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  1. Looking for people to do Horde DLC with and a group to help me capture the meatflag. Bots never run with you, or steal your meatsgheld, and you move too slow for me to get any caps.
  2. ALooking for people with the season pass to get some achievements with. Only hit me up if you plan to play for more than boosting though. Still need: Insane 4-Player co-op (will use mutators) 10 reflect kills as a Mauler Execute Minh with RAAM in Versus Host a 5-player private Horde match on a Horde Command Pack map. Kill a Lambent Berserker with 5 FoN characters Get 10 kills as leader in a FoN Guardian round 3 ribbons (2 for Beast and 1 for Horde) And most of the medals It will take insanely long to get everything, so once again, it's not all I plan to do. You don't have to be good at the game, but you do have to actually play it. GT: Sgt Saucerhead
  3. Looking for someone to help me get the Multiplayer achievements. I hated the game until I forced my way through it a bit and finally unlocked stuff, so I'm not going to start from scratch against people that actually know how to play. All I need is a game or four, and then I'm out. If you've never played online, you win a match, I win two matches, and you win another match, like it says in the guide. If you have played before, just let me break down your door and steal your flag. It shouldn't take but a couple minutes, and it will be much appreciated. GT is: Sgt Saucerhead
  4. I was told to post here so: http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?p=6601465 I forgot to add Insane Beast (no fail), but the rest is still accurate. 5:00-8:00 Eastern I get mostly bots on Guardian, but my highest is 6 kills as leader. Even without other players, 10 kills legit is a pain in the ass.
  5. If you have the season pass, and will stick around for more than one achievement, I would like to request your help. My to-do list (in no particular order) is as follows: - Beat 4-player campaign (Insane Arcade with instagib melee, infinite ammo, and super reloads) - Beat 4-player "RAAM's Shadow" campaign (Easy Arcade with above mods) - Get 10 bullet reflection kills as Mauler in "RAAM's Shadow" (third player) - Host a 5 player match of Beast and Horde on a "Horde Command Pack" map. - Beat a Hardcore Horde boss wave as 5 Onyx Guards (jump straight to Wave 10 with same mods) - Beat Horde waves 1-10 as 5 player Zeta squad (Easy with mods) - Kill a Lambent Berserker in Horde as a team of 5 "Forces of Nature" characters {same way as the Onyx Guards achievement} - Beat all 50 waves of Horde on insane [Artillery map, mods optional {as long as re-upping doesn't re-start medal collections}] - Execute Minh 10 times as RAAM in Versus MP (may come naturally, though it's unlikely) - Win a VS match as 5 Recruit Claytons and Savage Marauders (perferably in one go) - Get 10 kills as the leader in one round of Guardian on a "Forces" map (between my bad K/D ratio and people actually trying to win, it's impossible to do legit) There you have it. If you play the game occasionally and plan to stick around for a while, feel free to hit me up. Until I make a few friends these cheevos are no-go's, so the forseeable future will be us actually playing the game to enjoy it. Nevertheless, cheevos and a higher K/D are in store for any who accept my invitation. Peace out. GT: Sgt Saucerhead TL;DR : I need almost everything and make friends way too slow to get them legit.
  6. I started playing Gears of War online yesterday because I picked up Judgement for the first time since I got it 8 months ago and realized the multiplayer was terrible. There are still a match or two in Gears1 going at any time but it is only TDM and Execution so I was hoping some of you here would play with me sometime so I can try the other modes out and play on the 6 free DLC maps as well. I don't care about getting the achievements since it would take months and months with almost no one on the servers; I just want a nice change of pace by playing something I haven't played in years and never played online. If you are interrested my gamertag is: Sgt Saucerhead
  7. The reason why you can't use your skills after the skeleton boss is because you can't use them in the arena. It also depends on which weapon you pick up first for if the melee is X and the ranged is A. If you don't like how the standard attacks are set up go to the equipment screen, go to where it shows your skills, and re-map them. It's not that complicated. Once you finish the arena and get your equipment back you can map everything back to how you had it before. Also Torchlight was worse than Daggerdale, which is pretty sad to say because Daggerdale is boring as hell. There are only a half-dozen enemy types and half of those are chapter specific. Combine that with the fact that even on the hardest difficulty you can't get hurt that much if you know how to play a game half-decently and it's not worth $5, let alone $15. I only got it because it was on sale for $2 and I had nothing to do for a few days.
  8. Here's you a really simple and accurate guide: Play the game. It's all straightforward and you shouldn't need a guide to figure out how to use a skill or kill someone with one until you get an achievement for doing so. Needing a guide for anything that isn't an area-specific, collection, or actually challenging achievement is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. If you can't figure out something that simple by yourself you shouldn't even own the game.
  9. Do the items get more damage/defense each level after 10 or is it still the same? For example, because I worded that terribly and couldn't0 think of a better way, say a hammer is getting another 20 damage each level until level 10 would it get 21+ damage for each level after 10? Right now most of my items are level 7 or higher and are either premiums or have pretty good base stats for non-premiums. If those weaker items would get more damage/defense than they normally get each level for getting past 10 they might be a good trade, though highly expensive. For the money and materials it takes I could spin the wheel tons of time and potentially get one of the items I'm using again (about a 1 in 300 chance a spin after disregarding premium and super premiums) and even if I don't get one I need I could potentially find a useful buff or level up a better item I'm bound to find sometime with all the materials I get. I'm not really worried about getting the achievement fast but getting better items. After I get all the other achievements (mainly the berserker, zephyr, and engineer ones which will take a while because I only have the berserker currently and never get the skills I need) it won't matter if I waste money because I won't have to get all the kills I can but until then I don't want to waste my resources on an achievement I can probably get before then.
  10. To refrain from taking that damage use the cleric as your main and the mage as your backup. As soon as the game starts jump in one of the turrets with the cleric so you can level up fast. Jump out of it when the enemies start attacking it and go around healing yourself and everyone else so you level up more. When the wave is over put your 2 or 3 meats into health and AP. Now go to the ballista on the left and repeat the process you did for the first wave. If you die during the second wave switch over to the mage and see if you can use the wind trap. If so place them close to an edge and lure the enemies over to you so they fall to their deaths 2/3 of the time. If they don't die shoot fireballs at them and set another wind trap. Rinse and repeat. If you don't get the wind trap go back to the cleric. When the wave is over put the meats you get into health and AP again. Stick with the cleric for the third wave because this is where they normally massacre the team and it will get you the most experience. Run around as much as you can and keep healing everyone until the minions come your way. When they come for you run towards the center of the map, turn around, put your shield up, and back away. After you get past a certain point (somewhere before the steps) they'll back off and go for everyone else. Now you go back to what you were doing before. The blocking you do while backing up makes sure you don't get hit in the back since it does extra damage and gets experience for your shield. For the bonus round get on the ballista you used for the second round and do exactly as you did for it. If you keep doing this you'll level up fast and get some stars along the way so you can get better equipment. When you get more armor and damage on your warrior use it for the second stage and spam the hell out of the spin attack, unless the enemies are the bombs of the flower things that take your AP. If it doesn't work out, the first time you die go back to the mage.
  11. I'm a level twenty and so I'm still in the non-star items challenge so the three main bosses are pretty easy if you have a decent team but if you have a lot of brand new players (I've had at least four so far that got their first kill ever through the event), a lot of low levels (levels one through nine), the dumb kids that run to the other castle and leave everyone to fight the first boss without them, the douchebags that don't do anything after getting a few kills and dying once or twice so that no one can get the MVP challenge, the ones that stay on the center map ballista for no reason except for the second boss and first bonus boss, or the random people that drop out during the match you're pretty much destined to only get fourteen points (100 are needed to get a silver chest). <--- That was all grammatically correct so suck it, English! So far I've only gotten one of the items (gold chest) and I'm half way to the second item (if I don't get a repeat) but it's a really good way to level up until you get one of the previously mentioned "teams". It's a 50/50 if you get a good team or not but even with the terrible runs I've leveled up my premium ax on my berserker twice, raised a hammer and wand a few times, and raised everybody's armor at least thrice a piece except for the premium armor on my cleric. Also I've almost gotten the MVP challenge/achievement a handful of times even without having great equipment, which is way more than I can say in quick matches. All-around the first boss is hard sometimes, depending on which class they basically auto-kill and if you got a bad group, but once you get past it you can get infinite experience on your warrior/berserker through the second boss, infinite experience on your mage classes on the third, and back for more with the warrior classes on the rest (as long as you've consumed some good amounts of meat to get your health, attack, and AP up) along with the easy infinite experience your cleric always gets. It's well worth a few minutes of your time because, if nothing else, you can work on your specific classes fast to hold your own in multiplayer if you can't already.
  12. Is there an easy way to get the same item multiple times? Some of my items are close to level 10 and I would like to upgrade them to 11 or, preferably, 15 in a decent timeframe. I know it would be pretty much impossible to find the star items multiple times without paying real money for them but medium weight items are still pretty hard to find multiples of, at least if it's something I have equipped. For example I've been using "Wooden Hammer" since I was a level 5 and now I'm a 20 and haven't found an other but I've found "Twin Chicks Helm" at lest 4 times in the last few levels when I don't want it. Is there a trick like only using the class you want the item for in a multiplayer or co-op game, killing enemies certain ways, or certain ways to bet on the happy wheel to get decent items? Right now I'm averaging getting my items up to a 7+ and then finding something a little better when maxed out and I've got to spend all my coins and materials to level them up enough to only be slightly weaker for a few games until it gets better. Needless to say I get stronger VERY slowly so I'm not getting a decent amount of kills unless I'm on specific maps like ones that I can wind trap bridges (if I get to use it during that match) and knock anyone that comes after me to their death or small ones I can stick to the ballista/Gatling most of the time.
  13. Disregarding the castle defense since it isn't up all the time, if you want a good boost go to the multiplayer settings and set it where it only goes to the smallest maps. As soon as the match starts get out your cleric and set the materials for as many ballista as you can before building them so that the other people can't make Gatling guns. It doesn't really hurt your team any (I'm better with the ballista than the Gatling gun so I know other people are too) and you're ready for the incoming enemies that are going to be there soon if you're not in a really overpowered team. After all of those are built get on one of the ballista beside the gate so you can hit the people that might attack said gate and sit and wait. If there isn't a really strong mage on the other team you should be able to get at least 5-10 kills before you die (more if you have extra tactical damage on at least one of your items) and as soon as you respawn there are more ballista to hop right on. If they're occupied there should only be that one to build again which should be easy to do since the other 3-5 ballista and the ground fighters are keeping the enemies' attention. If you have high defense and tactical damage you can get a ton of kills each game with enemies to shoot a good bit of the match time. If you're a low-level player or don't have a lot of extra tactical damage you're still making at least 15 kills a match when the other team is overpowered as f**k. On a side note if your team goes from castle defense to attacking the castle don't get the notion to join the fight. The battle on small maps can change fast and there is always that one guy that wants to attack the other base alone. Just sit there the whole game and watch them flock to you.
  14. I went online and I did the double jump with whoever I was with at the time and it didn't pop that way either.
  15. I know you have to be online to play Ascend because I tried playing it before I got gold but is this one of those games that you have to play with random people? I dislike games that make me play with other people because random people annoy me (I only last in those types of games for a few weeks at tops before I tire of them) so I'm pretty much strictly a solo man unless I really like somebody. It won't take long to download it again but I would rather not do it at all if it isn't a solo game with the option to play with others if you want (like the free Spartacus game or basically any retail game for comparison). Thank you in advance for the information. Edit: The icon at the side of the thread was supposed to be a question mark not a frown. I clicked the wrong thing.
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