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  1. I can confirm that this is still working in 2017! I changed the difficulty after I used the needle on Fontaine the first time, because I was using the electric gel trick (can't really call it a fight lol), and got the "2 for 140g" achievement for Brass Balls and Seriously Good at This achievements.
  2. I used to have all my tips written down somewhere, but I guess I purged them. anyway, I cannot get the Colt from that safe. None of the tips that I have tried for the safe work. I have checked youtube, and in the videos that I watched, that persons safe always has different numbers than mine so 3 left and 1 right do not match what I have. Does anyone have a "fool proof" method?? I am playing through on one of my silver accounts just for fun, but dang, this is getting me p.o'd!! RA
  3. I need this cheev also. My tag is R3SIDENT ANGEL on the 360

  4. Sucks compared to Raid from Rev1. Too many menus, maps from RE6 (wth??) and I am so not motivated to keep playing it like I was in Rev1 (I had the purple name, so I really enjoyed playing that Raid mode!). Huge disappointment
  5. Good ideas! I will start a new game on very easy and hustle Jills butt to that room. I have played this game so many times on the cube, but have not made a jill sandwich in many years lol. And of course I after I learned about the grenade launcher glitch I never touch the shotgun again. ** I meant that the door to the hallway is locked but the room that I got the shotgun in is unlocked, so I have no choice but to put the shotgun back in place if I want to continue playing... And excuse my ignorance, but what is this "can of fizz" all about?
  6. I went ahead and got the broken shotgun, collected the good gun and saved. Then I remembered that I needed this cheev so I went back to an older save and tried for it, but the door to the room is always unlocked. I have gone from the East save room to get the shotgun, and also gone all the way around thru the dog hallway, but each time the door is unlocked. I am not sure if it will screw up my RE.net uploads if I delete my saved game from the xbox and start again. This is a normal playthru, and I have beaten the game on the easy mode ( I have 48% completion at re.net). suggestions??
  7. Sounds like a plan! Thank you for the advice
  8. Well I just finished Alien Isolation and had to do a 4th run because I screwed up my first no death run (wonky saves after a facehugger got me), so I am really hoping to get through THE EVIL WITHIN in 3 playthroughs with everything finished. I just need some clarification...first run on survival with no upgrades (IT IS WHAT IT IS cheev), but can I use the keys and the stuff in the lockers? I just replayed ch.2 after getting the A LA CORVO cheev, and then re starting to get the DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT cheev. second run is akumu...and assuming that I get the cheev for no upgrades, I can go crazy with my gel correct? and third run is the 5 hour on new game+ correct? Sorry if I am being dense, but I just dont want to have to go through an extra run if I don't have to. And I was reading this thread looking for the answer and saw that the original information has been updated a couple of times, so I just want to be clear on what I need to do. thanks for the great guides!
  9. I can only play weekends, so I am still on the camp. Stuck on the last level of the moon and only getting level 11/12 players to partner with. Would like to find more friends of varied levels to fireteam or just play and especially friends who can explain all this high level stuff to me so I know what I am reaching for lol I am a titan, if that helps gt: R3SIDENT ANGEL xbox 360
  10. So far it is the same search and rescue as the first installment and so far that is pretty boring. Was hoping they would throw some of the fun from Breakdown in, but have not seen anything interesting except the ability to store things in the vehicles (less in smaller vehicles btw). So far not worth the price...
  11. I do not have that bug, but I have to re-download both 1/2 and 2/2 every time I want to play, as no dlc appears in the main menu (not bas pt 1 or clash in the clouds). Happens from the game and from the xbox. Sucks.
  12. Take a grenade with you and have it equipped. Get attacked and go to red status and then press RB while they are ripping you apart to take them all out. Easy peasey!
  13. When the RV is full just go find the people you want that are "on a mission". When you find that person, speak to them and the option "get on RV" is available. Choose it and they run home and hop on. Keep doing this until you have everyone you want. When you start up your next level all those people will be with you. Also, load up all your characters with guns and then when you start the new level get them to put the guns back in the supply box for a bunch of influence to start off with. **Snacks do not carry over, so load up your people with snacks before you change breakdown levels! **Load up one character with the guns you need for later breakdown challenges or your randoms will take those weapons! Sucks to have an assault weapon challenge and no assault weapons...
  14. Throw molotovs at him and then head shots. If you hit him twice (head on) with a pickup truck you can kill him but it pops your tires. If you are at snyder trucking and have a machine shop your truck will be good as new the next day!
  15. before you pick up the building supplies, check the room for items. If you have more than one crate, come back later. highlight the item, and call for scavengers ( Press Y and it costs 10 influence). After Lily confirms someone will come, pick up the item yourself and bring it home. That way you get twice as much. When the scavenger returns home with the stuff you can use it. If you call for the scavenger when you have several crates/boxes/bags, you dont get the credit for all the items so only do it for the last one. This really helps when you are low on one item.
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