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  1. @The Pants Party- I skipped the Edgewater final fight and when I got through Hope I didn’t have the option to skip to Tartarus.
  2. Well, I made it through the online achievements without one glitching, but then I went to buy a shirt from the nudle vending machine. Three tries, no achievement.
  3. I was looking for the same info , as I was about to play through 2 before Legion.
  4. I’m really stuck on the weapon training challenges. It’s pretty much the last thing I have for the 100%. I’ve been trying to figure out if I can use keyboard and mouse to cheese this. So far I have been unable to get my wired USB keyboard and mouse to work in game. Looking for some advice other than “git gud”.
  5. Hey all, I've created a Google Sheet with all the cosmetics info I could find : update : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-RRTiPoW8jQHz0sHWk6PPNXw-Gd5GIykYCs6sgznT6s/edit?usp=sharing I even added a section where you can track your vehicle parts unlocks. If this is useful to you, Social Mail me items I am missing, and I will credit you in the sheet. XBox GT: MulticronX
  6. Interested in all online achievements : MulticronX
  7. Looking for coop partner. GMT -5, I have a mike. GT: MulticronX
  8. I was able to unlock sneaky little buggers by going to lockdown palace and killing the Truxican guy in the first row of lockers. Couldn’t do anything to get the Knox achievements to unlock yet though.
  9. I also imported siren, Hunter, both of which worked. Nothing after that worked. Not sure if it’s just the two classes that are broken or anything after two uploaded characters is broken.
  10. Do I just have to leave my Xbox on or what? I don’t even want to turn on my 360 now....
  11. I just popped all the Dr Ned achievements, and my Xbox app says 570/1750, but the 49 point Ned achievement didn’t add to my gamer score (and worse, since the 1 point one did, my gamer score is now “odd”!!!!) Does anyone know how to fix this? I popped the Italian plumber achievement, which added to my gamer score, but I’m still missing the 49 points!
  12. Can’t get fully loaded (inventory at 48/48) or you call this archaeology (elemental artifact) to pop. Got 24 achievements pretty quickly after start up, except dr Ned (gotta find the character I did those with.) For some reason my xb1 keeps crashing every time I try to import my Brick or Roland save
  13. I didn’t get Diabetes Defender when I was supposed to, nor can I get the glitch of death achievement to unlock.
  14. I got the same glitch - completed all the firefighter activities and no achievement and no 100% achievement. Looks like another 50 hours down the drain.
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