for. Oh, God, but I don't know if I can use 1000 words without spoiling it. And it's travesty to spoil Steins;Gate.
  14. Really fun, reminded me of the Scott Pilgrim game. Hm, Persona 4 Arena is available on the 360. The bits that make it "anime" in style is the pseudo-VN thing it does which might appeal to OP but, frankly, without knowing anything about the Persona series leading up to it, was putting me to sleep.
  15. People who write for Kotaku and Phil Fish? Maybe! They've already proven they're explosive, emotionally impulsive and have poor self-control, common traits of those that commit sexual offenses. Max Read just committed professional seppuku as we speak. I remember exactly where that line of reasoning comes from.
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