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  1. How do you accomplish the secondary objectives in Assassination missions? Particularly the complete the mission in x amount of time? I tried using the Wanderer (fastest ship), but it is too weak to finish the mission. I also tried using The Abyss (most powerful), but it is too slow to avoid the enemy ships.
  2. UPDATE: I reinstalled the game and played exhibitions in all 13 venues in one sitting, still no achievement. Are there really only 13 venues? The app description in the store says there are 14.
  3. I need some help with Best Audience achievement. I already played in all venues (listed all 13 venues) via Portuguese League but it won't unlock for both Real Soccer and Real Football for me. It happened that the 13th venue was played on the last game (30th) of the Portuguese League, unlocking the League Cup Champion achievement for me, but not Best Audience. Any advice?
  4. I just bought it on Windows Phone (8) today as it is this week's Red Stripe Deal, and it appeared owned for me in Windows 8.1. There are some games you can buy once and enjoy for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 like Halo: Spartan Assault and Skulls of the Shogun (Red Stripe Deal a few weeks ago).
  5. Is it me, or Ballerina is more of a hit and miss? I am rarely able to do one successfully.
  6. Is it me, or Ballerina is more of a hit and miss? I am rarely able to do one successfully.
  7. Unfortunately, yes. Your pet gets tired first before the other bars go empty. That's why my strategy is keep on playing with your best pet (upgrade the stats of only ONE pet) until it gets tired, then switch with another pet in the den so your "best" pet can take a rest and recharge ALL bars. This is the reason why I did not buy the 25 Gem boost that makes your pet never go tired. Eventually, the other bars will drop to red, and you will need to make it rest in the den (unless you want to spend extra gold to move the bar from red to green). It seems to me that this one is timer based and not based on activities. I can't believe your pet gets tired when you are feeding, giving a bath to, or it is drinking.
  8. UPDATE: It didn't work on Windows 8. Might request Other Ocean to reset the game for me if it's possible.
  9. I tried this as well but it didn't work... initially. Before I reached level 53, I had to use some of the assists on previous levels I can't get through. After trying all boosts and assists in level 10 and 20, nothing popped up. Desperately, I turned off airplane mode and opened the game. I was surprised to see the achievement was unlocked inside the game. Went to Games Hub, didn't sync so I tried checking on my other Windows Phone and viola, 100% completion. The chievo prolly didn't pop because Quiet Hours was on. Yep, I'm using Windows Phone 8.1 on Lumia 625. Later, I'll try if it works in Windows 8.1.
  10. You get more coins and gems when you do the Pack Challenge. Count me in! GT: cccuaresma1
  11. You get more coins and gems when you do the Pack Challenge. Count me in! GT: cccuaresma1
  12. Here's a Windows Phone app that can be used http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=0753d830-b34d-490f-80e7-ef9f574f5505
  13. Is there a list you can see this games? Aside from the Games from Gold promotion? Because for example, Spartacus Legends was not part of Games from Gold, but I only discovered it by accident.
  14. I recently got a free 1 year Xbox Live Gold subscription from my Office 365 subscription. Now, I don't have an Xbox console, although do play Xbox games on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. I was wondering if there are any benefits that I can get even if I don't have a console right now. So far, the only thing I discovered is that there are free games like the following: Games with Gold promotion: -Assassin's Creed II (I missed the first July game) Gold Exclusive: -Spartacus Legends I have already purchased the games so that in case I get an Xbox 360 later, I can enjoy them for free. The other benefits that I found are multiplayer for some games, and some other free media apps. My questions are: 1. Are there any other benefits of Xbox Live Gold that I could use right now? 2. Where can I see a list of "Gold Exclusive" games? 3. Are these downloadable games compatible with Xbox One? Apologies in advance if this thread is in the wrong section.
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