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  1. I got eggs. Anyone want to help me with online achievements? GT: ToonGhallon TimeZone: PST
  2. The only team achevo I need is team slayer. I also need the other two for non team. ToonGhallon TimeZone: PST
  3. GT ToonGhallon Time zone PST I will be online after work around 8, but weekends are always a guarantee that I can game. I need all the win achievements Edit: Just need 30 wins in team slayer so if anyone is looking to do team slayer please add me to your party. On a side note: I need shot the messenger and run the gauntlet. If anyone is able to help with these two that would be awesome but if not its ok. I do not need to play online to pop the desprate escape ones.
  4. Oh wonderful thanks. One final question, What are the differences with the subscription type? The are each one month,I know I can change my user name but antyhing else? What features will I be able to use. Can I add a photo and a gamescore card/banner?
  5. I only need 5 more weapons and I complete this game. Swords Thunderblade Really Sharp Pair of Scissors Souldrinker Pistols Bloodcraver Rifles Skorm's Justice Thank you in advance. GT: toonghallon
  6. How do you Subscribe? I am new here and Sorta lost. Thanks for the help.
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