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  1. Yeah, it's not much lol. Hence why it's free. I'm probably gonna retire this game after I re-up one more time.
  2. I lol at my last post almost a year ago @ assault shotgun When it comes to MP shooters, for me, I do have a group of guns I prefer, but it ultimately comes down to my mood, what class, and the people playing. Shotgun - Cowboy/Riot M. Rifle - Hammer/Advanced SMG Sniper - Anti-Material R. (for sniper glitching only) Pistol - Samurai Edge
  3. It's both Overrun and Survival modes? *hasn't read much on it*
  4. Is it on the VIP Playlist only? Or both Standard and VIP??
  5. After one more re-up and a few more achievements this game is getting traded back in for FUSE, which looks much better lol.
  6. I have no issues not having the pistol anymore lol. I think I've gotten maaaybe 5 kills with it in complete total. It's not reliable at all, to me anyway. I prefer being able to carry my marzka along with a backup gnasher.
  7. It's funny how I was starting to praise the retro lancer. Now I hate it lol. I even tried using the bayonet charge attack but that doesn't seem to work for me either. So I'm back to the regular lancer now. All in all, I choose weapons based on two, sometimes three things: my mood, the other team, and sometimes the map. Sometimes I'll stick with the Gnasher as I've gotten progressively better with it, sometimes it's the Lancer, sometimes it's the Marzka, the best sniper of the bunch. You get the hang of it, it's pretty decent for close range and still powerful. The other weapon I find to be completely useless is the Booshka. With the Boomshot at least I kill something 9 times out of 10. Booshka it's not even 2 times out of 10. And people that camp and spam with it are better off with the Gnasher. -_- I even like the Torque Bow better than that POS.
  8. I keep trying to download through the DLC Playlists section in the menu and it keeps giving me an Xbox error.
  9. In response to my last post, it seems I was wrong about prizeboxes glitching out. I was mistaking pop-ups and they were just progress ones. It's still so misleading though lol, especially when you're in the middle of fighting someone and you're struggling to read what you got at the same time. They seriously need to discount the skin dlc's. 320-400 MSP is -way- too much for a single skin, and I don't know what ego trip they were on when they decided on that. I managed to buy a character and gun skin I REALLY wanted and have been using them ever since. I still do want the Program skin but I'm not forking over another 320 just for that.
  10. I was surprised too at the numbers, cause I got this game a week or so after its release and see Deathmatch and Overrun seldom peak 2,000 players. Yeah this game has its quirks but it's not THAT bad. :\ I bought it for the sole purpose of the online play and it hasn't let me down yet at all.
  11. Okay seriously, why do at least half of the prizeboxes I get keep disappearing? e_e I get the pop up in the middle of a match, I back out when it's done to go open it, it's not there. Is there something I'm possibly missing here? Does this happen to anyone else? :\ I just feel like I'm missing out on several levels worth of XP cause of this.
  12. You can ReUp 12 times????? e_____o I'll stick to 3 lol thanks very much. If I can even get to that many.
  13. I just ended up in games by myself with computers lol.
  14. Is anybody else seeing zero people playing Gears online? I booted up the game and every single mode shows 0 people playing. I restarted the game, same thing. I restarted my internet connection, same thing. My NAT is open so it can't be that. Does it have something to do with LIVE being down yesterday? :\ Or is it bizarrely just me? Maybe it's telling me to take a break lol.
  15. I'm a bit of a Gears newbie. I bought the first one LONG after it came out and it was literally $5 at gamestop. Decided to see what all the hullabaloo was about. Got through a few missions then got stuck and gave up, cause none of my friends played the first gears at that point lol. Never played 2 or 3, except 3's demo which had to be the most annoying demo I've ever played, period. I played with friends and I could never do ANYTHING, because everyone playing was obviously a gears-head and popped my head off or lanced me before I could do shit. Gears is a series that was never very courteous to me lol. Plus the look of the COGs kinda threw me. Muscles that big are obnoxiously ridiculous. XD I guess they hire retired body builders or something. Judgment really is a breath of fresh air though, especially for newbies like me and I'm glad that it's a prequel that's actually kinda interesting. It's an immensely fun, newbie-friendly co-op. :]
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