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  1. Gt: Hirouakan Game: Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
  2. GT: Hirouakan Game: Wolfenstein II: The New Collossus
  3. Im having a similar issue. Did you have any luck?
  4. I had this game sitting on my backlog for so long, only recently i came around to actually starting it and Case Zero. Both awesome, easy to complete games. If its ever on sale i recommend both to anyone looking for a simple completion and some hours of fun.
  5. Nope. They're still idiotic at best. This time around i had way fewer headaches with them though. So either they tweaked around the IA or im just a better player overall than i was ten years ago lol.
  6. Im wondering, and doubt ill be answered anyway: Is the food court freeze glitch in survival mode still present in the game?
  7. This is just a disgrace to the franchise, and gaming in general. Tho there is some fun to squeeze out of it, and the catharsis generated by mowing down a crowd of zombies with wacky weapons is a novelty that still has to wear off for me, the game can barely be called Dead Rising. The writing is atrocious, Frank West lost every single defining character trait, the only thing the new and old have in common is being a white caucasian male. He's now an annoying manchild, unfunny goofy idiot thats always trying to be funny no matter what. The kind of person we avoid in our social circles. The devs DEFINETLY have no idea of what made the franchise so unique in the first place. Oh and the glitches, man... The fucking glitches. Ive had so many in so little time, from minor to major like crashes to freezes to achievements refusing to unlock, i can literaly say that this game tops all the glitch and bugs experiences i have ever had on all the games i played on both xbox ONE and 360... TOGETHER. Im not joking around, i swear. This game sucks.
  8. Oh man, im hopeful this will happen to me, cause just like you im stuck at 99% because of a missing blueprint i already have. Will update here if im lucky enough.
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