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  1. Great guide man. This guide will come in handy
  2. Honestly i don't know how I completed this game. I don't remember a single part of it. Just listening to music and speed run through the levels!
  3. Nice guide man. Glad i completed this shitty game quickly!
  4. Thanks mate. only a couple of them was tricky cause i didn't know that i had to use an upgraded version of my gadget
  5. Just completed the game using this great guide. Thanks mate
  6. Same as you, I started this game after Saw and Megamind. I was expecting the same shit like the last two but I was surprised. This game is really fun, I really liked it
  7. Nice guide. It made my run a breeze
  8. Thanks a lot man. This guide helped me a lot
  9. Thanks a lot mate. This guide will surely come in handy
  10. If u be a little higher than your enemy and hit him ( like when your at the top of a stair and the enemy is just a few steps below you ) there's a high chance he'll be knocked over.
  11. A great and easy way to get a somewhat difficult achievement. tnx man
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