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  1. I have never been one for playing game online with others I have tried the COD and other first person shooters as well as the Assassins creed multiplayer, and to me it just was not as enjoyable as playing through the story and any side missions but that is just me. So for me i would like to have an option for disabling multiplayer achievements, I am not for having them removed from game as there are plenty of people who enjoy the online aspect of the achievements. I would not mind at all if they had it separated where to show offline stats vs online states. Even with the PS3's trophies system, I would like to have them at least separated so that one could platinum through offline play as well as still be able to get any online trophies if they so desire. I guess my standing would have to be make Online achievements / trophies optional.
  2. I would have to say as of right now it would be Fable 2. Have not played fable 3 yet, but after playing 2 i am a bit skeptical. I was with out a 360 for a while due to an E73 (i think) error on my elite, so most of my games are for the PS3. Now that i have a slim i am slowly working on either buying or renting some games for the 360. I'm sure ill come across a game that is quite atrocious.
  3. i signed up a few months ago and forgot to post here. SO here i am saying HI
  4. if anyone has the complete collection of dolls to send please send them my way I can send them right back GT - apollo0756
  5. I am playing this on the PS3 and i just reached level 33. I planned out each skill point along the way. I used all trainers for 0-3 skill level (2 trainers for each skill) and 4-6 skill level (1 trainer for each skill) and the skill book for each. At level 33 I did not receive a skill point i would assume it was due to having the polymath destine which gives +2 to all skills.
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