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  1. I used this guide up until there was nothing to tell me where the stuff was in chapter 5-7. Great guide but at least put where everything is at (even with no pics) before stopping. I had to go to youtube to get the last few newsbots and swarms. But good guide up until then.
  2. don't hold down the left trigger. that was my problem, i kept having the same issue but i realized that when i was shooting the portals i was hold it down and haven't had an issue since.
  3. I gotta be honest... Who cares? This is the reason people don't like message boards. You're winning so far so pat yourself on the back.:Bounce::Bounce::Bounce:
  4. OK, now i'm pissed off. I've beaten the guitar career and went back and 5 * the songs I didn't 5* the first time. So, every song has 5* but no achievement. I've played 2 or 3 gigs trying to unlock it in the middle of a gig but nothing is working. Any advice???:mad::mad:
  5. Just so you guys know, 5 stars can still be gotten on easy mode. So if that's what you are trying to do (5 star every scene) then you might as well turn it on easy mode.
  6. We can talk about whatever the hell we want. It says spoilers in the freaking title. Why would you click on something that has spoiler in the title if you haven't finished the game? I don't even understand why we need to put the spoiler things in posts. I guess it's to be nice, but if people are stupid enough to venture into a thread with spoiler in the title then they deserve what they get. I didn't even come to this board until I finished the entire game the first time.
  7. exactly. On easy you don't have to even kill most of the splicers they die when they hit you anyway. On hard, it's a different story.
  8. One thing that hasn't been mentioned is the only way you (Jack) were able to get so close to Ryan was because of your DNA being the same as Ryan's. Anyway, these are all good thoughts for the most part, but I still have some doubts. You see what makes it hard to believe is that Ryan is a powerful man. And what do all men with power want? More Power (The Oracle from the Matrix) But seriously it's just hard for me to believe that a man as powerful as Ryan and one who hates being opposed, would gladly give up his dream even for his son. I realize that this is just speculation but still, I don't see why he would willingly die. And everyone who says Ryan ends up being a good guy, I disagree. I think it's kind of like having two mob bosses and one of them sells drugs to kids and one of them doesn't. They are both still breaking the law and doing bad things. They both were bad guys and it's only fitting that you killed both of them. Now another question I have, did Tenebaum know the whole time who you were and just not say anything or did she not know?
  9. Welcome back, and to second what Exane said... Screw you and your damn rifle raping
  10. What is this, a launch game? I haven't seen this few achievements (on a non-japanese game) since the first games released when they didn't know how achievements would work. Wierd
  11. [spoiler=123]Why did Ryan allow you to kill him? I've come up with some theories like his city was finished anyway and he didn't want to live anymore. Or maybe he knew that he couldn't defeat you as you were created to take him down. It's just interesting because he figures out what your "obey phrase" is and he could've used that to make you go kill Fontaine. I don't know I just found it interesting that he didn't even put up a fight. EDIT: Feel free to use the spoiler tags in the future =) (if you don't know how then search for the announcement)
  12. Just a quick note: I hear you guys complaining about arcade demos, but all you have to do is download them then sign out and play the demo. It won't go on your gamercard:woop: I'm the same way and I used to not even download the demos until I found out about this.
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