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  1. i just traded this game in lol but gona borrow it off a friend tmrw to try to get the achieves for the new DLC I'll be on tmrw around 4 EST so msg me BWES28 looking to get this done thank u
  2. looking to get online achieves or looking for a partner to help on now EST GT BWES28 Thank you
  3. I missed one treasure Coastal Thailand - The Ancient World is there any way i can replay this level without loosing any of the other treasures i got
  4. darth Im finished with the game but still willing to help the people that really need/want this a big thanx to you and HolyThugRabbit & Evil Clown09
  5. Im trying very hard to get team surviours outta the way I know me and MoldyClay87 is down to get this Is anyone esle trying to get this shit over with? Msg me GT:BWES28
  6. Can anyone help with any of the online achieves? Thank you
  7. I didnt get it and completed all 3 games Anyone know why Its a fun game but dont want to reply them
  8. im up for team surviours Im usually on every weekday after 4pm easterntime
  9. is there anyone that can help me with this?
  10. only need help beating this on pro can someone play through with me I'll help with any other achievements u need GT BWES28
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