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  1. Anyone else watch the G1 Special? I thought both days had some great moments, some good moments, but the English commentary was just the worst. JR needs to retire, and Barnett is woeful.
  2. IMO, greatest wrestler to never win the big one. I've been trying. Been trying to open up some NJPW dialogue, especially as it's been on fire lately, while WWE just seems to get worse and worse. But weirdly it seems like some people would rather stick with WWE and bitch about how bad it can be, than try something that's only going to get better as time goes on. I don't think we get LU on Netflix in the UK, or I'd watch that, because it's supposed to be pretty good.
  3. Can we change this thread title to Official WWE thread? Cos no one seems to talk about anything but the soap opera WWE stuff.
  4. Ospreay and KUSHIDA putting on a MOTY Contender yesterday. Thought Ospreay was going to cave in KUSHIDA's skull at one point.
  5. Anyone else following BoSJ? My picks for Day 3 just went so wrong. Only got one right. B Block is my downfall.
  6. Omega Ishii was amazing. Absolutely the second best match of the year. Not a single thing WWE has done, or will do, for the rest of the year will come close. It's something that truly needs to be watched.
  7. NJPW Event. Main event should be a good one. Naito versus Juice Robinson (CJ Parker for those of you stuck on the E).
  8. I know Dontaku isn't exactly a high profile Event, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Road To show today, and it could still be a great event.
  9. I have never wanted to fall for a work more in my life than when I read that thins morning.
  10. So, as I'm thinking, Nakamura feuds with Ziggler long enough for AJ to win the US Title, then they can start a feud through the Summer. If they book it properly, they'll have Nakamura not wrestle on camera until the next SDL PPV, giving him more impact when he fights.
  11. Indeed. The thud when it hit was sickening. Sheer force of will to not give up. Also this: https://twitter.com/EvanDeadlySinsW/status/851478110113497094
  12. Also, word is that Shibata was taken to hospital after his match against Okada. I watched that match. It was brutal.
  13. According to Dave, Mauro will be doing NJPW commentary by 2018. I look forward to it, because I'm really not a fan of Don Callis.
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