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  1. Chapter 5 Universe Era Wrestlemania 25 John Cena vs. Edge vs. The Big Show 1. Double team Big Show. While Edge is grappling him do a grapple yourself. 2. Perform a 5 Knuckle Shuffle on Edge. Toss out Big Show first. He tried to pin Edge while I was trying to do this move. 3. Hit 3 standing grapple moves to Big Show in the ring. Unlocks after #2. Triggers a scene. 4. Attempt to AA Big Show (critical) in the ring. Triggers a scene. 5. Defeat Big Show via Pinfall. You'll be in posistion for this after the scene. You might have to throw Edge out again. HHH vs. Randy Orton 1. Perform a Spinebuster (signature) 2. Perform 2 Pedigrees (finisher) 3. Perform a Pedigree & win within 10 seconds. Triggers after #2. Nothing else here. Wrestlemania XXVI Chris Jericho vs. Edge They botched Jericho's entrance here. 1. Taunt while Edge is out of the ring. Throw him out and press a button on the d-pad. 2. Perform a Liontamer Shows up after the first. Jericho's submission finisher while at the legs. Edge was automatically given a signature following this. 3. Perform a Codebreaker & win by pinfall within 10 seconds. Jericho's standing finisher. John Cena vs. Batista 1. Hit a Diving 5 Knuckle Shuffle on Batista Signature move. While he's down, climb the top rope and press Y. 2. Submit Batista with the STF Leg finisher. Resiliency is a factor here. No scenes or anything here. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Micheals 1. Perform a Tombstone Piledriver outside the ring. 2. Grapple HBK (moderate) at the announce table. It's a no DQ match so you can hit him with chairs or the bell and what have you. He doesn't have to be leaning on the table, just next to it. 3. Use a Tombstone/Pin combo on HBK (critical) in the ring. This means use the Tombstone's direct pin with B. 4. Win by Tombstone/Pin combo in the ring. Not rigged this time. Wrestlemania XXVII Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio 1. Hit Del Rio using the outside dive. Run towards the ropes and hold X while he's out there. 2. Perform a wake-up taunt in the ring. Up on the d-pad but if you got this far you probably knew that. 3. Hit a spear on Del Rio My finisher disappeared for some reason when this popped up. But you need a finisher for this. The corner one works. 4. Win by pinfall. Following #3. The Miz vs. John Cena 1. Succeed at the Wrestlemania Moment. Another ducking out of the way ref clothesline. 2. Grapple Cena (critical) at the announce table. It's not a no DQ match so you'll have to wear him down. 3. Pin Cena in the ring & win. With a bit of help from The Rock of course. You then get to play as The Rock and deliver a People's Elbow to Miz. Wrestlemania XXVIII The Undertaker vs. HHH 1. Get HHH to moderate damage. Hell in a Cell match with no DQ. Weapons are usable. A scene happens after this. 2. Chokeslam HHH. Signature move here. Y button with no direction. 3. Tombstone HHH (critical) in the ring. Normal front finisher. Another scene here. 4. Use the Tombstone/Pin combo & win B during the finisher, like before. CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho 1. Hit a top rope elbow to Y2J at ringside. Signature move. 2. Hit a GTS on Y2J (critical) Front finisher. 3. Escape the Walls of Jericho Automatically puts it on. Can mash or get to the ropes. There's an achievement for a rope break in general so this could be your best chance to get it. 4. Defeat Jericho with the Anaconda Vise Ground submission finisher from the side. The Rock vs. John Cena 1. Hit a Signature Spinebuster on Cena 2. Hit the Sharpshooter on Cena Also a signature. When he's on the ground, at his legs. 3. Hit a People's Elbow on Cena Follows #1. 4. Hit a Rock Bottom & win by pinfall in 10 seconds. Yup this again. Wrestlemania XXIX The Undertaker vs. CM Punk 1. Hit an Apron Leg Drop. While outside, throw him back inside, then grapple while his head sticks out under the rope. 2. Use Hell's Gate on CM Punk. Finisher at the legs. 3. Get Punk to moderate damage. A scene will trigger shortly after. 4. Hit 2 Tombstone Piledrivers on CM Punk. 5. Hit a Tombstone/Pin combo & win Shows up after doing the first Tombstone. HHH vs. Brock Lesnar 1. Get Lesnar to critical damage. No DQ here. Sledgehammer away. Brock proceeded to have a 100% reversal rate, while I had a 100% reversal failure after this completed. There were times it wouldn't say too early or too late but RT would just show up blanked out. It lasted until a cut scene. 2. Hit Lesnar with a chair. 3. Steal and use the Kimura Lock on Lesnar. RB + Wake up taunt. Then hold a direction and press Y. Activates after #2. 4. Win by pinfall. No more tricks or scenes here. John Cena vs. The Rock 1. Escape the Sharpshooter. Another 100% reversal rate/failure until he puts this on, occurs after a couple of minutes. 2. Hit a 5 Knuckle Shuffle. After #1 you'll probably have your comeback, making this really easy. 3. Hit 2 AA's You'll get one after your comeback in #2. 4. Steal a Rock Bottom then attempt a pin in 10 seconds. Auto kickout here it seems. 5. Hit an AA & win by Pinfall. You both have unlimited finishers after #4. Just like the real match. Should only need one. 30 Achievement points and 9 versions total of John Cena for completing all historical objectives. Most of the unlockables in general actually. You can do Wrestlemania xXx yourself and enter a contest with your Wrestlemania moment...if you have XBL gold anyway. Also the Streak mode but that's a whole different thing.
  2. Chapter 4 Ruthless Agression. Wrestlemania X-8 - XXIV Wrestlemania X-8 The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan 1. Put Hogan in the Sharpshooter. It's a signature move for this version of The Rock. 2. Succeed at the Wrestlemania Moment. Seemed to trigger at a random point. 3. Win by pinfall. He kicked out of a Rock Bottom and People's Elbow. It took another Rock Bottom to win which was pretty unusual. HHH vs. Chris Jericho 1. Apply a Figure 4 to Jericho (light) in the ring. Get him to light damage and then hold A while at his legs. 2. Lean Jericho (moderate) on the announce table. Irish whip or grapple and drag with LT + RT 3. (Hidden) Perform a Pedigree & win by pinfall in 10 seconds. This only shows up if you keep playing until a scene happens. I assume you can win before that, I had to cancel a pin. This can easily be missed if that's the case. This version of Jericho has a broken/op move. Do NOT using running attacks against him. His grapple will counter everything. Wrestlemania XIX Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho This Jericho still has that move. 1. Get Y2J to critical damage. 2. Irish Whip Y2J in the ring. Shows up after the first one is completed. 3. Hit the Sweet Chin Music on Y2J Shows up after #2. This is the corner finisher. The other is just a superkick. 4. Win by pinfall. Likely outcome after #3. The Rock vs. Steve Austin 1. Complete the Wrestlemania Moment Triggered with a Rock Bottom attempt. You can miss this (and everything else) if you go for The People's Elbow win. 2. Hit Austin with a People's Elbow. 3. Complete the second Wrestlemania moment. Will randomly happen. 4. Hit a Rock Bottom & win by pinfall within 10 seconds. The one from #3 counted but he kicked out. Like the others you get more than one chance. He also kicked out of that. The third got him. Which was odd because I had to cancel the pin on that first People's Elbow. Wrestlemania XX John Cena vs. The Big Show 1. Get Big Show to critical damage, AA & pin him. AA of course Cena's finisher. Was then known as the FU. 2. AA Big Show and win within 10 seconds. #1 Triggers a scene. You're given a finisher to do this right afterwards. Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar 1. Hit a Spear on Lesnar. 2. Hit a Jack Hammer on Lesnar. 3. Win by pinfall. Another poor moveset having the spear as a finisher as well as the Jack Hammer so you'll need 2 finishers. Anyone that's ever seen Goldberg wrestle knows the spear leads to the Jack Hammer. After winning you take control of Stone Cold who was the special ref. 4. Stunner Goldberg & Lesnar in the ring. Wrestlemania 21 John Cena vs. JBL 1. Hit an AA on JBL 2. Win by pinfall. That's all there is to this one. Wrestlemania 22 Edge vs. Mick Foley 1. Irish whip Foley (light) into the ropes. You start with a baseball bat. Not hard to damage him quickly. 2. Get Foley to critical damage in the ring. Still allowed weapons so no problem here. Lita will begin setting up a table for you outside. 3. Spear Foley in the ring. Sets up the flaming table scene. 4. Pin Foley outside the ring and win. All you need to do after #3. Wrestlemania 23 The Undertaker vs. Batista 1. Perform The Last Ride. It's a signature for this version of Undertaker. 2. Perfom Chokeslam. Also a signature. 3. Hit Batista with Undertaker's OMG Dive. This is an Undertatker specific OMG moment. With a finisher stored drag your oppoent to the ropes with LT + RT while grappled and then press Y when prompted. 4. Hit a Tombstone on Batista & win by pinfall in 10 seconds. Again, direct pin available with B. Batista also has auto signature/finisher gain. John Cena vs. Shawn Micheals 1. Irish Whip HBK (Light) into the announce table. 2. Complete the Wrestlemania Moment. Triggered by AA attempt so don't miss it by skipping directly to #3. 3. Win with an STF This is Cena's ground submission finisher. HBK has resiliency so this may take 2 attempts. Wrestlemania XXIV Shawn Micheals vs. Ric Flair 1. Lean Flair (light) against the announce table. In case you forgot from the last time, irish whip or LT + RT to drag. 2. Use Figure 4 on Flair You don't have to steal his finsher. Just hold A. 3. Superkick Flair twice in the ring. Corner "Sweet Chin Music" version doesn't count. Has to be the normal standing one. 4. Hit a Sweet Chin Music. The corner one. 5. Win by pinfall Directly after 4. Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. HHH It's a triple threat match. One fall, not elimination so break up anything you can. 1. Hit HHH with the WWE title. It's outside where the ringbell would be. 2. Perform Orton's stomp on Cena & HHH. It's a signature move for when they're down and you're at their head. 3. Succeed at the Wrestlemania Moment. It seems you have to have both of them outside of the ring while you're in it and it will trigger. 4. Perform a Punt Kick & win by Pinfall in 10 seconds.
  3. Chapter 3 The Attitude Era Wrestlemania XIV-X7 Wrestlemania XIV The Undertaker vs. Kane 1. Perform a Chokeslam. 2. Perform 3 Tombstone Piledrivers. 3. Win by Pinfall. You're going to need 4 finishers here but that's all there is to it. Wrestlemania XV Steve Austin vs. The Rock 1. Get The Rock to moderate damage and lure him to the entrance. This will be very familar if you've played Legends of Wrestlemania as it was an objective there as well. It's a no DQ match so feel free to swing away with chairs etc. 2. Lean The Rock against the announce table and grapple him. You don't have to tear it apart even. Just irish whip him into it. 3. Perform a finisher on The Rock & pin him in 10 seconds. Triggers a scene. 4. Complete the Wrestlemania Moment Happens when you do a Stunner after the events of #3. Wrestlemania 2000 HHH vs. The Rock vs. The Big Show vs. Mick Foley This is an elimination match, not single fall. You also have to complete the histortical objectives in this one. 1. Eliminate Big Show. It's no DQ so feel free to grab HHH's signature sledgehammer from the left side of the ring and go to town. Try to eliminate him with a signature. 2. Grapple The Rock near the announce table. Easy enough. You'll have to put down the sledgehammer for a bit though. 3. Elminate Mick Foley. Easy after the events of #2 if you've kept your signature. 4. Grapple The Rock (moderate) near the ring steps. 5. Grapple The Rock (critical) near the announce table. Wrestlemania X-7 Steve Austin vs. The Rock 1. Attack Rock with the ring bell at ringside. Easy enough. 2. Irish Whip The Rock (moderate) in the ring. Just keep hitting him with that bell. 3. Rock Bottom The Rock This is the finisher steal. When the oppoent is on the mat hold RB and press up on the d-pad to be able to steal their finisher. This will also automatically trigger off of #2 if you don't steal it otherwise. 4. (Hidden) Knock down The Rock, then pick up a chair in the ring. Vince will be outside throwing them in for you. This doesn't display until an in match cut scene plays. 5. Win by Pinfall
  4. For the sake of keeping it neat, a new post for a new chapter. Chapter 2 The New Generation Wrestlemania X-XIII Wrestlemania X Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels This is a ladder match so again, no pinfalls or submissions. 1. Get HBK to moderate damage in the ring. As it's a ladder match and anything goes this shouldn't take long. You can beat him with ladders, chairs and whatever else you want. 2. (Hidden) Get HBK to Critical damage in the ring. Triggers after a random cut scene. 3. Attack HBK with the ladder Pick it up with LB and swing with X. 4. (Hidden) Irish whip HBK into a ladder propped in the ring corner. Go to any corner and put the ladder there by pressing B then do an irish whip into it. Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna If you had weight detection turned on for this match the previous year turning it off now would be a good idea. 1. Get Yokozuna to critical damage 2. Perform a top rope move on a standing Yokozuna in the ring. Triggers a scene. 3. Pin Yokozuna in 10 seconds. After the scene. Wrestlemania XI The Undertaker vs. King Kong Bundy 1. Hit an Old School signature move on Bundy. Straight up signature move, doesn't even have to be in the corner. 2. Bodyslam Bundy. A and then A again. You have to wear him down first otherwise it'll be automatically countered. 3. Win by pinfall Directly from a Tombstone. Diesel vs. Shawn Michaels 1. Hit HBK with a big boot. Signature move while running or off an irish whip. 2. Get HBK to critical damage. 3. Hit HBK with a Jackknife Powerbomb Finisher. It's Diesel's only one. 4. (Hidden) Pin HBK in 10 seconds & win. Only shows up after doing #3. Wrestlemania XII The Undertaker vs. Diesel 1. Hit a chokeslam on Diesel. 2. Hit a Tombstone on Diesel. 3. Win by pinfall. While there appears to be no tricks, Diesel has an accelerated and automatic finisher gain. You can beat on him the whole time and he'll get it. Both the chokeslam and Tombstone are finishers for Undertaker. Shawn Micheals vs. Bret Hart 1. Complete the Wrestlemania Moment. Was the X button for me. 2. Irish whip Bret Hart (moderate) into the ropes. Unlocks after the moment. 3. Irish whip Bret Hart (Critical) into a turnbuckle. 4. Go into sudden death with the score tied 0-0 Despite what the timer says this is not truly 60 minutes but you're still gonna be there for a long time in comparsion to other matches. There's a specific achievement for this as well. 5. Hit 2 finishers on Bret Hart in OT. I was given 3 and a comeback so this was no problem. Wrestlemania XIII Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin 1. Get Austin to light damage outside the ring within 2 minutes. See objective #3. 2. Irish Whip Austin (Moderate) into a turnbuckle. Still see #3. This triggers the imfamous ring post figure 4. 3. Use the ring bell on Austin. And keep using it. I suggest busting him open with it for authenticity's sake. 4. Get Austin's legs to critical damage. Triggers after #2. Using RB you can target limbs. The A button is for the legs when you're in a standing grapple. Just be at his legs when he's on the mat. This is a good chance to pick up the 'Fighting Smart' achievement. 5. Win with the Sharpshooter. Bret Hart's finisher. Will trigger a scene when you put it on, no need for breaking point.
  5. I use this site a lot, thought I'd contribute for once. I've marked the hidden ones with (hidden) when they don't obviously show up during a match. For example when completing objective #1 usually #2 will show up. If it doesn't, then I've marked it. Chapter One: Hulkamania Runs Wild Wrestlemania I-IX Wrestlemania I Andre the Giant vs. Big John Studd 1. Win the match in under 6 minutes. You have to body slam him in order to win the match. It's not a tradtional match so don't bother trying for pins or submissions. Wrestlemania II Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy 1. Bodyslam Bundy (critical) Get him to critical. Press A and then press A again. 2. Escape over the cage wall. Press LB next to the wall. The cage escape mini game will start up. Press A at max to climb the cage. Make sure you hit a finisher on him first because it takes a while. Wrestlemania III Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage 1. Complete the Wrestlemania moment. This appeared to happen randomly but it might've been after the first pin attempt. You, as Steamboat, will be talking to the ref, Savage will come up behind you, press the button to duck the clothesline and the ref will go down. I don't know if the button is random but it was X for me. 2. Get Randy Savage to critical damage. This is really easy with the ref out. You can grab a chair or the title and start beating him with it. 3. Win with a leverage pin. After a cutscene you'll be on the losing side of things and down. Your oppoent needs to be stunned to use this pin type. Whenever you can gain your momentum back do the classic toe kick (diagnol down + X) and then press up or down on the right stick to perform the levrage pin. It should be enough if you've already hit a finisher earlier in the match. I did one more just to be sure. Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant 1. Grapple Andre (light) by the ring steps. Tap A with your back to the steps on the right side. This is the side with the announcers table, not the entrance side. It may not matter but I couldn't get it to work on the entrance side. 2. Irish whip Andre (Critical) in the ring. The ref isn't down in this scenario so you'll have to do it the old fashioned way. You will have your comeback by the time this unlocks in the match so using that will help things along. 3. Complete the Wrestlemania moment. Triggers off of the irish whip. 4. Hit a Leg Drop on Andre. Hogan's finisher while Andre is down stand at his side and press Y. I was given one after the WM moment. Wrestlemania IV Randy Savage vs. Ted DiiBiase 1. Grapple DiBiase (Moderate) standing in the ring. Get him to moderate and do any grapple. As usual Yuke's has failed with the movesets. You'll probably get him there with a signature. Any wrestling fan would expect Macho Man to have a double axe handle off the top rope as his signature. Not the case. His signatures are scoop slam and knee drop so something to watch out for. The axe handle is a finisher. 2. (Hidden) Hit Ted DiBiase with a Top Rope Elbow in the ring. This is Macho Man's finisher. Get him down, go up top and press Y. Your first attempt at this will result in a cutscene. 3. Win by Pinfall Obvious. Wrestlemania V Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage 1. Get Randy Savage to critical damage. IIRC it took 3 leg drops in the actual match for Hogan to win. 2. (Hidden) Kick out after taking a Top Rope Elbow Don't worry about having to do the job. He'll counter all your stuff and eventually you'll randomly fall over if he doesn't get you down because you countered his. You can use the resiliency to kick out easily. Triggers after a cutscene. 3. Hit Randy Savage with the Leg Drop Triggers after a cutscene during the match. 4. Win by pinfall. You can go into a pinfall directly from Hogan's Leg Drop. Wrestlemania VI Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan 1. Irish whip Hogan (light) in the ring. Cause light damage and do an irish whip. A cut scene will trigger. 2. Complete the 1st Wrestlemania Moment Another duck and the ref gets hit. Was the A button for me. 3. Hit a Gorilla Press and pin Hogan in 10 seconds You can get repeated chances at this. Every time you do a Gorilla Press you'll have 10 seconds to pin him. This is Warrior's signature move. 4. Complete the 2nd Wrestlemania Moment Triggers after the Gorilla Press in #3. 5. Hit an Ultimate Splash & Pin Hogan in 10 seconds. Set up for you perfectly after #4 for the real life ending to this match. Warrior pins directly from the splash if you hit B. Wrestlemania VII (Side note: No Savage vs. Warrior is a tragedy.) Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter 1. Hit the Big Boot. 2. Hit the Leg Drop. 3. Win by pinfall. All 3 of these directly go together. The boot is of course Hogan's signature, the leg drop usually follows and you can pin directly from it. No tricks. No scenes. Wrestlemania VIII Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair 1. Hit Savage's Elbow Drop finisher & Pin Flair in 10 seconds. This will trigger a scene. 2. Escape the Figure Four Leg Lock Automatically put in it after the scene. Resiliency is an option if you need it. 3. Win with a leverage pin. Just like WM III but you're Savage this time. Wrestlemania IX Yokozuna vs. Bret "Hit Man" Hart Since you're playing as Yokozuna here if you haven't been playing with weight detection on, it'll probably help you here. 1. Hit a Super Kick. The game tells you how. A on a stunned Bret. You can also hold X and do it as a strong strike. 2. Irish Whip Bret Hart (Moderate) in the ring. Leads to the infamous Mr. Fuji salt in the eyes incident. 3. Win by pinfall. Toss him into the buckle that was exposed during the scene and hit your finisher. Direct pin. Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna Hogan isn't having any of this! Picks up directly after the last match following a scene. 4. Hit a Leg Drop on Yokozuna You start with one. Just knock him over and hit it. 5. Defeat Yokozuna via Pinfall Works directly from the leg drop. It was only about a 12 second match in real life.
  6. Having played it, it's clear that every last bit of this is still THQ's game. 2K in name and menus only.
  7. There's a trial pass but it's only for online play and you can't use community creations. It also seems you can't use the pass without XBL gold which also means no CC again this year unless you pay more money. Someone can have mine. It's a rental so if anyone wants to buy it used later I'll send you the code.
  8. I believe the chainsaw stab and butt attack are examples of homing attacks.
  9. More likely a "take that us". James Gunn had something to do with this game and also wrote the screenplay for the Dawn of the Dead remake which had running zombies instead of the non-running ones from the original to some controversy. The way the final boss is introduced is similar to the Stay Puft Marshmellow man in Ghostbusters. Also she made a Predator reference for me when doing the jumping across heads thing. Said "if it bleeds I can kill it."
  10. The game goal one? I played on easy so I guess I need to play on normal or hard?
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