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  1. I'm missing one guy has well. Page #6 bottom row #4 position (to the right of the guy in the red hat)
  2. Just tried this & FINALLY got it! Thx.
  3. Thanks for the tip. This worked like a charm.
  4. I wouldn't mind trying some online games.
  5. Interesting game & controls, indeed. I just lost my first franchise game with the Brewers 0-22 & only got 2 hits. I was playing the Cardinals on Pro. Yea, I suck.
  6. Man, I've tried this one a few times and still can't get it.
  7. Yea, good point ... the Raiders and the Eagles take the cake when it comes to the worst fans in the NFL.
  8. I didn't mean you were ... just having some fun. I have a couple of friends from MA and I'm always calling them that. They are just a bit more "edgy" than I'm used to. Very little patience.
  9. Average Pats fan? More like average MassHole! <giggle> Congrats to the Colts and their fans. I like Brady but am tired of the media out there bashing Peyton. I wanna see the guy win the big show! Go Colts! Speaking of the media, I was so pissed at the way Boomer talked about Peyton during the half time show. He compared Peyton to A-Rod and basically said Peyton was a piece of garbage. After the game he said nothing about the way he talked to the guy. Nice call Boomer on saying he'll choke ... Boomer is just another east coast asshole.
  10. Games should be played for fun & enjoyment. The achievements should be secondary. If you only look for games with easy achievements and skip the "harder" games like GoW and whatever ... that's ridiculous in my opinion.
  11. I wish I could erase Dynasty Warriors 5 & LotR II.
  12. I own 3. There's no need to own games with rental services like gamefly.com.
  13. I'm behind the times, but that's ok. I have a 20" Phillips flat screen with component hook ups. http://birch.net/~mhubble/setup.jpg
  14. I wouldn't either ... just thought it was odd people were getting stuff like that.
  15. That's a good deal ... is this on ALL pre-orders or just H3?
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