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  1. Hold my card for me. My thoughts exactly.
  2. All versions for all consoles are available at Best Buy in Canada still... I should just get the Ghost Edition, shouldn't I? Oh god, It's so hard to pass up. I just started my full time job today, so I don't know if it's the best decision. My credit card is maxed out... aaaaaaah. I'll decide tomorrow.
  3. The digital LE is $90 and the physical LE is $100. I don't care for the extra physical materials, but I like a collection so that's why I'm going with physical copies. It's a sad truth. Fortunately for me I'm nearly 20 now so I have a job where I earn money. Games are more affordable than ever for me. That said, not only are these games releasing so much add-on content that it's hard to keep up, but new releases are $70 in Canada now. I've just decided to be more patient with my purchases and plan out the few games I'm going to drop the $70 on. If I get too fed up with it I'll jump back to PC gaming. Games are cheap as shit over here.
  4. Well that was the least unboxing-est unboxing I've ever seen. I'll be getting the $100 Limited Edition if it's still available in a month.
  5. I'm pretty sure you can make a very large group (100's of people), but within that you make smaller clans. That would be cool. Instead of just having favourites, you could have multiple groups for like "celebrity" or whoever you're following and then change the settings for pop-ups for each group. You should submit it http://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/251652-xbox-store/category/82075-xbox-one
  6. I felt the same why until I read the insanely positive feedback from the alpha. There was a Neogaf thread where over 80% of users reported significant increase in interest for the game after playing the alpha. That's extremely positive feedback for an alpha. Only something like 13% of players had reduced interest. I'm feeling confident about this one.
  7. Why did I come back to this site?
  8. But I've never said I'm OK with them doing early DLC for Xbox. I don't know why people are taking what I said so seriously, I'm just sad to see less support for the Xbox and no communication toward us. I'm not really going to boycott Bungie or anything like that.
  9. Activison is the reason the game is so heavily marketed for PlayStation and why they get these early bits of content. It's just weird seeing a company that you've followed so closely teaming with Activision and basically ignoring you. Whatever deal Activision struck with Sony leaves Xbox fans in the dark. Bungie decided to go with Activison and Activision always fucks one console in the arse. Unfortunately this time it was us and it's just that it feels wrong having this kind of communication (none) with a company you grew up with.
  10. Nope, that's just when the PS3 and PS4 users get it. There is still no word on when it will come to Xbox. I'm starting to feel some resentment towards Bungie. We've been their loyal fans for so many years. I get that they're trying to gain new fans with Playstation, but do they really have to shaft us like this? Just give a damn date at least. i cri
  11. Spock

    Forum Merging

    Ah, figured this might be the case. Thanks for the reply!
  12. Spock

    Forum Merging

    Hey, So as I'm sure you've noticed games on multiple platforms have their community split. I think it would be much better to have the forum for both 360 and Xbox One versions of a game be the same. Some games have more posts on the 360 forum, and some have more on the One version. I've seen posts (I think on Destiny) where someone has wondered why no one was talking about a game, when in reality it was the 360 forum that had all the discussion. Just wondering if you plan on combining them in the future. It would be a great decision in my opinion. I can see why you'd want them separate however. Thanks, SPOCK
  13. Keep in mind I'm playing on PC. http://i.imgur.com/yq9yFP4.jpg
  14. But everything on Steam is digital... this isn't something Steam does.
  15. I try. Because then when something awesome actually does happen I won't get to save it.
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