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    In the 90's we didn't have Xbox One's or PS4's, all we had was a SNES or a Genesis..
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  1. As many of you know (as of writing this) the game is unavailable outside of the US. There is a workaround on how to access the game from anywhere in the world. Step 1: Go to the store page on the US version of Xbox.com and log into your account. You'll then need to click Buy Now (it's free) on the game's store page. After filling out your details the game should be added to your account. Link to the US store page: https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Games/Ben-Hur/92ffdfc9-22ab-4631-8d9a-5d87536fb04a This may also be doable via the Xbox One Store if you change your region to the United Stated in the Settings, which will be explained in Step 2. Step 2: Go to the Settings App on your Xbox One console. Go down to System and select Language & location. Once selected go down to Location and change it to United States. Your Xbox One will then need to be reset via the prompt given. Step 3: Once your console has been reset go to My Games & Apps. Once there go down to Ready to install. Find Ben-Hur in the list and set it to download. (file size 764.9MB) Let the game download before doing anything else. If you have not added the game to your account using Step 1 then to to the Store on your Xbox one console using the United States location and search for Ben-Hur. Once this is done go ahead with Step 3. Step 4: Once the download is complete change your location settings back to where they were using the steps given in Step 2. When your Xbox One Console has reset to to My Games & Apps. The game should not be in your Games library.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for to do both Raids and the Prison of Elders on Hard. I am a level 32 Hunter. My Primary is the Pest Control Matrix. My secondary is the Vestian Dynasty. My special is a fully leveled up Gjallahorn. Message me if you'd like to help.
  3. I got the message saying I'll be getting a code. It hasn't come yet, but I think they're just rolling out right now.
  4. Until we get the achievement guide, how long do you think it'll take to 100% With and without the DLC?
  5. If I get all of the achievements in the Expansions later on, and then play on the 360 Version, I wonder if I'll get those achievements as well.... Either way, I'll be getting the 360 version once I 100% the Xbox One version.
  6. As the title to this thread states, this is my first FIFA game. Does anyone want to give me some advice or tips for this game? I haven't played a football (soccer) game before, so I have no experience. I got it for free with the Xbox One, so I thought I should get all of the achievements before the game servers are taken offline. Because come on, EA take down FIFA servers less than 3 years after the games release.
  7. I luckily found one of my old hard drives with lots of saves and achievements from before I had Xbox live. I had another Xbox with my offline, (now online) account, so I've found my 203 hour save of this, and other lost saves. I can't remember most of the game as to I haven't played it since finishing it, and I completed it with two other people over the span of 4 months I think. I am so happy that this accomplishment is now finally on my account. And glad I found that hard drive after almost 2 years.
  8. I've finished the game twice on Bring 'Em On! and I still haven't had the achievement pop. I am fed up of this now, I was annoyed enough when I finished the game first time. Dos anyone know how to help? I'm number 662 on the leaderboards, just for you all to know how much I've worked on this. Edit: I've just noticed I've named this Thread the wrong name. It was meant to be Blazkowicz-ed! not Unlocking.
  9. I am having the same problem. I've finished the entire game twice on Bring 'Em On! and still I haven't got the achievement. I need some help.
  10. I think it's unlocking later on or tomorrow. It's always been out a little bit later for Xbox.
  11. I'm wanting to boost all of the multiplayer, Message me if you're interested. GT: DarkraiNewmoon. (I'm always going to have the game, I rarely get rid of one.)
  12. The game is about be Free with Games with Gold, so there'll be an influx of new players and achievement hunters, including myself. Does the glitch still work June - July 2014?
  13. I'm looking to do multiplayer achievments, and wanting to help those who help me.. I need a few people before I start, I'll need a minimum of 6 people. Once I have enough people I'll try and rent a private server to start boosting games. I should be starting from next Wednesday. Message me if interested. GT: DarkraiNewmoon
  14. Looking to boost all multiplayer Achievements. Gamertag: DarkraiNewmoon
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