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  1. Just added my review. http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?p=6843096#post6843096
  2. Have to say I'm seriously impressed. At under £100 it's an absolute steal. The tablet itself is great, solid, well made, quick. I've read it struggles with the 'latest' games, but this is a tablet we're talking about, not a gaming PC. I've installed a few games from the store and they run perfectly. Think of it as a £100 tablet and not a £1000 PC and you'll have no problems. The 'cradle' the tablet sits in is solid and well made. I read some people saying it felt plasticky, but I don't feel that at all. It's odd not having the buttons at the top as the right analogue stick it above the buttons. But you get used to it and you can still easily reach the trigger, which was my concern. The biggest issue for me is the weight (it's heavy) and this in turn means the grips are quite slippy. I wouldn't want to do hours of serious gaming on it. However you can use it just as a screen and use the Xbone controller if you wanted to. I guess it's a trade off between weight and good quality parts, and I'd prefer to have a heavier, but well made product. I've had one or two times where a game hasn't recognised the controller, a quick restart and all is good again. This maybe has happened once in 4 or 5 hours of using it. Streaming is good. Picture quality isn't as good as on the tv or games native to Windows, however it's far from an issue, for me anyway. 99% of the time the streaming is smooth and responsive. Occasionally I get a warning pop-up that says the connection is 'weak' but it only lasts a few seconds. Just to point out this is no bearing on internet connection, it doesn't use the internet, it uses wifi to connect via the router, but the internet itself isn't used. So you need a fast router, not a fast connection. I just have a BT Home Hub, so nothing fancy and it works just fine. Windows 10 itself I'm very impressed with. Used Windows since 3.1 through to around Windows 2000 when I stopped PC gaming and used a Mac for my work. As most Mac fans, I never gave windows a second thought, lets face it, it's never been great. But Windows 10 is smooth, runs well, is intuitive and I'm enjoying all the customisable aspects that ios on osx doesn't give you. For £99, get one now! An excellent 9/10 from me. http://www.linxvision.co.uk/
  3. I think is has to be on the same wifi network at as doesn't actually use your internet connection, just the router to sent the picture basically. Someone told be it was coming though, to be able to stream to a different location. I got one this evening and currently running the ton of updates that windows needed! It feels quality though.
  4. Just seen this is available for £99. Only havin one TV in the house it seems like a good option. Reviews are generally decent for streaming games, plus it will open up other options for windows games too. Anyone used or seen one? Please move if this is in the wrong forum. http://www.xboxoneuk.com/xbox-one/news/microsoft-linxvision-tablet-review/
  5. Check your email if you play FIFA. Had a free £2 code today from them, every little helps.
  6. Brilliant game, do I spend £3.75 and 5 hours of my life playing it again for another 1000g though? Probably.
  7. 6180: The Moon. £3.19 and took me exactly 2 hours 8 minutes to 1000g. A fun little game too. Win win.
  8. ARGH! Scenery and lighting looks lush! Having all been used to GTA V, going back to RDR, everything looks pretty flat, both in terms of the terrain and lighting. It's going to be epic.
  9. Great stuff, thanks for the quick info, cheers guys.
  10. Cool, we have an old ds, but it's not 'his'. He's a careful kid so should be fine with the flippy thing. Next question, games. So the new Pokemon for instance, has 3DS on the box, so will this play on the 2DS? Are all the games compatible with all the hardware of the same generation?
  11. Thanks very much. Is it still worth getting the 3DS XL over just the DSi XL or the 2DS? SO many options on Amazon, I can't get my head round it for some reason.
  12. Hi all. So we're thinking of getting our son a 3DS XL for christmas. He's only 6 but loves games (he has a good balance of games/playing/exercise and school before anyone asks!) and he's massively into Pokemon. Just wanted to check the 3DS XL is the latest model, nothing new is planned soon, that sort of thing. He's also asked for a new Skylanders for the 360, so there's an xbox balance! In fact, the 3DS will be a surprise, but he'll love it! Any advise welcome. Thanks, James.
  13. So, without spoilers please, should I try and avoid 'Jack'?! Only just started playing.
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