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  1. For people to be able to join the game they have to know the 4 letter code or they can't join ( I could be wrong). Their other game fibbage was like that. I had to open 8 separate browsers on my pc to get 8 player achievement.
  2. Can't unlock Precocious achievement. I've spent 2 hours with no luck. If anyone finds a solution, post it. Edit: nvm it was one of those late to unlock achievements.
  3. I was level 38 cop and it dropped me to level 23. This really is bad.
  4. On the Port Scallywag level when you get the Treasure Yeti, right before you kill it OR time runs out (either one) , you can jump in the water and then you press Y to restart, it puts you back at the start of the Treasure Yeti chase. (Edit)You can actually let the yeti escape as long as you don't kill the other enemies and then kill yourself in the water and it still restarts the wave from the start. Out of the 4 goes I only got one diamond only on the first time trying to killing it. If someone already posted it I'm sorry. edit: Works good. Did it again and out the 4 goes I got 3 diamonds and 4th one fell in the water. Edit2: Others have figured trick out before me.
  5. I hope you have insurance achievement. Anyone need to team up and get it. Message me over live next 48 hours. GT SepticSchizo edit GOT IT
  6. Looking to do 25 multiplayer games, 3 s rank and defeat white dragon 3 times. GT: SepticSchizo
  7. Thank You. Advice worked. I replayed one of the boss fights and the final mission unlocked.
  8. Need some help with unlocking Final Mission. It gives me this message "You do not have enough antibodies for this mission. Collect antibodies from fallen enemies". I have completed all other missions on casual but won't let me play final one. Anyone have any theories on how to unlock the final mission?
  9. What I did was sit in front of the ship your protecting and used the Marauders long range transform attack and kill the corvettes. Then just defend against the torpedo. Usually 2 from the left side and 2 from the right. When the allies arrive to help, that's when I used the marauders transform and attacked the final 2 ships. As long as those ships are still alive they keep sending torpedo. Basically I never left the ship your suppose to protect.
  10. For a company that's has made Bad Company series and an excellent Battlefield 3, it would be bad for everyone if the lawyers are successful. It would probably make games more expensive in the long run. eg companies taking out insurance so they won't lose money. It will make the games more expensive. Probably Call of duty CEO doing it.
  11. The game is ok, The PC player hits 240+ yards and all I can do is 215 or less. You sit there for hours and then buy a 60000 pack and get crap items. The game feels unbalanced with little reward.
  12. I need all online achievements. I'm still on level 1. GT: SepticSchizo
  13. Playthrough 1 These achievements are part of the story. But Follow these in the order as I posted them here. Start with 長い坂道 then 最初の輝きand 楽しみを重ねてNew game :You will get both of these at the same time! 広いお庭- Load save 3 and follow the route 優しい風景- Load save 4 and follow the route これからの歩み- Load save 1 and follow route 髪、また伸ばすね- Load save 10 and follow route 二人だけの灯り- Load save 9 and follow route ずっとそばに Load save 8 and follow route 満開の桜- Load save 12 and follow route! 風子マスター!And いつか来る日-Load save 2follow route Does the guide start from there? or a little lower. Edit: OK I figured it out. That's the roadmap. It starts a little lower. And GREAT GUIDE WELL DONE!!!!!
  14. This is an annoying achievement. I'm baffled.
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