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  1. Any achievement list anytime soon?
  2. Damn I would rather be there! Have a good time dude!
  3. I would be Interested in doing this next weekend if you was able to help?
  4. Nice find, although we're gonna have to be extremely lucky to get this gun first lol. But still good guide bro
  5. So of there will be a another add on are we expecting 2000G? I'm confused I thought vengeance was the last DLC?
  6. Looking to run through the game with people. Don't have to have a mic. Just more fun and easier with more people. I'm on mission wildlife preservation
  7. Anyone dupe some purple/orange weapons or armour would be greatly appreciated
  8. I have a question. Me and a bunch of random guys got through the game and done quite a bit together. How comes when I go to play single player the missions we done aren't saved and I have to start from the mission plan b? When I was like 5 missions in front of that? Don't worry, a random message popped up on my screen sayin would I like to skip the missions I've already done in another session. Well obviously he'll yeah!!
  9. Fair enough but no way am I going past the bridge, way to long and confusing lol
  10. I just got no one escapes alive Easter egg on achievement on easy?
  11. I'm currently on holiday ATM but when I get back just looking to go through story mode and pick up as many achievements as possible. I got all DLC. MSG me on live. I have just finished the level 'bright lights, sky city' or something like that :/
  12. Wow thank you for helping me getting the medal and skin dude!
  13. The only thing that's making me deciding between xbone and ps4 is with the kinect always being on. Isn't anyone else worried about this?
  14. Think I may just leave this method don't want to risk loosing my prestige 5 level 40. But god method though, but with gears games you can never be sure :/
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