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  1. hi guys i need help with these weapons and i will help in return : Stone Greatsword- Stone Greatshield Velka's Rapier Grant- Sanctus GT: Hammodi
  2. hi bro if u have sit souls that u don't need i will trade with u thanks GT: Hammodi
  3. looking to do Enemy of my Enemy and On My Mark I'm online must of the time thanks GT: Hammodi
  4. i found this solution here it may helps you guys
  5. contact them by chatting they will send you the code right away
  6. happened to me too ... it shows in ready to install and after installing it goes back to ready to install . btw i can only install 5 songs !!
  7. It unlocks right away...im playing right now on insane
  8. looks similar to geometry wars ... cannnnt wait and thanks for the great and fast guide
  9. we are going to complete both of the dlc add your name if you wanna join us : 1- Hammodi 2- ImNeil a Smurf 3- SuperMariio1991 4- 5- 6- 7- 8-
  10. hi guys i wanna do this for both of the DLCs only and im online most of the time.. GT: Hammodi
  11. thanks for the guide but i have a question... what about the time and difficulty for the expansion ?
  12. i know it may be funny but im confused how do i know ?
  13. looking for someone to set up a lobby with the Riot map... i will help in return. GT: Hammodi im online most of the time
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