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  1. Looking to get any of the online achievements, will help in return. SoS RaceKid22
  2. Can't seem to find one, add me to help out if that will increase my chances. SoS RaceKid22
  3. I am looking for all multiplayer achievements. I will help in return. SoS RaceKid22
  4. Looking for help with the online achievements. Will help in return. Add: SoS RaceKid22
  5. Looking for the million coin achievement. I play on the weekends but online on some mornings. Eastern time zone. Add: SoS RaceKid22
  6. I am looking for help with The Collector, Hands off the Merchandise and Sacrificial Lamb. I do not have any DLC and just want to try and get a 1000 in this game. Add me and i can help with anything that i can do for you. Send a message as well saying Black Ops so I know what game you are wanting to help me with. SoS RaceKid22
  7. Looking to do Hardcore, currently no other players. SoS RaceKid22
  8. I wont be able to get online until the weekend, i need help if possible with Lair Slayer. I will help with any other achievements you have. SoS RaceKid22
  9. Online right now going for King Of The Road. There is no one online currently. Will help you if helped me Add Me: SoS RaceKid22
  10. Need all online achievemenets. Will help others if helping me. Add: SoS RaceKid22
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