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    I love playing Halo! Halo 2 is my favorite as well as Halo 3, but I enjoy all of them!
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  1. It's been manageable thus far for me but 1-15 is just impossible. I don't understand the controls in this game and it's just great that the game doesn't contain any tutorial or how-to-play section.. it just makes no sense. I can't do anything in regards to completing the level. Can someone be kind enough to tell me how you take control at all, or at the very least, help me solve 1-15? Thanks..
  2. Other than the road to rank 100, I just need Numero Uno and possibly help with a few Platinum medals (I need 14-15 more, halfway there) for Decorated. If anyone wants help in return for help for any GTA Online achievement, I'll be on hopefully every day this week as well as this Saturday. gt - iReact23 Also, I'm up for bounty boosting as well, if interested.
  3. Since the site achievement list doesn't include them [yet], and I've seen no post of them in the BF4 forums today, I'll just post them here in the BF4 forums I was looking at the Battlefield 4 achievements on xbox.com earlier today and it appears the new China Rising DLC achievements have been released for Xbox 360. It seems they are also following the same format as Battlefield 3, with five per pack for a total of 120 G/DLC. Anyways, I leave you with the achievements: http://i.imgur.com/jKohQ3E.png
  4. So my friend and I were looking to do the online achievements, he hosted 3 games and got Host with the Most but didn't unlock Open Champion despite winning at least one game of the three we played (Private Custom Match). We then proceeded to try a Ranked match with nine holes, and after the game was over, he attained Open Champion. After that I hosted the three games and Host with the Most unlocked just fine, and seeing as how the last situation went we decided to play nine holes in Ranked Match again, and after winning at the end, I did not receive the Open Champion achievement. I tried hosting a Private Custom Match, winning that, and it didn't work. He tried hosting it, I won (one hole, btw), still didn't unlock. Only thing left to try is Player Match, and if that doesn't work, not sure. Any suggestions, and has this ever occurred to anyone else? I've only seen issues with (mainly) the medals achievements, which all unlocked fine for me, as well as a couple with Ace, but I've never seen anyone post about either of the online achievements.
  5. I have unlocked fifteen of the twenty achievements and they all appear unlocked in the actual app, xbox.com, and on my xbox, and it says I have the correct 150 G as well. But when I go into the achievement list on my xbox, it says I have 15/20 in the "View Games" section, but if I go in and look at the achievements only seven are unlocked and has refused to sync any of the other eight I've unlocked in recent days (the first seven I unlocked months ago, I came back to this game and got more and they won't sync with my xbox) Has anyone else had this problem? I know it isn't much but it is bugging me too much to go unbothered. Thanks.
  6. I need this and Flamethrower (and a few others but those don't require more than me and one other person) so yeah, my gt is iReact23, send me a message if interested in helping me get this, and also Flamethrower too as it would be convenient to get that while there are seven other people in the game. EDIT: Wahoo got it and Flamethrower all I need in TF2 now is Hardcore, mainly
  7. Edit - Just need Professor Portal now, if anyone knows someone that could help or could possibly set a dummy account up for this, please message me, thanks! gt iReact23
  8. Need help with these: - Poppin' & Lockin' - Totally Worth It - You Ate All The Chips - Candy from a Baby - Don't Touch That! - Paper Beats Rock - All Alone (struggling with this one) -- ANNIVERSARY achievements: Need help with just a few more Anniv cheezos: - Bounty Hunter - Stick it to the Man! GT: iReact23 I'll return the favor if you help me out a bit (: Also I am USA CST
  9. My favorite Skyrim glitches are technically easter eggs, but one of them requires a glitch to get outside of Whiterun and make the game think you're still in Whiterun; one of two easter egg chests I found by doing this (with the help of my friend) and then the other one simply by looking at the ground in a specific location. Grants me unlimited gold and ebony ingots along with whatever else is in the chests that I can't think of.
  10. I've never seen an achievement before that had 1G! My gamerscore, for at least a year, has been stuck on 7 and 2 at the end because of Luxor 2.. :\
  11. I wonder how many people will get this as their first achievement.. lol.
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