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  1. Something big? Like a huge page update?
  2. Hey guys, i wasn't on here for a long time, as i switched over to TA, but i kind of miss the overview of forum ranks. I thought i could find it in the FAQs but it showing me 404. Any new information here? I just realized that this page isn't called xbox360achievements anymore lol.
  3. Hey guys, i know this game is quite confusing me, but i've got a question. So i have this game on 360, on One, Windows 10 and finally the Win8 Version. So basically there are 3 versions of the game with its unique achievement lists. The One-Version shares the same list on Win10. So, recently i bought the "Zen Classics"-DLC pack on the 360 version and managed to transfer them to the ONE-version of the game. But however, when i start Pinball FX2 (The Win8-Version) and the Win10-Version of it, it shows me that i have to buy every single table for prices of 1,49€ (Win8) and 2,49€ (Win10). Luckily, you can save the tables on Win10-version as the achievements are the ones with the ONE-version, but now the main question is: Do i really buy all the tables on the Win8-version to obtain it's achievements? Is there no import function at all? Sorry, i know this is totally confusing-
  4. Why should this cost something? The only problem i have (or probably would pop up) is, that my bought content are linked to my GT rather than my MS account. But i don't mean a random GT, it is my second unused GT what i want to use.
  5. Hello people, recently i deleted some profiles from my list, which wasn't online for almost over a year now. I am looking for new friends, who play Windows Phone games just intense like me and need people mainly for boosting achievements for several WP-games. I obtained all free WP-games who require friends to complete cheevos, like Equalicious or Dragon Mania Legends and so on. If you play regularly then feel free to add me. PS: If you want to check my collection, then take a look on trueachievements.com
  6. I searched for the most recent unobtainable Lists for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and 360/1 List, but i can't find them, can you post me the hyperlinks to it?
  7. Hi people. On my main ms account i linked my main GT with over 60.000 GS. I've downloaded a lot of casual games on different platforms like WP7, GFWL and so on. Now i looked at my games again, and a very high number of games are either offline so the achievements are unobtainable or i have games (accidently) which i don't play and i have unlocked items on it (like FIFA-Games; I don't like soccer, so i don't want them on my gs) I tried to delete my Xbox Live but this requires to delete my MS Account, and i can't do this. So i thought about transfering my current GT onto my third and unused MS account, which does not have a linked GT. Then i wanted to switch my second GT with 0 GS on my current MS Account, so i can begin again. If you did not understand my plan: 1.GT 1 = MS Account 1 => GT1 transferring to MS Account 3 2. MS Account 1 then has no more Xbox Live 3. GT 2 = MS Account 2 => Transfer this to MS Account 1 4. GT1 = MS Account 3 => Transfer back to MS Account 2 Simplified: I just want to switch my linked 2 gamertags between my MS Accounts. Would that work in this way? Do you know easier steps to unlink my corrupt GT from my important MS Account and take my unused GT?
  8. Since my gaming is screwed up, i have time to boost my Win8 games collection. But i have to say Hexic and Tentacles: Enter the mind are quite amusing
  9. The thing is, that i don't own one. I was asking if this is possible on the page directly not through the one.
  10. Hello there people, i posted 3 things on xbox.com now, but i am asking myself if there is any option to view older postings or show them if anyone commented them. I have so far no notifications (if there are any). Also is there any option to see the postings of my friends? I wish to see that EXCEPT "Achievement Unlocked" or "Uploaded a Clip"-Postings.
  11. I am sorry for this post, but i was offline for a very long time and even missed the update on this page, but i discovered that my gamercard on the top right of the page and on your postings on the left in the forum is not up-to-date. The gamercard shows me a little bit over 50.000 GS but i have already over 60.000. I couldn't find the option to remove or put a new link or something. Even the last games i played are not correct. Where i can edit this, or the better question, can i edit this or is this a specific thing from the page thas has to be fixed?
  12. Got the same problem. According to the game i only need to get to lv 100 for the last cheevo, but on xbox i have to unlock 5 ach. Don't know how to unlock "LV 30" cheevo, i am already on 48. Nice way to get some GS from Gameloft, but they should invest more in their games.
  13. Unfortunately i am not signed for the beta and i heard its already too late.
  14. Currently you can download Lost Planet 2 / Lost Planet Colonies and Bulletstorm for FREE. But there is one problem, you need an indian account and a valid credit card. If you want to download it with points you have to pay. Trying to figure out how to download...any ideas?
  15. Bought the game few days ago, need immidaetely some people for boosting!
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