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  1. Welcome! Now get out! No just kidding Welcome to the internetz and have fun
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Fju4I78sTU]RELAX & SLEEP #1 SLOW JAZZ Sleeping Songs Smooth Relaxing Music for Studying Instrumental musica - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Oh my. TVthePunisher is worse than a girl. Posting close ups of a his face trying to act 'seductive'.. very disturbing yet hilarious. Learn to 'Edit' as the opening post and a mod suggested and stop posting your photos in every single page. Thanks! *Puts TVthePunisher on ignore list so I don't have to look at that pedo again*
  4. You have never been to anywhere in Middle East at all have you? Visiting some airport to transfer to the next flight is not really visiting. I have also been to Saudi, Amman, Bahrain, Behruit, Kuwait and a few other smaller cities. From my experience of what I've seen those people are living far better lives than how we live here (BTW I don't agree with Islamic views or any other religious views). And yet, though they are rich, they still wear traditional clothing and live as normal people. And I'm not saying there are NO poor people. But majority of the Middle Easterners are living better rich lives than poor compared to here. Who cares? And why would you call them idiots for? It's not like those kids are robbing there parents are they? In Middle East, many of the businesses are family owned. So one day those businesses' ownerships go to their kids. So even when a daddy get his 16 year old kid a Lamborghini Murc, what's the big deal? they are rich. When that kid grows up he get to own that business and he will probably live a far better life as a good person or an 'ass' bragging about it, but still rich. Funny. You say you're not mad and yet it bothers you and those kids pisses you off? They show off and brag because they can and they have. You have the option to simply ignore them and go on with your life and become a better person. I'm not a big 50 cent fan, but there's a saying, don't hate the player, hate the game.
  5. Who cares? really? If they don't care about how much they have, It's not our business. And you know what, you want to see real rich ones on everyday life? Move to Middle East. Just simply go for a drive in their roads. You will see a loads of of European and Asian luxury sports cars there. I remember when I used to work in Dubai, my branch manager was living in a mansion. Driving a freaking Ferrari 360 Modena everyday to work. And he got his son a Ferrari F430. Should I be mad at them for being rich? Should I care if they are careless. No, not at all. If those 'rich' can afford them for their kids, good for them! Be mad at our governments for wasting 100S of BILLIONS of fucking money on military instead.
  6. Hello. :D what's up?

  7. I mean I have brown hair so I guess I look like Hermione from Harry Potter.

  8. Nice PC.. HP is very good. But the only bad thing in that PC is it's chip. It's a AMD and it won't last longer than a few months due to over heating issues. Ask them to replace it with an Intel! Other than that a nice PC.
  9. - Education - Studying - WAKING UP IN THE MORNING. FFS Why can't schools start at night? damn human ethics! - Memorizing - No porn - School Uniforms - And the most important of all.. Girls can't wear mini-skirts! So fuck school! Talking about Asians.. even the calculator is too slow for them. But I lol'd. It looks like he summed up pretty much everything about the American educational system here. Isn't Michio Kaku Japanese? I'm surprised he only mentioned Chinese and Indians as smart but not his own Japanese people!
  10. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHBhF-n8pNw]Herborg Kråkevik - Vi skal ikkje sova bort sumarnatta (We shall not sleep away the summer night) - YouTube[/ame]
  11. Whats to be proud of? Man Carmona.. I agree! Caru was pretty lame
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