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  1. Can confirm. 1st mission of Dominatrix DLC can be used to farm CIDs and Murderbots. Best place is right at the end of the mission. When you get to the objective marker at the end of driving the tank, don't go up to the door. The portals will continue to spawn Murderbots and CIDs forever. Of course, you'll have to deal with all of the other enemies too but I never got a Warden and was able to mop up the 20+ Murderbots I was missing and the rest of the CIDs too.
  2. Join us for GSL 2020 Duos! Link

  3. I voted for 36-50 hours. I just popped my last achievement after spending close to double that time on the game. However, I also put in 2 playthroughs when only 1 is needed and didn't use any sort of guide for the first one. I think if you're using a guide to help you with the collectibles and plan your gaming to get it all done in one playthrough, 40-50 hours is about right.
  4. The shows play at the same times every day. The list below includes which shows are at which times so you can sleep to fast forward to the time slots that contain the shows you need instead of checking all of them. I've formatted the times the same way the game does for your convenience. HERE'S THE TRICK: 1) Find a house with a TV, a radio, and a bed. 2) Kill or knock out all of the residents so you don't have to worry about them. 3) TURN THE TV OFF and TURN ON THE RADIO so you can hear it when you're standing in front of the TV. 4) Go to sleep until the first time slot you need. 5) Wake and go to the TV. Wait until you hear the show start on the radio then turn the TV on. 6) You should see a message popup in the bottom left of your screen that says "You collected name of show - name of episode" within about 3 seconds. 7) Once that pops up (or doesn't) turn off the TV and head back to the bed to sleep until the next time slot you need. Notes: - Every time you sleep (outside of a few specific spots in missions) the game will autosave your progress. You can see the save icon pop up in the upper right hand corner. - You do not have to watch the whole show! Once the message pops up, you're good. This includes if you just catch the last few seconds. So don't worry about making sure you only sleep up until the last interval before it starts. So long as it's still playing when you get there and turn on the TV you should be good. - If it doesn't pop up within a few seconds, turn the TV off and back on again, if it still doesn't show up, you probably already have that one so go sleep it off until the next one! Update: It looks like this can be done with a radio as well from a shelter but it still requires turning the radio of and on again for the shows to register. The video below shows the process. The first show didn't popup the alert by the time it normally would have so I knew it must be one I'd previously collected so I went back to sleep and the second one shows the notification popping up: https://xboxclips.com/Bungling%20Ninja/bee3946a-8124-4d00-91c0-861df99b0fad/embed 07:00 - Wakey Wakey. 12:00 - News Hour. 16:00 - I hear you - Humor Hour - Play with Jack - Funny old Customs. 19:30 - Well, well, well - That tastes amazing - Famous Britons. 22:30 - Nighty Night. Below is the list of episodes in the order they appear in the Theatre. There are 45 total but many have reported the achievement unlocking at 44 (including me). 1 I hear you - My husband sleeps in a small bed. 2 Funny Old Customs - Maypole. 3 News Hour - PSA Downers. 4 News Hour - Look at you. 5 News Hour - Do what you should be doing. 6 News Hour - What to do about downers. 7 Humor Hour - Downers. 8 I hear you - Joy. 9 I hear you - Old newspapers. 10 I hear you - Whose uncle are you. 11 That tastes amazing what is it? - Bread Extenders. 12 Well, well, well - Scurvy. 13 Well, well, well - Cholera. 14 Nighty Night - Red riding hood part 1. 15 Nighty Night - Red riding hood part 2. 16 Nighty Night - Pied piper part 1. 17 Nighty Night - Pied piper part 2. 18 Humor Hour - Germans. 19 Humor Hour - Brits. 20 I hear You - Enjoying Simon says. 21 I hear you - Word of the day. 22 News Hour - Are they sleeping. 23 News Hour - Garden District. 24 News Hour - Going out at night isn't bright. 25 News Hour - News items. 26 News Hour - Random things the face said. 27 Nighty Night - Goldilocks part 1. 28 Nighty Night - Goldilocks part 2. 29 Nighty Night - Hansel and Gretel part 1. 30 Nighty Night - Hansel and Gretel part 2. 31 Play with Jack - Episode 1. 32 Play with Jack - Weapons. 33 That tastes amazing, what is it - Edible weeds. 34 That tastes amazing, what is it - Lichens. 35 Wakey Wakey 1. 36 Wakey Wakey 2. 37 Wakey Wakey 3. 38 Wakey Wakey 4. 39 Wakey Wakey 5. 40 Well well well - Tuberculosis. 41 Well well well - Plague doesn't exist. 42 Funny old customs - Human sacrifice. 43 Funny old customs - Pinata. 44 Famous Britons - Bloody Mary. 45 Famous Britons - King George III.
  5. GT: Bungling Ninja Game: We Happy Few August birthdays get a bonus entry. Right?
  6. :francis: Form a team and join us for XBA's GSL Twist 2018! :francis:
  7. Gamertag: Bungling Ninja Total: 4920 points 4,920 Verified ~20th A Albert and Otto 50G (Double Points) B Borderlands 2 (The Handsome Jack Collection) 1000G (Double Points) C Claybook 1000G G Gone Home 400G H J K Knight Squad 1000G N R Rare Replay 420G V X (Double Points) Y
  8. I'll toss my hat in because Zoolander. No promises on quantity of gamerscore... Forum Name: (it's, like, right there <--- ... but I'll type it here too) troy0891 GT: Bungling Ninja
  9. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  10. Assassin's Creed Origins please and thank you! GT: Bungling Ninja
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