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  1. i doubt it, i just got it for my birthday the other day and all it is is the original AFL Live but with a download code for the new teams and stadium
  2. thanks for the list guys i really wish a lot more of these worked in Australia though
  3. well, i know i'm new here and i've got a low gamer score and only a recent Xbox convert but i think story based achievements are more worthwhile personally... going out of your way, whilst fun and something i do a lot of, is tedious after you've finished a game and it does my head in
  4. i discovered the other day that i race better in Forza 4 when i've had a couple glasses of wine than when i'm sober
  5. funny, i do the same thing except i check this site for the reviews, achievements and how likely it seems i'll be able to play the game i only see the point of secret achievements if they are unlocked during natural progression of the game, that way you learn about the game as you go. if you have to deviate from the story for a secret achievement i think it shouldn't be secret
  6. sorry to bring an old quote up, but nobody responded to this, i thought i would you can change as much as you like as far as i can tell, you just have to finish the game in the lead basically... the start of the game conditions make no bearing on your achievements
  7. hey there folks sorry to revive an old thread but as this is technically the newest cricket game out for the xbox, i guess it's all i've got just wondering if on the test match achievement can you skip any of the matches (i'm thinking of skipping the second match to speed things up, i love this game but i'm just trying to finish this damn test against Bermuda so i can go back to having fun with the game again) so i have already killed them in the first match, if i skip the second then annihilate them again in the third match, should i still get the achievement for winning the tournament?
  8. i hate digging up an old thread but i'm working on this game at the moment and i'd like to point out the "Co-op" achievement does work during the Story mode, my girlfriend and i played it on the weekend (i came home to find her playijng and sat down and played with her for a bit, got the achievement ) anyways, i'm planning on blitzing through the game tonight, looking forward to it, should be fun with this guide to help
  9. International Cricket 2010 is the one i'm playing at the moment thanks for the welcome folks still finding out all that you can do here
  10. i'm not complaining, honestly i can say this is one of the better welcoming forums i've been on in a while and don't forget we were all noobs at some point
  11. thanks for the welcome, i'm at work at the moment so i'm not getting much time to look around the forums but i'm figuring my way around it slowly, there's some good information here what's with all us late starters? better late than never though i always say
  12. yeah i just find them confusing, i'm the guy in the corner reloading every 5 seconds
  13. Hey there folks well, i guess i should introduce myself I'm 27 years old, only been playing Xbox for a few months now actually, yeah i know a bit of a late starter but you get that i've been more of a PC gamer until now (not a particularly serious one though and no online gaming experience) my strengths lie in the FIFA series of games, sporting games and racing games in general. those tend to be my first choices to play i tend to suck at FPS games like COD and GOW so don't expect to see too many of those types of games in my lists of played games but i'm willing to learn i'm about to get my backside into gear and finish the achievements for a game soon hopefully, i'm hoping to get International Cricket 2010 done in the next week or so, then i'll be heading online to try my luck against some real world players anyways, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask and if you want to play let me know also i love this site, one of my favorite sources for achievement information
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