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  1. Just thought ild let some people know that didn't already. Can't go wrong with that price. Sale ends soon so be quick.
  2. I just got the game. Im looking to boost as much as possible. Im able to get on anytime pretty much over the next few weeks. Add me xXxGRUNZxXx
  3. Im still looking to do as much as possible on the PC version. Add me xXxGRUNZxXx
  4. I still need all online. Add me xXxGRUNZxXx
  5. Im looking for people to do all the online achievements with add me xXxGRUNZxXx
  6. Im looking for people on PC version add me xXxGRUNZxXx
  7. Just got the game so looking to get as many as possible. Add me xXxGRUNZxXx
  8. Looking to boost this game. Add me xXxGRUNZxXx This is for the PC version....
  9. Looking to do all online achievements & also co-op but looking to do co-op on easy to fly through it as ive already done it on hard. Add me xXxGRUNZxXx PC Version.......
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