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  1. Hey I'm late at trying to get these achievements and it seems like not many people are active anymore, so I would appreciate it if anyone could rate my content. I will return the favour, just message me my gamer tag is ShadBlade. The content won't be up yet as I'm trying to get all of the achievements online during the 7 day trial, but I will say when they have been put up.
  2. going to boost some CR now, gt: Shadblade
  3. add me for Criminal Records boosting GT: ShadBlade
  4. I have tried to squish the aliens that have the jump ability and the ones with shields and neither of them give me anything towards this challenge. I have 1 somehow, but the counter just stays at 1/10
  5. Is there any sort of certain way to do this? I keep just walking over aliens after I shrink them and it doesn't seem to count. Any help?
  6. I also have this problem, i bought the grappling hook from the goblin merchant and it wont let me craft the ivy whip
  7. Oh okay I thought you used the 1600 points to buy the dlc
  8. Okay so I just went to pick up Darksiders 2 and they were selling a season pass so I picked that up also. I typed in the code and it said that it was a code for 1600 Microsoft points. Is this correct?
  9. Okay so today is the day of release for UK, and I was wondering if anybody had any tips about starting a new game that you wished you had realized sooner! Thanks for any tips!
  10. yeah i thought as much. But seeing as THQ are in HUGE financial problems i dont think they will continue to grow just because all of their hope is on this one game.
  11. Erm actually the controls are designed for consoles, just very poorly.
  12. I'm pretty sure they said that their whole game was influenced by legend of Zelda, Prince of Persia and Norse mythology (weird combination)
  13. i just thought that the developers might have made it so you have to complete a completely new game.
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