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  1. Haha why would you say that & scare me! haha. Tough achievement but worth the time it took
  2. RAGE! The fucking thing doesn't respond! Think I got 1 or 2 levels away a few times and then it tells me I hit something although my goat is clearly not touching the damn pipe!
  3. Battlefield 1 COD Infinite Warfare/Modern Warfare Remaster Loving Battlefield so far
  4. Easy Week - Paperboy I've tried to do this so many times and died on Saturday or half way through Sunday!! I finally got it and was so happy!
  5. I'm on a few things to keep it interesting. Grinding - FIFA 15 glitchy achievements - Toe Poke and Extra Effort. I just have to keep retrying them. Paperboy - Smasher Achievement Doritos Crash Course - Going for Gold & Social Climber Playing - Finally going to get round to finishing Lost:Via Domus. Start Far Cry 3 again on my own profile and Fast and Furious Forza on Xbox 360. I think thats it for now
  6. I really love Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard and I'll be honest I played it mainly for the achievements. So has anyone else wound up loving a game they initially bought for the achievements?
  7. I actually hammered a kid (He must have been 15 or something) at his own game, he voice messaged me saying he was going to report me to MS for "cheating" at FIFA and he said a bunch of other stuff. I replied professionally saying I was a member of the MS Enforcement team and had logged his Gamertag for cyber bullying and he would be banned within 48 hours. In that next 48 hours I received about 10 voice messages apologising, crying down the mic and even one where his mum spoke apologising for him and asking me to "let him off this time" Hahaha it was awesome
  8. Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard So clunky and downright not very good but damn I had fun with it
  9. Mile High Club on XB1... Not sure I have the patience again!
  10. You can also stream to XB1 from PC/Laptop by right clicking on your media file and clicking on Play To.
  11. I had this issue, and Mission Select has a locked sign next to it.
  12. Hey good thread but it might be an idea to post the area specific UK/PAL websites and prices. http://www.play.com/Games/Xbox-One/4-/51445403/Xbox-One-Wireless-Controller-And-Play-and-Charge-Kit/Product.html?searchstring=Xbox+one+play+and+charge&searchsource=0&searchtype=allproducts&urlrefer=search £57.50 GBP Above is the link/price on the UK site
  13. Hi, I am giving my Xbox 360 to my nephew on Friday (When I get my Xbox One) and wondered if when I remove my gamertag from the xbox 360 and he adds his will he be able to access the games I have downloaded as long as I don't remove them?
  14. It just stays on your Xbox Live account, like a wallet and can't be withdrawn
  15. Later this year they are starting Xbox Gift cards with cash values instead of MSP, so you can buy them at stores instead of putting your card details on Live
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