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  1. I've still yet to see one once and I've completed at least 40+ matches no exaggeration, so all of you are far luckier than I.
  2. Looking for Boosting Partner/s for Medic achievement have 2 controllers. Thanks! Gamertag: Berserk Orc
  3. Glad to hear this is helping others out having the same issue, I know for me it was very frustrating.
  4. Yeah I love Machine Games easter eggs. I also found the Skyrim helmet and the DOOM Plushy all of which brought a smile to my face
  5. I checked a couple more time on further playthroughs and I think your right, I'm not sure what I was seeing before, it was probably because you cant really get a good look at them for more than a split second without getting killed.
  6. Not sure if there's necessarily a guide, however these maps made it pretty easy for me to make sure I checked every room and secret room in the levels. http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/564603-wolfenstein-3d/faqs/39964 http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/564603-wolfenstein-3d/faqs/39965 On a side note, to get credit for all the silver in Nightmare 1 you need to collect all the silver in nightmare 10 as well (secret level accessed in nightmare 1) to get the model. Hope this helps and good luck!
  7. I have a feeling you guys are not too Familiar with the wolfenstein series... Wolfenstein has always included supernatural elements going back to Wolfenstein 3D, which had 3 armed mutants, fireball throwing Nazi cultists and mecha Hitler, Return to castle wolfenstein had all sorts of mutants and even zombie like creatures in a tomb, the Wolfenstein of 2009 had all sorts of super natural powers BJ was able to use with a pendant and undead glowing skeletal nazis, there was even one on the cover of the game. It even had a boss fight with a giant monster as well. Both Wolfenstein TNO and Wolfenstein TOB had giant Frankenstein-esq mutants with Gatling guns Supernatural is nothing new, nor is it out of place in the Wolfenstein franchise. Its one of the elements that make the franchise more than just another WW2 shooter.
  8. Did anyone else notice that they used the wrong panzerhund model in the old blood? if you played the new order in the 1st act the one during WW2, or if you've looked into the concept art, you can see there was an older more primitive looking model for the panzerhund in 1946 Here's the 1946 panzerhund http://www.lightninggamingnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Wolfenstein-The-New-Order-artworks-illustrate-mechanical-beast-Panzerhund-Ready-to-patrol-the-shore-is-the-46-Panzerhund.jpg and here's the 1960 panzerhund http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/156/7/d/panzerhund_1960_side_by_panick-d7l672k.jpg Sadly in the old blood they used the 1960 Panzerhund model and not the 1946 one, I know its a small oversight but it still bugged me
  9. Forgot to mention above, as far as I could tell there was no potential spoilers in the old blood that might hinder your new order experience, The old blood essentially ends right where the new order begins.
  10. Either or is fine, technically the old blood takes place before. However the old blood almost seems to assume you have already played the new order, in regards to quickly throwing you into overwhelming firefights and a couple particularly frustrating stealth segments right off the bat, that will be much difficult without getting the hang of the mechanics in the new order first. Whatever the case they are both incredible games especially at their price points and I cant possibly praise/recommend them enough.
  11. In North America you cant get a physical copy on any system as far as i can tell, I looked pretty extensively as I highly prefer Physical over Digital. I ended up downloading it as I just couldn't wait. you can probably get it through Amazon or Ebay though if you look hard enough. That's probably what I'll do eventually, Wouldn't mind buying the game twice as its an absolute steal at 20$
  12. Finally got it working again, thanks for the help everyone. Outside of this issue I had, the game is awesome, an absolute steal at 20$
  13. Ok i have tried every fucking thing... I got to 18% and it allowed me to start up the game... froze in exact same spot.... deleted save data... froze in exact same spot I am completely out of ideas on what the hell to do now....
  14. 2 1/2 hours in and im at 12%.... I don't think I'll be playing tonight that's for sure sure hope it at least works...
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