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  1. Daaaaaamn its been ages since I've been here! Just went a couple pages back and seen some sweet pics, you're statue collection is looking sweet as usual Deek. Thought Id drop a line to see how everyones collections are doing and see what some of the ol' game collecting group was up to. Also my sig is crazy outdated... Oh wells.
  2. Restarted playing after almost 2 years. Was seeing if anyone is still around... Continued from my previous character, lvl 168, defeated a couple bosses and am now stuck at the 4 Kings on NG+ (was trying to get into the Darkwraith Covenant) seeing if anyone could be willing to to help out? GT: AltruismIsDead SL: 168
  3. For the Badass achievement, I used Maya Torres (first survivor you come across) and got it with her... Although I wasn't keeping track of how many missions I did with her, I do believe it was most likely over 50, but you can get that Badass achievement without Marcus, it just seems to take a lot longer.
  4. Hit 200k on 4/08/13 - got it from either Devil May Cry or Defiance. Was a pain compared to the original 100k Here's hoping 300k will come a lot faster and easier
  5. Well, I really want it on xbox and windows since it seems like they are compatible and most game (good) game engines can compile them out to those formats. But I am aiming to reach as many consoles/systems as possible.


    The game I am working on is a cross between a Metroid/Castlevania Symphony of the Night, with elements of Diablo/Borderlands weapons/item looting and Little Big Planet where you can play multiplayer to reach co-op levels (without the restrictions of all the players being on the same screen)


    It's a pretty ambitious project, but if I can just get a good game engine, a good programmer and the support needed, I think it'd be do-able.


    So if it comes down to it, I might be selling off some items and you'll be the first to know about the Maw and Captain Smiley statues.

  6. [ame= ] [/ame] Well, before you judge, this video was made almost 3 years ago I believe, and was just a quick demo thrown together by myself with just stand in test art. So obviously since then the programming, and art work had basically been redone. But this was made when I first started working on the game, and to show people what problems I was having early on and before I had someone help me with the programming.
  7. Let's see where to start. Well the game I was trying to make, it was mainly me for graphic design and a friend who was the programming. Both of us also worked with other people on their games, because they were part of the same community that used that game engine. And at times they would help out on our project but not worked with us on the project "full time" since they were working on other games. I've been into graphic design for somewhere between 14+ years, as for my friend and his programming experience I am not entirely sure, most of the programming needed he was capable of doing. I've tired programming but most of the stuff I could do is mediocre at best and it was for games that had its own programming language (DukeC or whatever for programming Duke Nukem 3D mods waaay back, and the current engine is a mixture of C and it's own language) Lastly the engine I was working with could compile out to different formats, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, but it was still really limited and I wanted to aim towards Windows, XBLA/Indie or other consoles.
  8. Man Youtube takes forever to convert stuff... [ame= ] [/ame] Then after watching I noticed the same part repeats twice.... sorry about that One day after I get my entire house clean I'll be able to make a better video and show off more of my collection, until then you'll just have to check out the current stuff. I would post some pictures but they'd just be the same old ones from before.
  9. Well, this is more painful than I imagined, after years of blowing smoke up peoples asses about making a video of my game collection, I figured now would be a good time to make a quick (read: half assed) video clip of a fraction of my collection to start off with the new Game Collection Thread. Well, video recording the stuff wasn't as bad... converting it into iMovie, then into MP4 or whatever format, THEN re-converting it into a youtube video is such a HUGE pain in the ass. Especially when going from 1080p down converting it, and down converting it again to youtube format, is such a HUUUGE pain. Right now I have about 45 minutes left of the Youtube upload, on a down scaled version of the original version... so hopefully soon within a little while I'll re-edit this and post the Youtube video along with some pictures... Please keep in mind a hand full of things: 1) I didn't bother cleaning shit in my house 2) I actually wanted a second camera operator to film while I just briefly ran through some of my more important collection 3) I wanted to give a full tour of my house since I have a bunch of rooms loaded with game collections (see 1 and 2 as why I didn't do that) But at least I got a half assed video up of my collection, I'll toss in some older photos, and one day I'll go about cleaning my entire house and giving a grand tour. So once Youtube finishes uploading and re-converting (once again) I'll post up the videos and older pictures. So stay tuned.
  10. No sir, I am relinquishing my power to you, or better yet, the god of collector statues, the jealously of all.


    Right now my title has been down graded, both by Mighty Mango, and JDM and Vendetta and you!


    Now I've just been trying to focus (once again) on trying to get my indie game off the ground (once again) after the game engine we've been using wont work for all the ambitious things we have planned.


    And then my ultimate goal, to have an achievement named after myself! The "AltruismIsDead" achievement worth 0 GS!


    That is if I ever can get this game I've been so desperately working on, both, off the ground and in stable, non critical condition and off life support condition.


    Hopefully I can take some screen captures from the old engine and create an awesome trailer and all the game plans I have for it, put it up on KickStarter and possibly get people interested enough through word of mouth to get some funding for it....

  11. Can't remember if I posted in here a while back or in one of the social groups, but I've been working on an indie game for the past 3+ years now and recently ran into some major limitations using the game engine I've been making the game on. And unfortunately it's not really viable to use it anymore. Not only is that frustrating enough to rework a game from scratch (save from the textures, sprites, character designs, animations sketches etc) mainly all artwork that can be ported over to a different engine, everything else from the game engine, to the coding has to be completely redone. To make things worse my friend that had been helping program that game is only sufficient in the game engine we had been using (game-editor/gE) which isn't quite programming but a hybrid of C and their own programming language, which needless to say doesn't carry over well to new game engines. Now to hopefully get to the point, X360A forums is the only place that I frequent regularly and everyone in this community are generally always cool, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any other indie game forums, communities, indie programmers or game engines? Or even dabbled in game design at all? Any recommendations would be of great help, also if anyone is interested in one of the most crudest, oldest, and earliest prototype videos of my game out there pm me and I'll toss you the link. Be warned it's a really old video with just some stand in concept graphics to test the game engine at the time and work on some bugs. I should also add in, that it's going to be a game in style of Castlevania Symphony of the Night/Metroid - a 2D style side-scrolling game that focuses on exploration, power ups, along with elements of Diablo/Borderlands randomized loot collecting and (hopefully with a new game engine) multiplayer - with elements from Little Big Planet, like needing groups of 2 or more to access new areas to fight bigger boss battles for more exotic loot. Weapon/item trading etc. Like mentioned before we had been working on this game on and off for 3 years now, and I've had the concept, story and ideas for it way before then. I remember seeing the file size for Castlevania Symphony of the Night and thinking, "wow! this massive game was only roughly 100 some odd megabytes back on PS1, when CD's could hold around 650mb of data, just imagine if they took the full capacity of that disc space and added much more to it! And now imagine if you used just a fraction of a DVD, or Blu-ray disc even 1Gb of levels and data would be massive compared to the original." - Add in those other elements of multiplayer and randomized loot, trading, and massive co-op boss battles. And just to make things clear, this isn't a fan-based game, that infringes on Konami's and Nintendo's copyrighted franchises, it's a completely different game that borrows the same underlying side scroller, action-rpg, exploration those series use. But sorry for ranting on so much, but still if you want to leave any feed back on your thoughts, you're more than welcome, and if you happen to know anyone into indie game design, or websites/communities, game engines let me know. Right now I am leaning towards the Unity 4.1 game engine, or possibly Torque 2D if anyone has knowledge about those, or if they can be exported to XNA game studio?
  12. Gackt needs to lay off the Phoenix Downs! http://www.cracked.com/video_18535_the-terrifying-fallout-final-fantasy-universe.html
  13. And you call yourself an otaku!! Like my friends say, Magic the Gathering is kind of like poker but with strategy. Ya sit around and shoot the shit with friends, play and have fun. Edit: @ runswithscissors, never played Pokemon, or Yu-gi-oh, or any of the other card games, so can't compare it, but to me it is fun building a deck and playing with friends/family along with the various types of strategies etc it makes for an interesting game night.
  14. Yep, back again to check in on my favorite thread. Been seeing some awesome collections from new members and tons of RE collections. Thought I'd mix it up a bit with some photos of a different variety: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y274/altruismisdead/image_zpsf39eebc9.jpg Been getting back into Magic the Gathering after being out of it for years. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y274/altruismisdead/image_zps21c1dda9.jpg One of the holy of holies of the power 9, pack fresh Black Lotus. Although with full disclosure that is my brothers card, which he gave to his daughter since she was the one that got my brother and I back into MTG.... Which caused a domino effect and now all my friends are getting back into playing it. And before anyone mentions it, this is a post your gaming collection thread and Magic the Gathering is a game. Otherwise check signature for older video game related collection photos. Well, this is one reason why I haven't been updating my video game collection. So any Magic the Gathering players out there?
  15. Damn Vendetta, very awesome collection, unfortunately had to cut out all the awesome game pics found here, to ask about the shelves. I have these same shelves for my dvds/blu-rays as well, but can no longer find them on sale for the life of me! Have you had those for a while or bought any of them recently? And if so where? Because I have still been on the look out for them.
  16. Well the OP does first focus on the whole "Are games art?" debate which has been beaten to death, but then the topic "Is gaming an art?" Then the quote about people who play games should be viewed as artists sort of throws a different perspective on the whole subject. It's not that this thread got stupid, it already was since basically the "debate" about games being art is taking place in a community where damn near 99% of people are going to agree. So it's kind of hard to have any type of open dialog on this 1 sided issue.
  17. I thought that looked awesome. But would honestly get a bit annoying. Cool uses would be for explosions or special effects that were shown. Annoying uses would be how they showed entire buildings, or basically anything that has too much stuff going on at once. Really comes down to if developers get on board with it and how they use it. I'd definitely check it out if it got enough dev support behind it. Edit: Just seen about 40 seconds into it, that they definitely did some video manipulating in that. Went a little too buckwild on the warping filter, making actual bookshelves bend... http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y274/altruismisdead/Screenshot2013-01-11at11321AM_zpsa9b99635.png
  18. If you are asking if video games are art, then isn't this question kind of preaching to the choir? But if you're actually asking if "playing" a video game is art, then no. That whole quote about: To me couldn't be farther from the truth. It's like saying "hey I go to the art museum so I must be an artist!", "I watch a bunch of movies so I am a director!" or "I listen to a ton of music, so even though I can't play an instrument, I consider myself a musician." I can't even possibly fathom anyone playing a video game and looking at themselves like they are an artist, as in they play a certain video game in a certain way and think it's like an art-form. "Man, I am on a 10+ kill streak, I am a god damn artist!" For the most part, you play video games to be entertained. On the other hand video game creators can create a game to deliver a meaningful story, an idea, or whatever they wish to do. But to briefly play devils advocate and to ask a question like "do you think cars are art?" or "is a couch/refrigerator/whatever art?" I am basically asking that because some people out there that are auto-enthuistists look at cars like we view video games. They know the amount of detail it went in to designing cars, and some people just think it's just a utilitarian vehicle. Basically what I am implying like mentioned before, art is subjective, but beyond that art can be found everywhere, either man-made or made from nature, it depends on how you want to view it.
  19. LMAO. OOOooooh man that would be terrible (for a completionist) if someone did that and unlocked 1 achievement.
  20. I bought those book shelves for my collection at Walmart. $20 for just a standard shelf, can't go wrong with that.
  21. Are you referring to the.. just the Wii controller? Wii-mote and nun-chuck? or the new Wii U game pad? Because in all honesty the new Wii U controller is actually really comfortable to me. At first it feels awkward because of the length of it. To me it feels like an elongated Xbox controller. Although since I am so used to the right analog being on bottom and buttons on top, that side of the controller feels like it will take a bit of getting used to. Although I still could definitely see them going the Wii U route, where you could still use a regular Xbox controller, but like mentioned before, how Microsoft is now getting into tablet development with Surface, I still think it could be entirely possible they would release a tablet/xbox controller hybrid. But I agree with you on them making their marketplace like the Nintendo eShop, with every new dashboard update MS does it becomes more and more convoluted. Yeah I can see the similarities, I actually own that AppleTV box, but just me personally when I first seen that new Xbox design I thought of it more as a mix between a Mac-Mini and a Wii.
  22. That was a pretty awesome video, and I thought the quality was actually really good throughout it, some occasional blurring/focusing when moving the camera too fast, and the low light levels, like when you were showing Link & Epona it was hard to pick up the details, but all those problems are standard with any camera that isn't a super-high quality professional movie camera. But I am still waiting for you to send me that Catherine statue!
  23. I was at first really mesmerized by that guys super sweet mustache on that Machinima video. Felonious Monk said it looked like an AppleTV, but to me it looks more a Mini Mac: http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTQwH_bxT9Av5ibFEe8ReSgV0Oad29oUQ1xeG49exA5ZTPIu4a4HA I like the sleek minimalistic approach (of that rumored/faked/mocked up/maybe real concept art) Xbox system. But lets face it, you know they are going to study the Wii U, and take some of their concepts and incorporate them into it. Even though the article didn't have clear info on the controller, just speculation, I can see it having a Wii U touch screen design if that controller catches on and people like it enough. I do love my Xbox but Microsoft hardly innovates. Avatars = Mii's, Kinect = an improvement over Wii controls, and lets not even mention Zune. Don't take what I am saying the wrong way, because when they develop the new Xbox they'll most likely take the best parts from various competitors and Microsoft-it. As long as they keep Achievements, backwards compatibility, and a controller that is as comfortable as the current Xbox 360 one (but with a better D pad and built sturdier so it doesn't breakdown from wear and tear) This will be a pretty awesome system.
  24. Eh, even though I posted this already in the other thread, this is still my current avatar anyways.
  25. http://avatar.xboxlive.com/avatar/AltruismIsDead/avatar-body.png http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/picture.php?albumid=1565&pictureid=14969 That's my avatar, the Mad Hatter, who also kicks it with Cheshire cat!
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