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  1. Looking for 1-3 people to tackle all the campaign missions on overwhelming. I know this is a long shot cuz not many people play this apparently but if you are able to help go for these achievements message me on Xbox my gamer tag is: ciaqman
  2. Looking for 1-3 players to go after the two Easter egg achievements. I’ll be playing this upcoming Sunday and every night until the following Sunday. I’m on mountain time zone, gamertage is: ciaqman
  3. I think the Falcons will win the super bowl today, their offense is too good and they have been playing so well lately, clicking at the right time. Also, as questioned by one post above I do believe the Pats #1 ranked defense is fools gold/overrated. I would love to see Brady get #5 and the commissioner to have to come out of hiding to hand the trophy to New England but I think it is all Atlanta today. Guess we will find out in a few hours though.
  4. I think you have to take Simmons 1 even though lots of talk about Ingram possibly going first overall. I think the Celtics will have decent options at the third pick but I wouldn't be surprised to see them deal the puck along with a player or other picks for a superstar caliber player in return... But we will see sooner than later.
  5. Rapture: Yeah big game tonight for Spurs thunder... I actually think thunder are a bigger threat to the Warriors than the Spurs but if steph and warriors can stay healthy I think it's a finals rematch with the cavs this year.
  6. Rapture: Just wish Warriors were healthy... Stephs injury scares me cuz I don't think they beat the cavs without him at 100% and I can't stand lebron
  7. Rapture... Who you rooting for in these playoffs? Finals predictions?
  8. Looking to beat the campaign on veteran without restarting from a check point... If you got skill and want to play let me know, will be on quite a bit the next 4-5 days... Gamer tag is ciaqman
  9. I have completed every contract in the game and the geralt the professional achievement has not unlocked. I completed one of the dlc contracts but the other one missing miners is glitched and won't let me complete it, is this why the achievement has not popped..... Does anyone know if dlc contracts are required for the achievement? Am I missing something else? Has anyone heard of they plan on patching the missing miners achievement? It's the last achievement I need for 100%. Thanks!
  10. Thanks guys for the advice on the Wyvern card... Hope I can find it today!
  11. Where is the Wyvern monster card? The last one I need cant find it in game or on any websites, all anyone says is its a random drop/win... I know that but from what location/fast travel/merchant etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  12. I also need some help getting the carrier easter egg, I know the map, have a mic, and Im pretty decent at zombies. I know most the steps for the easter egg except the grenade disposal machine screws me up everytime. Any help would be appreciated. Add me or message me. Gamertag is: ciaqman
  13. Halo Reach: A Monument to all Your Sins and Call of Duty World at War: Hardened War Hero even though it can be done on hardened difficulty I did it on veteran difficulty to get the other veteran mission complete achievements. Both a struggle both had cheap moments throughout different levels and for me took a bit of a time and patience commitment to finish.
  14. I guess for me there are more players I don't like than actual teams or organizations and based on which players are on what team at any given time decides which clubs I root against... right now I hate the NBA: Cavs followed by the Lakers, NFL: Panthers, MLB: Dodgers
  15. I think this is a good idea. I too like many of you get discouraged at times with dlc achievements taking away a 100% complete. The one thing I like about PlayStation and their trophy system is the platinum trophy... its a nice way to show that you have 100% completed the base game but you still don't get a 100% next to the game unless all dlc is completed too. Although I prefer the sound of the achievement when it pops at least on the 360 and I prefer an actual number score compared to the way PlayStation does it I do like there platinum trophy.
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