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  1. Since you're at the mountains, you should have the slidekick already. On the way to Denham village (I forgot what the area was called, but it's the one where you fight the first boss), there is a pathway with like 5 slimes in it that will attack you from below. Without the slidekick, you'd have to avoid them and leave them in that tunnel untouched, but with it, you can actually farm them pretty well. Alternatively, you can go to the old man's farm and just hop over the pit, kill the one slime next to the treasure chest, then do it again.
  2. Yeah, the game's end is really depressing. I expected it to happen, what with Dust being basically undead, but not that way. I actually assumed he would just disappear after his deed was done.
  3. Well those avatar items are on the marketplace.
  4. Read the note with the name of the area you want to complete. Everything will be clear.
  5. It's the "alter egos"/mascots of the music team, HyperDuck.
  6. No, it's a slide kick. Once you picked it up, you have to press A while holding down.
  7. Your missing friend is Tim from Braid. Do you have the red crystal orb in your inventory, or did you sell it? Because that's what you need to get him. In order to get Tim, you have to go to Blackmoor Mountains. Somewhere around the middle of the map, towards the east, you will find a cliff with an hourglass on it. Kneel besides it for a few seconds.
  8. The difficulty for this game's achievements are easy to medium, I'd say. The tough difficulty one can be quite challenging, but if you're good at games like this (including the exploration part), and are thorough with leveling, you can actually start playing on tough and skip normal altogether. I started with normal and got most of the achievements without any big trouble - the game is great and good enough to run through it a second time, as well. And yeah, the 1000 hit combo is not that hard.
  9. Did your first attempt at the 1000+ combo actually end successfully? Cause it only will register if the combat ends on its own, not immediately and not if your chain's broken by a hit.
  10. I enocuntered the dashboard glitch once myself, sadly it was after exploring a big area and pretty much just one room before the next saving spot. I also once clipped through the wall in the graveyard area while doing the aerial Dust Storm attack to clear out some of the hornets (which made me stuck, so I had to quit the game, but luckily, it once again was shortly after I saved). One of the most consistent glitches I encountered in my normal playthrough was that Dust would start to spaz out like a maniac and "flutter" between facing left and right whenever I was fighting on the ground. Also, the chest minigames tended to be ridiculously unresponsive to my inputs for some reason. Dunno why, cause the controller's just fine generally.
  11. One possible strategy other than the balanced path is to neglect attack first and focus on leveling Fidget, then using her spell to get huge combos for the extra XP.
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