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  1. I´ve the same problems (all gold). the achievement for reaching 75% didn´t unlock too. even like other achievements (Jump Boost Expert / They See You Rollin' - i have over 4.000 badges / Shelf Promotion). Maybe the last update (i load yesterday) is the reason? someone an idea?? it sucks. EDIT: now, after playing again, i have the most of theses achivos. i tryed to make the "Your Friends are Cool" achievement. then i get the 75% 100% achievements. during the race i became "Jump Boost Expert". i don´t know why. it´s magic! i´m know happy to get some points.
  2. this game sucks. i was so glad to get this. but i don´t know how it goes...
  3. stook


    now in 2012 - the game is very hard, but very funny with all "the old" players...
  4. i´ve have played la noire until i have 100% (main Game). now i have bought the Complete Edition and my save Game doens´t work. The consequence of that is, that i have to play the game again, so that i can play the DLC´s. that´s very frustrating in my opionion, althought that the game is very nice. or is it a bug? does anybody have the same problem?
  5. Hey jamal, it´s okay... i will give it a 4of10. but if i remember Black ops or modern warfare3 - i have much more trouble. so i think 4 is ok. But it´s only my opinion.
  6. He guys, i´ve unlock every car in the Game (47) and drive them in a single race. I finish every race (won them all too), but the f*cking achivo doesn´t pop up. Anyone an idea why it doesn´t pop? i´m nearly going insane... thx for your help
  7. your tip with the shortcut is brilliant!! thx a lot!!
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