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  1. Unfortunately I have deleted or lost over the past 3 Xbox 360 jumps my save for NFS Shift. Unfortunately the first event only unlocks after 80 stars. And the final events unlock at 250. Just a heads up that if you are in same boat, you are unable to just fire up the DLC and get the achievements like most DLC content. Previously I had all stars / Achievements - This is just a note to those out there in same position thinking about doing the DLC without a prior completed save. Both of the DLC need 250 Stars to unlock the final event.
  2. http://i1304.photobucket.com/albums/s534/ntagameguides/Online%20banners/Ryse-son-of-rome_zps9bf62a8d.png~original I was going to make an achievement guide and roadmap but that has been done already, So I will put my collectible guide up here There are 90 collectibles throughout the 8 levels - I have all of the collectibles in each video to make this easier for you to follow. It is possible to get videos using the Smartglass Companion app, You are welcome to do this, But it is pretty confusing. It is only available on tablet too which is pretty poor. Here you can also track how many you have to collect - But following these videos should take the hassle out of it for you.As soon as you collect the collectible it saves which is great too! Chapter 1 - The Beginning [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvWgeRTqwCg]Chapter 1[/ame] Chapter 2 - S.P.Q.R [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DruPnhv0cI]Chapter 2[/ame] Chapter 3 - Trial By Fire [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vilnnf309SY]Chapter 3[/ame] Chapter 4 - The King [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TELVMNECLc8]Chapter 4[/ame] Chapter 5 - Edge Of The World [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcAOsUS6HTk]Thanks[/ame] Chapter 6 - Pax Romana [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chXnqvMY_tk]For[/ame] Chapter 7 - The Wrath Of Nemesis [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1_gdtgLVrI]Watching[/ame] Chapter 8 - Son Of Rome [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNDzzBg-7Ps]Remember To Subscribe [/ame]
  3. Added - I knew some were missing - Thanks! I knew we never had this challenge, But I knew there was an weapon in the grassy area of Area 1 - And for some reason thought it was a LMG, Thanks for the info - List changed and updated!
  4. Are you basing this off the amount of time that you have played extinction now? And the fact everyone you have is working together following exactly the strategy. And tied to the fact you are passed level 22 - my difficulty was based on the luck part, as well as team work and communication. But if your going to be doing the achievement for everyone should I just drop it to 0-1/10? Give me your reasoning and I will lower the difficulty
  5. Your welcome iBuzz, only glad to help - Maybe I should re-format the guide?
  6. That is one thing I forgot to mention in the video too - OMG - Thanks - I knew I was bound to miss something - We always run with the pistol out. I think as for the nuke, it could be because the aliens have blocked off our route to the Nuke. But if that was the case why didn't the helicopter just drop us in at the nuke? And i dont remember seeing aliens in the single player? Unless I missed something?
  7. Its up to him what he wants to do with his guide. I appreciate he has added one of my videos into his guide already. I have some of the SP achievements you haven't posted up in my thread you can use if you wish. And I have attempted to write an Achievement Guide and Roadmap using the link you sent for the BB code, and I couldn't get it to work until I used Firefox. I guess that is what everyone uses? Chrome just says "Chose your weapon" Let me know what you think and any advice is appreciated Single Player Extinction Guide I will be adding another video later today for the trap kills, but between myself and Nozza x360a I think the written guide is perfect. Do you write the guide in Word or something similar or straight onto x360a? i couldnt see a way to save as a draft - But ive not had much sleep so thats probably why -Paul
  8. Video tutorial [ame= ] [/ame] But it is possible to get the 10 trap kills in 3rd area by using the fire trap - I haven't done it myself - But Vortexx says its possible. When I suggested it the other night he didn't think it would work, but apparently it does
  9. What we tend to do is activate the traps in the alley and the ones near the trap. Then run the enemies around and into them
  10. Thanks mate - You are on the ball aren't you. I have added the locations for the traps i remember - But I may end up going through it again if Vortexx gets on and see if there is any more. I have 19 hours of Extinction record and rather than sit there reviewing it all probably easier to play the mode
  11. Extinction challenges Advised to do this in co-op with 4 players. Solo requirements seem a little high – For example with 4 players = 25 kills, Solo = 15 kills Use only melee attacks to damage aliens until the hive is destroyed. Staying close to the drill, click is RS to melee. Do not take any damage from aliens before the hive is destroyed. Stand at the back of the area, the further point away from the drill. They usually will attack from the left or right. Once there are no aliens coming from left or right, kill the alien on the drill. When the next aliens spawn one will attack the drill and not you. So its one less to worry about. Kill 25 aliens using pistols before the hive is destroyed As the challenges says, nothing special to do here Kill 5 aliens while they are in the air before the hive is destroyed We recommend using a shotgun for this. But the overall strategy is to have an alien or two following you. Climb up somewhere high, and drop off. Turn around and look up, when alien is in air you shoot. If you don't succeed try the process again. Protect a random player from entering last stand Place sentries and get the selected player to remain around that area. As long as your utilising team-work you should be golden. Find and kill the Leper in 30 seconds A leper looks like a normal alien but is larger and glows red. We will split up and got hunting for him First Area Either Motel side side or grassy area side depending where the drill is placed Second Area Around the turret and LMG location BUT Sometimes no matter how much we look we are unable to find him. It seems he just doesn't leave the out of bounds area of the map Third Area Either from the left of the large barn where the Chain-Saw spawn is Or from the 2nd to last hive location (The Giant pit) Kill 25 aliens using shotguns before the hive is destroyed Shotguns are found around each area of the map. If you have watched the video you should know these. If not... Area 1 - Below the Motel balcony, Right side if looking from the round Area 2 – To the right side of the low wall in the car park area. Near the electric traps and a tree Area 3 - From walking under the bridge walk down the hill and up the stairs on the right, at the top go towards the generator up here and look left. Its leaning up against the building Kill 25 aliens using SMGs before the hive is destroyed Area 1 – to the right of the road there are a couple of steps up to a grassy area. The SMG is on these steps Area 2 – At the low wall near the car park, and electric traps, on the left hand side (near the large green truck) Area 3 – On the bottom floor of the large barn. This is the barn where one of the hives is located on the second floor Kill 25 aliens using assault rifles before the hive is destroyed Area 1 – To the right of the sign just after destroying the first hive in the game Area 2 – As you enter the area you should see it on the right hand side after the large blue bins leaning against the side of the building Area 3 – Area 3 – At the bottom of the hill are electric fences. Behind these fences on the left side you will find a mounted turret and sand bags. The assault rifle is to the left of the turret. Kill 25 aliens using LMGs before the hive is destroyed Area 2 – When you enter the area, turn left at the blue bins and you should see a raised platform. The 2nd best LMG of the game is up there Area 3 – On the 2nd floor of the large barn on the right side. Best weapon in the game here. Kill 25 aliens using sniper rifles before the hive is destroyed Area 1 – To the right of the road before the grassy area on top of a rock Area 3 – Under the bridge and down the hill, keep looking after the stairs there is a small rock wall. Climb up here to find the rifle. From the bridge, the rifle is on the second floor balcony of the building to out right Spend $20,000 before the hive is destroyed This is why you wait until the drill is placed before spending money. Everything costs so Ammo,Sentries,armour all count to this. In the 2nd area there is a helicopter laptop that you can pile money in if you wish too Keep shot accuracy at 50% or 75% or above before the hive is destroyed One person in your team should be the person to do this. You want to shoot one bullet into one enemy. Then utilise melee and the turrets/sentries/explosives to keep it at 100% - If needed throw feral and armour to make it easier. Kill 10 aliens with turrets before the hive is destroyed Once you reach level 22 the auto sentry turret becomes available to deploy. If you arent a level 22 yet you can use the various turrets dotted around the map. Or spawn one yourself, at early levels you can deply a sentry that you control manually. Kill a scorpion with a melee before the hive is destroyedThe scorpion are the enemies that have glowing yellow spots. They also fire the toxic gloop at you. Approach one and keep meleeing until it dies.Upgraded medics are immune to the gloop so will be the best bet for later areas. Do not bleed out before the hive is destroyed Pretty straight forward, To bleed out you first need to be downed, then for the timer to reach 0 – Which means your team didn't care for you much Do not go into last stand before the hive is destroyed Last stand is where you lose all of you health and get downed. Using the sentries and having 2 medics upgraded limits this. If your close to losing health switch to pistol and run away a little bit. Do not take any damage from exploding seeker aliens until the hive is destroyed The seekers spawn from the large red shards that fire into the earth from the sky. There are similar to the tickers in Gears of war. They are red,cockroach type things that seem to be on fire. Traps are great to be activated here as they kill them very easy. Pick a place to defend and with sentries deployed, throw ammo regular and shout out where the seekers are coming from and all focus fire there. Kill 10 aliens with traps before the hive is destroyed Area 1: 3 Traps Generator 1 + 2 - which is set around the motel car park. It has 2 entrances and can be turned on at each end. Barrel - which it at the top of the final hill near the main hive. It'll block off the hill. Area 2: 6 Traps Barrel 1 located on your left as you enter the new area. It's in the open alley that leads to the turret mounted on the sandbags. Generator 1 is down the next main alleyway near the barrel above. The wires will electrify the puddles [best one to use throughout this whole level] Generator 2+3 are in the main street area. they're linked up to the small brick wall. Barrel 2 is just past Generator 2/3 and along the building to your left. Generator 4 in the top right hand corner of the area. So to the right of the main hive. It's hooked up to a fence. Area 3: 6 Traps Barrel after going under the bridge and looking down the hill, go to the right to find the barrel next to the building Generator 1 After going under the bridge, continue forward and go up the stairs to the left, at the top turn right. Generator 2 At the bottom of the hill to the left of the hive there Generator 3 At the bottom of the hill, go right from the hive and follow the metal fence to find the generator here Generator 4 To the right of generator 3 Generator 5 Behind generator 2, next to the turret and sandbags and the MTAR location. the generator is hanging from a post Do not let the drill go below 50 health before the hive is destroyed The drill health is in the left hand corner. We have only got his challenge at the 2nd to last hive. But using the sentries, and IMS and you actively protect it you should be ok. If the drill gets damaged you can repair it before it reaches 50 health Don't reload As the title, you cant reload. This also means if you walk over ammo they will count as a reload too. To be safe just melee attack, or place sentries. Don't spend any money Anything already out before the round starts is fine. But arming traps, using abilities etc will mean that you fail this challenge Don't use any abilities Keep away from the D-pad here. Anything already placed before the round counter ends. So make sure to conserve ammo. If you run out and there is loads to kill buy another weapon.
  12. Strategy This is a video of the strategy we use in order to complete extinction on Point Of Contact - In the video i will explain a few things you need to know. This has taken some time to put together, and I detail the final area more than the others as it is the most difficult. I will also show the weapon locations and traps to and add any general tips we used to complete it. In the guide for "Completionist" I will add the FULL run we did the get all the challenges. I have also left in the actual "Getting to the extraction point" and explain what and when you need to do certain things. Thanks to IDark VorteXX and DJ RJester - This is their strategy, and this guide was made to get a guide up for us and x360a. So again thanks to them for showing me how to do it. [ame= ] [/ame] I say in the video as of yet we have been unable to complete the "Kill 10 enemies with traps" challenge in the final area. It appears that even though I mentioned to IDark VorteXX to try the fire trap, and he quickly shrugged the idea off as it wouldnt work.But, in a very apologetic party chat with him it appears it is possible to do this challenge using the fire trap It is located under the bridge and to the right next to the building, in the third area Achievement Guide: http://live.xbox.com/tiles/Ml/9V/1oCLiGJhbC8XXxsBGl5TWWZjL2FjaC8wL2VjAAAAAOfn5-l6Xy4=.jpg City Dweller 20:gsicon: Made it to the city. After clearing the starting area and using the drill on the four hives, you are tasked with protecting the helicopter while it shoots at the hive. Upon destroying this hive your achievement will unlock and you are able to progress into the City area. http://live.xbox.com/tiles/FK/6U/1YCLiGJhbC8VXxsBGl5TWWZjL2FjaC8wL2VhAAAAAOfn5-q7rgg=.jpg Cabin Fever 10:gsicon: Make it to the cabin. In the 2nd area, after placing the drill and successfully destroying the four normal hives, the final hive in the area becomes active. Once we have taken all of the health away and it is destroyed this achievement will unlock and let us enter the 3rd and final area. http://live.xbox.com/tiles/tt/5L/1YCLiGJhbC9HCgUeBRlYWwdjL2FjaC8wLzEwMwAAAADn5+f6ZN6r.jpg Made it Out Alive 20:gsicon: Escape 1st time To escape you must destroy all of the hives in each area. On the destruction of the final hive in the 3rd area a bomb icon and box appear behind the location of the last hive. All players need to hold X on the bomb to activate it. Then you need to back-track to the very beginning of Area 1 and wait for extraction at the glowing circle. Whilst on route back you will need to defend twice against the alien enemies. http://live.xbox.com/tiles/Tz/Xp/0ICLiGJhbC9ACgUeBRlYWwdjL2FjaC8wLzEwNAAAAADn5+f-xjVS.jpg No Man Left 20:gsicon: Escape with all four players Here 4 players are needed. And you need all of you to make it to the extraction point. You can find flares in stash points, and if you have 3 this will be easier. After destroying the final hive and if above level 22 and have the sentry turrets, escaping is pretty much guaranteed. View the video at the top for the strategy we use. http://live.xbox.com/tiles/Tz/Xp/0ICLiGJhbC9ACgUeBRlYWwdjL2FjaC8wLzEwNAAAAADn5+f-xjVS.jpg Sprinter 20:gsicon: Reach the exfil chopper with 1 minute and 30 seconds or more remaining on the clock. As soon as the Nuke is armed you may notice a countdown timer in the top left corner. You need to reach the extraction point with this above 1:30 - Again using the sentries make this task easier. And on average you will get there between 1:50-1:40. Thanks to Rivercurse I forgot to mention in the video to switch to your pistol whilst sprinting back - Not sure how I forgot that detail. But it will save you around 20-30 seconds over running with an LMG http://live.xbox.com/tiles/7U/U2/0ICLiGJhbC8SXxsBGl5TWWZjL2FjaC8wL2VmAAAAAOfn5-8ZRfE=.jpg Completionist 25:gsicon: Complete all Extinction challenges and escape. The challenges occur in Extinction as soon as you plant the drill. You will need to complete 4 in the first 2 areas, then 5 in the final area. These range from getting 25 kills with pistols, to not reloading for 60 seconds. The challenges themselves are straight forward. But some are impossible to do in the 3rd area. This is due to the enemies being a lot stronger and very quickly over-run you if you are not careful. Ideally if you get "25 kills with Sniper rifles" "10 kills with traps" or "kill 5 jumping enemies" in the first 2 areas you are on for a real chance of getting this achievement. Challenges are listed below. "Completionist" Full run - In the beginning we are searching around for flares and highly recommend you do the same! [ame= ] [/ame] http://live.xbox.com/tiles/kB/Rd/1oCLiGJhbC9AXxsBGl5TWWZjL2FjaC8wL2U0AAAAAOfn5-lyFIw=.jpg Any Means necessary 40:gsicon: Get 50 kills with the electric fence and fire traps in a single game. Traps are located throughout each area, there are two kinds of trap. An electric fence and a fire trap. Electric fences are activated by approaching the generator and pressing X, if you have enough cash. The fire-traps are barrels that are activated by pressing X, and create a line of fire. It is advised to attempt this in the first 2 areas as the third area traps are pretty useless against the enemies there.In the video strategy I point these out for you but here is a text version by Nozza x360a and myself. We tended to try to herd them into the traps via running in and out of the traps, but it appears from the impression that Nozza x360a gives, the AI seem programmed to run into these on there own. So after activating the traps stay in the general area and you should unlock it in no time Area 1: 3 Traps - Generator 1/2 which is set around the motel car park. It has 2 entrances and can be turned on at each end. - Barrel which it at the top of the final hill near the main hive. It'll block off the hill. Area 2: 6 Traps - Barrel 1 is located on your left as you enter the new area. It's in the open alley that leads to the turret mounted on the sandbags. - Generator 1 is down the next main alleyway near the barrel above. The wires will electrify the puddles [best one to use throughout this whole level] - Generator 2/3 are in the main street area. they're linked up to the small brick wall. - Barrel 2 is just past Generator 2/3 and along the building to your left. - Generator 4 in the top right hand corner of the area. So to the right of the main hive. It's hooked up to a fence. Area 3: 6 Traps - Barrel after going under the bridge and looking down the hill, go to the right to find the barrel next to the building - Generator 1 After going under the bridge, continue forward and go up the stairs to the left, at the top turn right. - Generator 2 At the bottom of the hill to the left of the hive there - Generator 3 At the bottom of the hill, go right from the hive and follow the metal fence to find the generator here - Generator 4 To the right of generator 3 - Generator 5 Behind generator 2, next to the turret and sandbags and the Mtar location. the generator is hanging from a post http://live.xbox.com/tiles/0t/YF/0ICLiGJhbC9FCwUeBRlYWwdjL2FjaC8wLzExMQAAAADn5+f-KtbP.jpg Trash Picker 20:gsicon: Scavenge 40 items in a single game. In each area there are a number of "Stashes" - These are either small ammo crates, or open black bags on the ground. You only need to open these and not actually collect the items inside. These include Ammo,Cash,flares and weapon upgrades. It will usually be possible to find 40 by the time you reach the 2nd area. If attempting this in co-op, make sure 1 person attempts it at a time. As there isn't enough stashes for you all to get this in one game. If trying in SOLO - In most cases you will only need to destroy the hives in the first area to unlock the 2nd area. Once you enter the 2nd do not plant the drill. This way you have unlimited time to explore without the worry of being attacked by aliens. [ame= ] [/ame] http://live.xbox.com/tiles/Mm/SC/1oCLiGJhbC8SCgUeBRlYWwdjL2FjaC8wLzEwZgAAAADn5+f5rWQv.jpg Throttled Escape 10:gsicon: Escape using a relic. Relics are obtained after the first time you prestige. And each subsequent prestige after that allows you to equip as many as times you have prestiged. These are found in the Loadout option in lobby, and are the icons at the bottom underneath the Equalizer abilty. The relics are: Take More Damage Aliens do increased damage with their attacks Pistols Only Weapon Purchases are not allowed Smaller Wallet Earn and carry less cash Mortal No class selection available Do less damage Inflict less damage against the aliens I personally chose "Do less damage" - When going for this 3 out of the 4 of us had a relic equipped. And I believe we each had a different one active. And it didn't seem to make a big difference in our ability to get through the areas. This is mainly due to the turrets doing such a good job in defending. Once you reach the helicopter and take off the achievement will pop
  13. This is a guide to extinction, and my first try - so please go easy - This is more a test guide for me to see if I am able to contribute the x360a on a regular basis. Criticism welcome, but please don't be too harsh http://i1304.photobucket.com/albums/s534/ntagameguides/Online%20banners/extinction-x360a_zps44601c87.png~original Overview: Estimated achievement difficulty:7/10 (3/10 with knowledge,Teamwork,luck and level 22+) Approximate amount of time to 175:gsicon:: 10-20 hours Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 15+ Missable achievements: 0 Does difficulty affect achievements?: No difficulty Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None Extra equipment needed?: None Introduction: Extinction is a mode in Call Of Duty : Ghosts. It is found from the main menu under the title extinction. It can be played either locally or co-op via the Xbox Live menu. Currently there is only one map called Point Of Contact, But I am sure more will be added in the future. Extinction is an objective based survival mode, in which aliens are invading after the launch of a space based weapon called ODIN. We are tasked with destroying the alien hives dotted around the 3 areas of the map. To destroy them we must place a Drill and protect it from the hordes of aliens trying to stop the destruction of said hives. You can see the progress of the drill in the top left corner of the screen as well as its remaining health After four hives have been destroyed there will be a “final” hive in the area. At this hive we have helicopter support and need to protect it while it fires a hail of bullets in the remaining hive. Abbreviated Walkthrough: Step 1 Play Extinction, and get to at least Level 22, But ideally two of your group need to be level 25 in order to unlock Armor Piercing rounds. It is possible to do this will 2 high levels and 2 lower levels, but ideally if you are all higher levels its easier. Keep in mind that it takes an average of 40-60 minutes from beginning to escape Step 2 Know the locations of the stash points, they are either open black bags on the floor, or small ammo crates. There is a video in the guide showing these for all 3 areas. Thank to IDark VorteXX for assisting me here - If you manage to scavenge 40 in one game you will unlock "Trash Picker" - But may be difficult with 4 people in a random game, but easily doable solo or with friends taking turns to go for it. The reason we need to know the locations is we need to find "flares" for the end of the level. If you run around the areas methodically you should soon discover the stashes without using the video. Also know the weapon locations as there is nothing worse than getting a challenge for 25 kills with SMGs and no-one knowing where to find one and ultimately fail the challenge. The group of people you do this with want to be able to communicate effectively and therefore need to speak your language. Step 3 Each player needs to know their job. Each player will choose a specific loadout, and will need to upgrade those effectively to make this mode easier. As the last area can be brutal with poor planning. Step 4 Attempt the "Completionist" achievement. Once you know what to do, And are feeling confident in Extinction - It is now a case of keep attempting until the challenges fall kindly for you. This may take some perseverance. But eventually all will work out perfectly. You may even have earned this one already whilst practising the mode. And if so congratulations on getting the most difficult achievement in Extinction! Step 5 After you reach rank 30 and get enough XP you will Prestige automatically and be back at level 1 - You will now have Relics unlocked. These work the same as the Halo skulls. Once activated in your loadout they hinder you in various ways.For the "Throttled Escape" achievement you need to escape with a relic active. This is pretty straight forward using the sentry strategy, and you should be well versed in what you all need to go, and best places to defend. We somehow managed to do this with 3 out of 4 people using relics in one game. Here we don't need to worry about the challenges so if any are too difficult, just concentrate on defending the drill and keeping alive. Mop-Up After the above you may not have yet earned "Trash Picker" or "Any means Necessary" so now is the time to do these and finish the achievements you need in the original extinction included on the disc. Conclusion: Extinction is a great mode with a good team. But a nightmare with a poor one. Working together extinction is a 3/10 difficulty. Communication and planning are key in this mode as well as the luck factor for the "Completionist" achievement. The luck part is this modes only downside where achievements are concerned and you can quickly become frustrated getting to the final hives and the game decides you have had it too easy and throws a awful challenge in to make life hard. Good luck and have fun! IDark VorteXX has been helping a lot of members get this, So please bare in mind he gets a lot of messages asking for help. So be patient and he should get around to messaging you. He is one person, and the lobby holds 3 others. And each run takes 40-60 minutes. Message him on Xbox live IDark VorteXX - But remember to be patient, and don't forget to say thank-you as your achievements unlock
  14. In the interest of keeping everyone happy, and for continuation of the guide, I have added the video up for you all EDIT: I played through on Veteran last night, and missed the glowing spot on the boat and it failed the mission. I guess if you miss, then reload checkpoint the achievement wont unlock?
  15. I actually recrded it, But i thought it was unmissable,I will get that up. has anyone tried to hit the ship elsewhere to see if it pops? The reason i ask, as soon as i saw the red blob i heaed straight there
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