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  1. Well... yeah theoretically, but no practically... Theoretically, you can earn tokens from Timed Events if you do really, really well or watching ads for tokens (1 ad for 1 token, what a joke, I know), which has been very recently added to the game. Practically, $100 are needed for the $100 Token Pack, which will give you enough tokens to buy the 4 token cars necessary for their single event. If you have any respect for yourself, don't spend that money just for this achievement and this comes from quite a dedicated completionist.
  2. The achievement has no problems, I just got it earlier today (by accident actually). This should be done on Actino Rise right at the first springboard shortly after starting the run. Jump on it towards the wall to your right, make sure Faith is running on the wall for a split second, turn, jump to pole, swing forward and jump off of it and the achievement should pop.
  3. I fixed it by winning more ranked matches.
  4. I am not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but Japan gets ( instead of Hitman: Absolution ) Quantum Conundrum as their Games with Gold offer. Link: http://marketplace.xbox.com/ja-JP/Product/Quantum-Conundrum/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d802584111ff It is not region locked at all (personal confirmation).
  5. That's true, however I have never tried redeeming a MS Points code through GFWL after the switch. I will try in the near future hopefully and post here the results. However, speaking about MS Flight, they actually removed almost all of the DLCs from the in-game marketplace. I believe the only ones left are the Hawaiian Pack and a plane. The rest are missing, so that's not too helpful.
  6. Toy Soldiers Cold War is free with Gold (and has been since the 16th).
  7. Unfortunately none of the methods you mentioned are possible. MS Flight does not exist on Steam anymore and there is absolutely no place which sells DLC codes anymore. As per the PC Marketplace FAQ on xbox.com: "Will I be able to purchase Games for Windows Live games in other marketplaces now that Games for Windows Live titles are no longer available on Xbox.com? Games for Windows Live titles published by Microsoft are no longer available for purchase from any marketplace {that includes MS Flight}. For other titles, please check directly with the title’s publishers." So no; like I said. If you don't already own the DLCs, it is now and it has been since the PC Marketplace closure impossible to complete the game. I know.. I feel sad about it too.
  8. Forgot to mention that Dead Island Riptide is the game on the Games with Gold offer in South Africa instead of Dead Island. It is not IP locked, but it might be console region locked to PAL consoles. I cannot say that for certain as I myself have a PAL console. P.S. Above i was just stating my opinion on this matter of getting out-of-your-region games; it was not a fact, so do not consider it as such. Fact is, there is a risk to get suspended, your console or/and your account(s), but my opinion is that it's very small.
  9. It has not finished downloading, but the download was started without giving me any region errors, therefore it is not IP locked. Just go get it if you want to. EDIT: The download just finished successfully.
  10. In Germany instead of Dead Island, the game on offer is Metro 2033. It is not IP locked and it will work on NTSC-U (American) and PAL (European) consoles, but it won't work on NTSC-J (Japanese) consoles. English is also available as a language in-game.
  11. Next Games with Gold games for January 2014: Sleeping Dogs (1st half of the month) and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (it is just one game for those who don't know; 2nd half of the month). Also, in Japan, the game in the 1st half of the month will be replaced with Just Cause 2. Also, it is more than likely console region locked to Japanese (NTSC-J) consoles. I will personally check it and update this post once I find out. I have a PAL (European) console, so I can't tell how it is for NTSC-U (American) consoles. Thank you for the compliment Jeremy. EDIT: Indeed, Just Cause 2 (JP) works ONLY on Japanese consoles. It is also IP locked (credit: Direkin) and the game itself most likely is available only in Japanese language. Also, Sleeping Dogs from US store is console region locked, as it works ONLY on NTSC-U (American) consoles; however, the European version is region free. Neither of them are IP region locked. The German version is also available for free and works ONLY on PAL consoles.
  12. In Germany and Japan Halo Wars is on the Games with Gold offer instead of Gears of War 1. Also... Halo Wars on both of those stores is IP locked to its respective country AND the game itself is available ONLY in German/Japanese language (source: myself), depending where you got it from. Therefore, don't bother doing "shady" things unless you actually know those languages or aren't bothered to play it in German/Japanese. However, if you're smart, you can add it to the download history and keep it sitting there for 3 months until you can change the account's region again... EDIT: Expired...
  13. No way to delete it or complete it (if you don't have the DLCs purchased). I'm in the same boat as you, so I'm annoyed by this as well. Trust me, I've tried quite a few things to get DLCs working for an account without being properly licensed by the GFWL Marketplace application with no dice though.
  14. I'm sorry but that is not possible. It is not like on the Xbox with multiple accounts and a shared license. Sure, you can log in with someone else's account on the PC and download the DLCs, but when you log in with your own account, those DLCs will not be available; it's as if they don't exist on the Hard Drive. The way licensing on the PC works, GFWL-wise, is the account that purchases a piece of digital content has exclusive access to that said content. The license is valid only and only for that particular account, therefore the DLCs will not be recognized when logged in on another account. So, as I've said before it is now absolutely impossible to 100% Flight if you haven't already purchased the DLCs with your own account. And yes, the support team was wrong on the "download" part. You can still download any content you have already purchased from the GFWL Marketplace application.
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