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  1. I finished the main campaign of this game (didn't like it too much), and was thinking about completing the survival achievements (grind, grind, grind). But with this new DLC I got things clearer; I won't go near this game again. I can live having a crap mobile game incomplete (unless as @Vivapinsam mentioned, they eventually change it for the best).
  2. Use to encounter it when I have around 1700 eyes. In the second or third Infin-ID checkpoint.
  3. Got Orbiter and Purple prize on my Windows Phone but I guess I couldn't log in or something like that, because they don't appear on my GT. The problem is that the game knows I got them, so they can't be obtained again. The other achievements I got they do appear. Any word of advice?
  4. I'm not into Tomb Raider games, and loved TR Legend (played AND finished it last week). Anniversary, that I didn't like so much (playing right now), as I said, I don't like TR games LOL The thing is... I know Underworld is a direct sequel from Legend, but gameplay-wise, is more similar to Anniversary or to Legend? Because if it's like Legend, I'll play it very soon... but if it is like Anniversary, I think I can wait some months.
  5. Thanks for the input. Yep, you are right (the devs said so to a user who asked them). To get the daily challenge achievements you need to log in five days in a row and get 4 different prizes on the same challenge... so I don't know if people who begin to play now will be on time. Either way, there is no clear delisting date. EDIT: Game's already delisted. Devs say: "From Monday 16th February, Secrets and Treasure: The Lost Cities, along with all related online services, will no longer be available. Thank you for playing and going on this adventure with us." They managed to keep the game a month more than they thought. Hope they'll eventually return the game to us with more levels, and a full 200GS xDDDD
  6. You're welcome mate. It's weird that they didn't delisted it yet though since they said mid-january. But that's for the best, more people will be able to play it. I really enjoyed that game too
  7. Yeah, just completed the game too and after seeing the past cost of purchases, I'd like the game update to come later >_< I had to grind a little. That damned expensive airstrike and Delta Force specialist...
  8. Yeah, just completed the game too and after seeing the past cost of purchases, I'd like the game update to come later >_< I had to grind a little. That damned expensive airstrike and Delta Force specialist...
  9. Hi Rusty. Once finished level 2 and with the keys shown, it freezes and doesn't save? In my case, if the game froze due to getting a map, for example, it saved the stage, so I didn't have to play it again (I just shut down the game and when I restart it, that stage is cleared and it shows the keys I got). Yeah, I didn't have that problem, maybe it's a thing with the last update. As for WP to Win8, I don't have Win8 so maybe another user can help you in that regard. edit: just played level 2 with the last update (but with my old save where all the stages are already completed) and I didn't have any problem with it. With what smartphone are you playing? Mine has 1Gb ram, maybe it has something to do with that (maybe not). Also, It's a WP 8.1 with software version Lumia Denim.
  10. It seems that you could buy an extra ball or something to help you charge your trickshot faster, but that was pre-update. Now coins don't have any use.
  11. Hahaha, actually I own a windows phone, but neither my family nor my friends have another. This game is the next one I'll play. Seems easy enough to complete
  12. Hi guys, loved the game, it could easily be one of my favourite smartphone games, since it's very simple and eye-catching. That said, it could be far better if it didn't have so many bugs. So far: + Past level 125, I began having problems with the treasure chests that appeared in some levels; I got them, but once I restarted the game, the exp gotten from them was gone and the same treasures appeared again on the map available to be got again.edit: found out the problem, of all the treasure chests in zone 3, one was repeated, so I had to find the original and save, the other was a copy that caused the other ones to glitch. Wonder if the snowy mountain glitches came from this one as well or have a different source. + Once I reached the snowy mountains: - The cutscenes began to get messy: all the pictures stack on screen, so you can see all them at the same time. I mean, if a character says something, you see all the poses he makes, the newer on the front and the others on the back. It's kind of annoying. - The loading screen doesn't advance to the map screen if I beat a stage where I'm awarded with a map piece. So I need to shut down the app. I noticed that the reason is because the game can't show the map pictures that you get in the snowy part of the game. - Sometimes I don't see the arrow that indicates the shot direction, and without that arrow it seems that I also can't shoot or move the "cannon", so I have to restart the level, spending more fuel. This is with the last update of the game and played with a nokia 735. I'd like to know if any of you can see the snowy mountain fragmented map pieces once obtained playing with a smartphone. EDIT: a brand new update came up a few moments ago. It seems that it fixes the bugs. A pity that I already finished the game and won't be able to see all the cutscenes (I know I missed some due to the frozen of the game when I got map pieces in the snowy mountain).
  13. So if you still haven't download it, I suggest you do. It's a very good Peggle-like game. Seems we still will be able to log in to xbox live in the game, but I'd unlock the online chievos just in case (Frecuent Flier and All in a days work). Devs say: " Adventurers, we hope you’re enjoying the game so far! We have some news that we need to share with you: the game servers will be shutting down in mid-January. After this date the game will no longer be available to download, however if you’ve already downloaded it you’ll be able to keep playing it after this date. Q. Will there be new levels? A. Th...ere won’t be any more levels released, but you can play the current 200 levels over again to collect more keys and gold. Q. Will I still be able to log in with Xbox Live? Can I still earn Achievements? A. Yes, Xbox Live login will still work, and you can definitely still earn Achievements. Go get ‘em! Q. Will I be able to log in with Facebook, or see my friends on the leaderboard? A. Facebook login will be disabled, and you will no longer be able to view the leaderboard. Q. What about my gems – can I still spend them? A. Your gems are still valid, and you will still be able to spend them on boosts. Q. Can I still buy or earn gems? A. You won’t be able to buy gems for real money, but you’ll still be able to earn them in Daily Challenge mode. Q. What if I accidentally delete the game, can I download it again? A. The game will no longer be available for download, so if you delete it, it’s gone forever. Q. What really happened to Professor Flintlock? A. He never made it to the Lost Cities – on the way there he was eaten by a grue. It’s very sad, but Marissa does eventually find the Lost Cities, falls in love with Sam and they live happily ever after. Jaques retires from adventuring and opens a small French bistro in London, where Professor Blackstone – now the Director of the British Museum, due to his discoveries in the Lost Cities – dines regularly. The Adventurer’s Guild is shut down after the government discovers irregularities in their finances. After some time in prison, Victor Callous emerges a changed man and devotes the rest of his life to charitable works. In short: they all live happily ever after. Q. I have another question that isn’t answered here. A. Please get in touch with us in game, on Twitter, or on Facebook – we love hearing from you and we’re happy to answer any questions you have. Thanks again for playing, we really appreciate your support and we hope you enjoyed your journey to the Lost Cities!"
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