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  1. Has anyone found a workaround for this? I'm missing the last red brick and the last SIP. Really not wanting to play the game through again.
  2. I agree that the Dead Kings DLC is the best part of Unity but for the cheevo's unlocking it's the worst. I have completed 3 and none of them have popped, Liberator, Freedom Fighter & Reign of terror. I've now stopped playing it.
  3. Got 20m earlier. Will take a photo when I get a score worthy of a photo.
  4. Pretty sure this is only available for the NTSC-J 360.
  5. Just bought a copy of this game and a NTSC-J 360, well worth the purchase.
  6. Just ordered this, can't wait to get started on it. Played the pcb loads before.
  7. Resigned myself to not getting 100% on this Lego game, the Silver Surfer race and the remote control car on the roof top are so annoying.
  8. Hi there, How do you get your x360a profile to appear?
  9. Morning all, New member, joined to get help completing Fallout 3 100%.
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