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  1. Can someone explain something to me? I seem to be having an issue. According to http://majornelson.com/2015/07/06/deals-with-gold-and-ultimate-game-sale/ Goat Simulator for Xbox 360 is supposed to be 50% off for gold members. However, when I visit the Goat Simulator page on Xbox.com, it shows as merely $1 off; or ~17% off. A lot of other 'deals' appear to also be like this. Am I missing something? What's up? [Edit] I guess the game was reduced in price overall? Since the 'normal' price now shows as 5.99.
  2. My question at this point would be, are you able to download content (games, dlc, etc) onto the Chinese Xbox One that you have purchased outside of China? Or, are you able to download Chinese content onto your normal Xbox One once you have purchased it from the Chinese Marketplace? I would think that, in either case, the games would show up as 'available for download' once purchased.
  3. Please keep me updated, I'm also very interested in this game. As far as xbox.com goes, I've been unable to log-in with a north american account. I'm honestly not sure if an actual xbox one would be any different. It almost seems to me like it's a separate xbox live service.
  4. Ezhno


    If you have the base game then you will have no isses. If you have a collectors or limited edition then the content has only just started to transfer for Xbox and still does not work for Playstation. If you have any extras or preorder bonuses they will not transfer and you will need new codes to continue using them once you 'upgrade.' The content behaves like any other Xbox digital content. The Xbox 360 you download it all on first will allow access to ALL accounts on that console. If you jump to a different Xbox 360, the items will be present on your character but locked and can not be used until you re-download the needed packs again. While destiny does have a persistent character and inventory system, it's no different than any other Xbox game in how it handles add-ons.
  5. That's strange, they all required member approval before. Trying to look at what's going on but their site is so unresponsive for me. Edit: Yeah they still need to be approved but I guess they take up a space until they are anyway. Strange.
  6. Hey I'm looking for members in the Unite Pre-Order Program that ubisoft has going right now. My team is called "IMDABES". It's really simple and all of the details can be found here http://assassinscreed.com/unite Basically, if all four members in a team redeem a valid pre-order code then you have successfully unlocked all rewards for all team members. You can invite people by E-Mail, make your own, or you can search teams/players and find one to join. If anyone is interested, let me know! Edit: Unrelated, but you can also earn other exclusive rewards by playing the Spin-To-Win game here! http://assassinscreed.ubi.com/en-US/play/
  7. The best thing I can do right now is link you to a thread where this issue was discussed already. You could try any of the suggestions that are feasible for you, maybe you haven't tried them all (the poster in this thread gave up trying, never heard anything else). Beyond that I would say just keep harassing microsoft and high moon. http://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?threadid=3278983 The thing is that this is some kind of profile error. I've seen it on one or two other games. Any other profile should work flawlessly if it's the same error.
  8. I did a second play-through, because that's confirmed to work for the suit achievement, I did nothing more than what was required to complete the story so that I could repeat the start of the final mission for ~2,500 experience a go. So I only had six suits unlocked, the three default, ultimate, ricochet, and carnage. I leveled up the suits in order from left to right. The achievement did not unlock each time I leveled up a new suit to max. When I finally finished the ricochet suit again (only carnage was left) the achievement unlocked. I believe I am now at suit level 133 but I do not believe that suit level has much to do with it since everyone seems to get it at different levels. Everyone seems to be unlocking the achievement, on their second playthrough, while having done a totally different number of suits. Some have done 1, 3, 5 (for me), 11, and all 13 in the base game. I see a lot of people who experience this issue mentioning either the carnage or ricochet suits. I would suggest leveling up the ricochet suit as soon as it becomes available. Even if you have to do a second playthrough, do ricochet as soon as possible. I believe that, for some reason, it was this particular suit that was somehow affecting the achievement. It doesn't seem like it's based on suit level, the order you max out suits, how many times you max them out, etc. I think it's particular suits that are affecting the achievement because that's the only thing I can imagine which would explain WHY different people are getting it at totally different times.
  9. They are given to members here http://expertzone.microsoft.com/welcome.aspx You must sell microsoft products or work somewhere that does. Many games have exclusive DLC items that are being given away like this as well as many other discounts and benefits.
  10. See here for a new save file http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=561238
  11. Other changes seem to be that dragons no longer fly away from the roost, money that you earn in missions seems to have increased, and revival gems were replaced with regenerators. Also note that as of the current build there was a major bug introduced that involves multiple accounts on the same Xbox One console. If you have more than one account, regardless of if you sign out or restart your Xbox One completely, it can pull the save from one account and place it on another with no warning. I have seen this happen multiple times already so be extremely cautious.
  12. I don't see this information collected anywhere. Everyone should be able to use the following links to obtain the various bits of promotional DLC that are available. The Emperor's Hand and Emperor's Guard are part of a US only promotion but the DLC codes can be used by anyone. Nothing should be missing from this list so far. [Emperor's Hand] https://www.every2minutes.com/Marketplace#x Available until January 17th or until all are claimed. Note that it is extremely unlikely that they will all be claimed. [Emperor's Guard] https://www.every2minutes.com/Marketplace#x Available until January 17th or until all are claimed. Note that it is extremely unlikely that they will all be claimed. [Dawning Victory] http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/games/ryse/pathofvengeance Detailed in this thread: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=558991 [Gemma Augustea] http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/games/ryse/executions?cid=AWEEYEHIIMIGNMENUSDACORE468647575 You need to view moves #2, #7, #13, #18, #19, and #20. It does not provide you a code, it goes straight to the redemption page. [150 Gold] http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/games/ryse/comic/ 50 gold per issue that you must find and collect. They are not very well hidden. Make sure you're signed in. tl;dr Fucking broken newsletters...
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