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  1. My account is still connected on the games tile but it no longer connects to LIVE in any of the games. No idea why its suddenly stopped working. Any known fixes or suggestions?
  2. I had the same problem and that's fixed it for me. Ty!
  3. Looking to do all co-op stuff sometime. GT: Salaryman Clev
  4. I'm cool with spending £1.29 on a deck considering how much time grinding for cards it would take me. Best one to buy just to get past expert mode?
  5. Can buy DLC packs on the UK dashboard if you search add-ons... Just no game.
  6. Sounds good, i'll give him another shot on day 10. Thanks!
  7. More detail on Aerodite, particularly a setup? Had a quick go against him, easy enough to stagger 4 times but my heavy strikes did 50k, not 300k like the video. You get more broken weapons towards the final day?
  8. Read a solution on TA for beating the game in under 8 hours, worked like a charm for me. Take as much time as you need to beat the game, after the credits finish start up a new game. Let your party die and the credits will roll again. Achievement unlocked!
  9. Still looking to do this 10,000,000 chips trash. Need to be lvl50 to boost it, drop me a message over LIVE if interested. GT: Salaryman Clev
  10. Still looking to do the 2 Bullseye achieves, will help you do all 250g though. Have 4 controllers, drop me a message over LIVE if interested. GT: Salaryman Clev
  11. Still looking to do Champion DLC. Have 4 pads, drop me a message over LIVE if interested. GT: Salaryman Clev
  12. Looking to boost these, have 4 pads. GT: Salaryman Clev
  13. Looking to gold medal the advanced missions. GT: Salaryman Clev
  14. Looking to do online achievements, I have all DLC. Message me over LIVE if wanna boost. GT: Salaryman Clev
  15. Need to do Ice Forest without dying. Need another level 50 to be pointman, take out golems etc and I can do the same for you on a 2nd run. I can hold my own pretty well, got full elite set on human beserker. Drop me a message over LIVE if anyone wants to do it. GT: Salaryman Clev
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