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  1. 1) season challenge is pointless, especially now that we have the option to choose shorter career season. It's always the same 10 races, no option to practice before qualifying, no option to choose custom setup. 2) I've said this many times in the CM's official F1 forums, all qualifying lengths and all race distances should be available in all game modes, including career, it makes no sense not being able to choose certain lengths in career. Personally I like 25% for sprint races and 50% for serious races, but most of my friends are casual players and prefer 3-5 lap races, and they generally get turned off by the lack of options in career and usually end up ignoring career mode and sticking with grand prix mode & online.
  2. I kind of expected the achievements to be similar to previous F1 games, but I think it really sucks that CM removed some skill-based achievements such as winning a clean race, winning a race in heavy rain, and winning a 100% race.
  3. Looks like a lazy job, most achievements were copied from F1 2012, yet some of the good achievements from previous games were left out (win a race in heavy rain, win a race at every track). That stupid "win driver's championship in co-op" achievement is back, I totally hate online-only achievements, good achievements are those that can be done either online or offline. It's nice that CM finally put an achievement for completing a 100% race. I wish they'd put more achievements that encourage people to get better (win a 100% race at each track, win a race with all aids off at each track, win a race in heavy rain at each track, grand chelem a race with at least 25% distance, win a race of at least 25% at each track without using flashbacks, complete 500 clean laps, complete 50 clean races, etc).
  4. Easy & boring way: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh0a9Kbou7w]F1 2012 - Formula One Pro (for dummies) - YouTube[/ame]
  5. FS7

    Why 25% ??

    I've seen this same topic in other websites, I'm always amazed at some of the stupid responses people post. In F1 2011 you could choose from 3-lap races all the way to 100% races. If you're hardcore you had the option to do 50/75/100% races, if you're casual you had the option to do 10% or 3-lap races, there were options for everybody, so everybody was happy. Now, the minimum distance is 25%, there's no short qualifying, only long qualifying and OSQ (which doesn't allow custom setups). Removing options is always a bad idea imo. Personally I think 50/100% races with damage & all sims on is the way to go if you want a proper race but I think they should had kept all the race distances from F1 2011 to make career enjoyable for everybody. As for season challenge, it's a nice mode but it doesn't really make up for the lack of shorter races in career. There's no fp, OSQ only (which doesn't allow custom setups), and it's always the same 10 tracks (it would be nice if track selection was randomized every season).
  6. Worst thing about multiplayer is that they removed the option to turn collisions off in custom lobbies, now we have no way to get rid of rammers.
  7. Nice vids! Here's a suggestion: for the awesome drift achievement it's a good idea to turn on the drift score counter, you need at least 5000 points for a perfect drift, having a visible counter makes it easier to get this achievement imo.
  8. Good videos. For "car control" & "do it yourself" the easiest way is to do a 1-lap split-screen race w/ no AI opponents, do the whole race in 7th gear to avoid spin-outs.
  9. Don't crash yourself out, turn damage off and spin out your teammate Maybe spin out some other cars as well, so your rival team finishes in 2nd/3rd positions. You get 25 points for the win, your teammate gets none, the other team gets 33 points, so you'll still lead the driver's championship but the other team will get closer and eventually take the lead in the constructors championship. Sounds like cheating, I know, but is the most guaranteed way of doing it. I remember doing this when I was at Williams, I didn't have to spin out my teammate since he never scored any points, but I'd always spin out other cars so the 2 McLaren drivers would finish in 2nd/3rd positions.
  10. In order to get this achievement you need to get a contract from the team that is leading the constructors championship (if your team is leading the championship you won't be able to get it). Best way to get this is to go to one of the lower end cars (Lotus, Virgin, HRT, your teammate will never score any points). Choose rival from the team that is leading the constructors championship, beat him, and you'll get the contract and the achievement.
  11. Be smooth with the steering and with the throttle coming out of corners. Find a decent setup.
  12. I got this one at one of the oval tracks using an Aston Martin One-77, traction control off.
  13. I hope they'll do proper testing this time, it would be nice if there was a demo or a beta version but I doubt that will happen.
  14. No online achievements, that's awesome!
  15. Default control setups suck in both Shift games, the settings I use are similar to the one mentioned in here except with less steering sensitivity.
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