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  1. This, the owners here are their own worst enemy, I've never known an overhaul take so long, this has taken years, and all we have is a new lick of paint that's actually worse than the site was before. I stayed as a paying member for years, then decided to pay TA instead as the forums became so toxic here and the site became a broken glitchy mess, now it looks pretty (apparently) but literally nothing works other than bare basics. To be fair, this was what it was like before too, even in it's prime! When the new paint went on I checked in daily for these new features, at this stage I'll be honest, I couldn't care less, TA has nailed the market down on what this site is trying to offer. XBA is flogging a dead horse, someone really needs to put it out of it's misery! I really feel for the mods, who have had to front all the news to members and pass on...well no news, as their clearly not getting informed themselves. If the owners read this, decide what it is you want in a site, stop leading people on and be clear with staff and members. Nobody cares about Resaro that failed years ago, poor Rich and Dan sit there like lemons just posting game comparisons nobody cares about, your content is stale, old and out of sync. Owners of XBA need to either sell up and let people who care about gaming take over, or sort their shit. As someone who used this site for many many years and met some amazing people here, it's sad to see it in such a mess, and I'm pretty much stepping off this sinking ship for now. I can't say I wont check in down the line, but I wish the site the best of luck on it's future and I really hope something great happens for XBA. I highly doubt it though and I think along with everyone else that's left, it's too little too late. Thanks for the good times (if anyones actually still active here to see this).
  2. Wouldn't go that far but the fact the console looks shite doesn't help.
  3. I main XBOX and really need to pre order the Series X but I can't get over the fact how ugly the console is, maybe it's not so bad if have it stood up, but for those of us who will place in a entertainmnt unit, it just looks like a block of black plastic. The design is probably the worst of any console ever IMO, and there's been some horrid consoles.
  4. I remember XBA being very bitter back then, there was constant digs at TA, and XBA insisted they didn't need scraping, and would be bigger and better than TA, within a few months the place was dead, and TA was massive, TA continued to grow, XBA continued to suffer. PST is also run by the same people, but that had one distinct advantage people here didn't want to admit. Playstation won this gen, Sony saved PST, as so many people switched, they naturally went to the sister site, and with TA's sister site TT being so new without much content, the mush settled on PST. TT continues to grow and will eventually take over PST the way it's going I predict, if there's one site that stands a chance, it's PST due to the huge active community, XBA on the other hand....I guess time will tell, a big factor will also be how the XBSX does next gen, if it's the flop many are thinking it will be due to basically being a gamepass machine, XBA could have it's work cut out. Ideally every site thrives and offers amazing content. I don't know the specifics around scraping, I know you need permission, and I know TA not only got permission, but got huge endorsment from MS, their own app, and their own cardboard stands of easy GS games in some stores. If XBA tries to work around this it WILL fail, if XBA has no scraping at all, the update will be a waste of time guaranteed, I hope I am proven wrong but as someone said above, in todays society, no scraping makes for an extremely out of date site.
  5. I appreciate your enthusiasm Pants, and I'm sure there's a beta front end knocking about somewhere, as you said yourself you have tested it, and despite not always seeing eye to eye, I trust your word. It really is going to have to be a superb update though, not just a reskin, XBA is going to need some form of live scraping, if we don't have that here, whatever gimmicks are thrown into the site wont really matter, people want live updates, instant scraping, they want their data updated instantly like on TA. The future all sounds amazing, I just worry XBA have left it that long, and said goodbye to that many members, it's gonna take a miracle at this stage to get this place going again, as said above, this update is going to have to be phenomenal...
  6. Guides have been lacking over the past couple of years, yes they are still being made, but nowhere near the quantity of before, as said prior, we have AAA games here that don't even have any forum posts, heck some AAA games sometimes don't even have a forum initially. I know the difference between a roadmap and a guide, the roadmaps are fine as I said, a general overview of what to expect, and these are handy to a point. But the actual guides have always had an out of order issue here, it's something that me and many many others have wrestled with for many years and had to work around, if a guide is to be made, one would expect a step by step, instead we have to open several tabs, try to locate the order of unlocks, and by the time you have set out the guide, you could of finished the game. Why do you think Makas Guides became so popular? Because his guides went from A to B, like him or not, his guides were to the point, XBA formatting went from A to C to Z to F, all over the place. To be honest since 2007 and collecting achievements, I have not found another site or walkthrough provider that lists things out of order like here, disagree all you want, but it makes guides harder than they need to be, if you like this, brilliant, most wont. It's also not the guide writers fault, it's the sites insistance on listing the same way as XBOX. The roadmap tells you what SHOULD be happening, the actual guides are a game in themselves, put the peices together. The amount of times I have missed missables following XBA guides is ridiculous, this is why I say UNPUBLISHED guides are so much better here, as once they get published, the guide writers hard work is shit on, as it's all thrown out of order. Of course I'm critical, this is why I asked if there was any kicking this dying horse or is it gonna be left to suffer? I'm told were getting updates (was told this over 5 years ago). I rarely use the site to be truthful, it became a bitter and toxic haven once XB1 dropped, but due to being here so many years, I'd like a resurrection, but as soon as Dirty said "update coming soon" I kinda rolled my eyes, as said above, an updates been coming for years, I'm not sure at this stage the site owners know what one is. 100% Agree, I do respect all the staff here, even Pants who I never got on with, they all did an amazing job, from guide writers, mods, and organisers. The owners have left the place to rot, and all the front enders are left to deal with people like us who are asking whats happening every blue moon we decide to pop our head in. I'm surprised there's any mods left, if I volunteered my time for a site where the owners contributed nothing, left it in an total broken state, and basically didn't give a shit, I'd have told them to piss off years ago, credit to be given, you have more patience than me. Resaro continues to push out dull content, remaster comparisons constantly, how can Dan, Rich etc sit there making the same shit videos every week whilst a website they represent sits here rotting, acting like everythings rosey. It really is baffling to me. Anyways, I hope this update does come, for now I'll let time tell, I'm sure I'll have a nosey in a few months or so to see if anythings happened (and it probably wont have lol). Stay safe all.
  7. I understand how staff can be frustrated, I kinda pop in and out purely out of nostalgia if I'm honest, rather than actual useage, don't get me wrong, I used the site many many times in the past, I just feel it serves literally no purpose anymore that TA doesn't do better, the catch up is impossible, with XBA's lack of scraping it will never get there now, and it's been left in the dust so long that so many people have already gone, how can an update bring everyone back I wonder? An update that's been promised for around 5+ years I might add, that I still doubt will happen. I still see AAA games here with zero posts, that's how dead the forums are. My main use for XBA was always the written achievement guides in the forums of a game, something that rarely happens now. At a glance roadmaps were very useful to gaige an idea, but I always found the roadmaps themselves useless simply due to the fact XBA insists on listing achievements in the XBOX order. You had some poor soul write a great overview roadmap for a game, then on the actual roadmap, everything they wrote was then thrown out of order into the XBOX order, making it ridiculous to follow an actual guide here (again unless it was written in the forum unpublished). Achievement guides went a little something like this: Complete stage 1 Complete stage 2 Collect all items in stage 6 Complete stage 4 Get Missable achievement in stage 7 Now easy to follow if just a line of text like the above, but consider huge games where each achievements had a big write up, possible pictures, you were constantly scrollig up and down to try and figure out what the heck was coming up next. Obviously this is a preference I suppose, although I know many agree, but so many things needed changing here, they are calling this an update.....it kinda needs to be a complete site rebuild, an update isn't going to cut it.
  8. Is anything ever going to happen on this site going forward? The focus seems to be on the main page news which is pretty much always behind everyone else now, and other focus seems to be on Resaro Network which does anyone even watch it anymore? all the guys seem to do is comparison videos which people were sick of by the 500th one. Resaro hasn't evolved at all since it's inception. I used this site so much back in the day and am truly grateful when it was actually functional, but it's painful on the rare occasion I come here now like today and it looks like a dying horse that needs putting out of it's misery. I really think the owners should make a decision, there's literally about 5 people post a day amongst all the spam, the site functions don't work, nobody cares about awards anymore, not that there's anyone around to be awarded.
  9. Totally subjective lol, but no, sadly I'm locked into the MS system for now, I'm not reeady to give up 10+ years of achievements when down the road MS could impress. I will however be picking up a PS5 first and continue my XB1X Backlog till the SX is reduced. That's the plan now anyways. No idea how you recall that but yep, they gifted me a XB1 on launch which was great as I couldn't afford it at the time, I doubt that will happen again, If I recall, back then it was a GS based thing according to many, lots of high scorers got consoles, this gen I haven't hit it as hard, so I would imagine if they do give consoles out I wont be getting one.
  10. Sony announced games people wanted, top AAA titles like Horizon and such, MS announced shite only a select few will care about. Their presentation was disjointed, broken up with devs telling us how good their shit looking games are. I main XBOX but regretted investing in them this gen, they dominated the 360era, but jeez did they drop the ball hard this gen.
  11. Well that was an awful showcase compared to Sony's.
  12. Hey guys, I pre ordered Saints Row 3 Remastered, downloaded it today and it's not showing up as installed in my games library, it's simply not there, uninstalled and downloaded again, same deal, whilst downloading it also doesn't show the box art imagine under que, just a green square. In order to play the game I need to launch it from the Store, as there it says it's installed. I game share with my son, he tried downloading it, and it shows up in his library fine, but has the text "pre ordered" on it. How can this be fixed?
  13. Several GWG games I have nabbed in the past have vanished from my ready to install list, when I track them down in the actual store, it says I can play them with XBOX Gold, which I have, but the option to download is greyed out, for example Project Cars (first one) etc. Many other GWG games are showing up fine and work fine, any ideas?
  14. Join us for GSL 2020 Duos! Link

  15. It's frustrating, I know XBOX has been a bit up and down this gen, but due to the 360 hooking me in, I've stuck around, but the controllers are awful on XB1, no other console has this issue. My daughter just gave me her old 360 as she has a PS4 now, and holding the 360 controller again compared to the XB1, the quality difference is huge! 360 feels like a proper meaty controller, the XB1 controller feels like a cheap toy in comparison! Come on MS sort it next gen!
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