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  1. This should pretty much be one of the last achievements in the game, and one of the hardest. In the north american version, it literally has to be impossible, especially because no one has beaten it. There is a way to do it in this version though, and that would be a second controller and or a partner. The reason for this would be because of the fact that pairs in babel make everything easier, meaning the patterns of blocks that drop, and the amount of steps you have to go up drops significantly
  2. I get very annoyed by it actually, but I can take my time with it. If I feel I'll never get around to it I wish I could just delete the game from my history even if I have a high gamerscore on it
  3. Shadow Run, Naruto Rise of a Ninja, Darksiders, and Dantes Inferno. Shadow Run and Rise of a ninja were just plain bad, Dantes inferno wasn't bad but I didn't like it and Darksiders was just upsetting to me but I think I'll like the sequel
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