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  1. I'm having issues as well. Can't get 30 seconds into startup and it crashes.
  2. digital copy here. can confirm. this has happened to me multiple times.
  3. The quest that he poses in is called "A Portrait of the Witcher as an Old Man."
  4. There are collectibles that you can only collect by playing out each possible future of junction points. If you change your decision at a junction point before collecting everything, it affects your overall completion percentage.
  5. These comparisons are asinine. These games are about as similar to each other as Fifa is to Madden.
  6. I played the living hell out of the beta over the weekend. And I spent most of my time in the Dark Zone. It's just a fantastic PVP concept overall. But the developers seriously need to balance the scales to not so heavily favor playing in larger groups. Last night I was making the final push for the 1000 or so credits I needed to buy the last weapon the safe house vendor sells. And there were two groups of 4 players that were just attacking anyone that wasn't them on site. What should have taken me less than an hour to accomplish ended up taking 4 hours because I was hemorrhaging both DZ XP and credits from being completely ravaged by these assholes. Dark Zone is fucking great. But the execution is seriously unbalanced. When you can't even go in solo and get anything accomplished because groups of two or more players are constantly killing you and stealing your shit, there's a problem. For starters, they need to think about separating solo players from groups. Or at least have that option. Because when you realize an hour into playing in the DZ for the first time that you're basically asking to get wrecked if you go in solo, it makes the whole idea of playing solo more stressful than enjoyable. I absolutely love the idea of having to wonder if you can trust other players passing by, and especially extracting cargo. But when you have to avoid being seen altogether because you're constantly outnumbered by trolling assholes, it's not fun. They also need to implement a stiffer penalty for going Rogue. As is, if you're in a group of 3+ players and decide to go rogue, there isn't much anyone is going to be able to do to stop you. And that just takes the fun out of it for the solo players. They need to do something to let players know that there are other agents nearby. As soon as a player goes rogue, everyone in the vicinity knows. But that's kind of beside the point if you're the poor schmuck that happens to be the person they go rogue on. Because there's nothing in place to tell you if you have someone sneaking up behind you. And I can't even count how many times I was the victim of a cheap shot that I didn't see coming. Ugh... so frustrating. And finally, they need to make it a bit more difficult to actually go rogue. I can't even count how many times I went rogue on accident because some jackass decided to strafe in front of me when I was shooting at someone and something. Or wandered into the blast radius of my grenade. Or into the sight line of my turret. Which is even worse, because some of these dickheads will intentionally get shot up by turrets just so they can have an excuse to attack you without going rogue themselves. I've been told that they developer added an exclamation mark over player IDs between this beta and the last. But it just isn't enough when all it takes it two stray bullets to accidentally paint a kick me sign on your own ass. Past all of that, I love Dark Zone. And can't wait to get my hands on the full experience. I just hope that changes are in the works for the future. Because these issues have the potential to completely ruin what is otherwise a fantastic experience. Thoughts?
  7. Except it really isn't. If the req packs didn't contain power weapons and vehicles that give players an edge on the battlefield, you'd be right. But it does. It isn't full on P2W. But it's dangerously close. And, yeah. The RNG of the system sucks ass. I much preferred busting my ass in Reach and even Halo 4 to EARN the badass armor.
  8. Nah. I'm done with them. And I dare say that I'm not the only one by a long shot. Konami has been on the decline for years. I honestly can't see them producing a single game moving forward that I'd be even remotely interested in purchasing. Silent Hills was set to blow socks off. But we all know how that ended.
  9. Prohibiting Kojima from attending the game awards can only be considered the nail in the coffin for this piss-poor excuse for a publisher. You'd think that after everything that has gone on over the past X number of months, they'd have the common sense to keep the facade going. But this is just fucking ridiculous, petty, and incredibly unprofessional. We all knew they were assholes. This just proved it to the whole world. They've reaffirmed my statement that MGSV would be the last Konami game I ever purchase. Normally I'd say that I'd miss some of the fantastic franchises like Metal Gear, Castlevania, and Silent Hill. But I think it's fair to say that after all of this bullshit, those franchises are completely fucked. Here's hoping that this all results in the company taking a proverbial dirt nap. So that we might someday see the franchises we love back in the hands of publishers and developers that will do them justice.
  10. Your statement of it being possible might actually hold some weight if there weren't gamers out there intentionally building more nukes and hiding them behind 4 platforms of level 40+ security. With S-rank soldiers armed to the teeth with grade 7 weapons to defend them. Hell, yesterday I came across that very same situation. But the guy had FOUR nukes. The point is, this won't happen because of players like that. People that have the resources and the means to build and protect the nukes. Is it possible to infiltrate their FOB's and steal the nukes? Yeah, it is. But it's extremely difficult. To the point where you'd have to be one of the best players in the world to get all the way to the central command platform, steal the nukes, and get out before getting torn to shreds. I've disarmed 8 nukes since the event officially kicked off. 12 total. I'd say I've done my part. Regardless, I still go after them when I see them. On the 29th, there were 40 left. 30th? 52. Today it's back down to 47. But I seriously doubt that the players I mentioned earlier will just roll over and let the community steal their nukes. Why? Because like I said, they don't want the community to achieve disarmament. I'm not complaining about anything. I'm saying this won't happen because the few dozen nukes that are left will not be taken without some world class effort.
  11. A) A bad joke on the devs part. Realizing the community could never pull it off. Or (more likely) B) A showcase of how completely naive Kojima and company truly were/are to believe their fanbase could ever come together to pull it off. Seriously. It's a good thing this is just an event with no reward of any kind attached to it. Because this will never happen.
  12. I think the MGS fanbase shares every sentiment. But this part I quoted above is just... hilariously laughable. Should have just said "FALLOUT 4 DZERVZ GAEM OF TEH YEER BCUZ I IZ A FANBOI!!!!" Seriously. No. Never. Get outta here with that bullshit. Witcher 3 for the goddamn win.
  13. Three missions as Blue Team was complete horse shit. I distinctly remember 343 saying that playing as Osiris would essentially be "putting Chief under a microscope" from a different perspective. That was horse shit, too. They mention Blue Team's bond ONCE in the entire campaign. Everything else is just "let's go here and do this so we can catch up with them." And the whole Cortana turning into the bat-shit crazy overlord of the galaxy was just all wrong. Made no sense from a narrative perspective. And it made for a shitty, emotionally detached campaign. Which is a shame considering how well they pulled it off in Halo 4.
  14. These emotes could be the best thing to happen to crucible.... ever.
  15. Trust me, it isn't. The gun has infinite ammo on critical hits. Which makes it an asset for the raid, and a solid alternative for ToM, due to not having to worry about the loss of health. As far as how the weapon handles, it's on par with Nirwen's Mercy. Which is a beast. So, think a bastard child of Touch of Malice & Nirwen's Mercy, with full auto. It's a fucking great gun.
  16. Well, whatever fix they were planning on implementing with today's update, they failed miserably. I'll check in on Nightfall after I've finished up Halo 5 on Legendary. Until then, however, it's little more than an epic waste of time and effort.
  17. There are no fragments exclusive to Nightfalls. There are fragments that can only be obtained during strikes. Just look up guides and do the corresponding strike/s from the director.
  18. This... And this, are completely contradictory. This is elitist bullshit. And no, it very much is NOT possible to finish the secret quest as a light level 240. The difficulty spikes to epic difficulty as soon as you enter the ketch and start the timer. Meaning the recommended light level is 300. The only reason the light level is 240 is because it's reflective of the daily heroic. That number cannot be changed mid-mission. Stop contradicting yourself from post to post. And stop acting like an elitist because you finished it on your first try. I finished it on my first go as well. But I'm not bragging about it. Or shitting on others because they're having a hell of a time getting it done. The quest is more difficult than you're making it out to be. And the fact that you keep insisting it's so easy to do is just making you come across as a total elitist dickhead.
  19. Not that easy. You're posting two tips for one small aspect of the Taken King.
  20. And yeah, that's definitely NOT what happens. You fight a hive patrol and then eventually a Hive champion. /thread
  21. No, that's not what happens. You just killed regular taken that spawn everywhere on the dreadnaught. Whatever else happens after you use the rune, you missed it.
  22. It's given to you as soon as you drop into orbit after starting the game.
  23. They did for the scarecrow DLC on playstation. So it's likely they count here as well.
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