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  1. Has anyone experienced skipping/lagging issues. I'm currently playing offline campaign and my game keeps like skipping around and sometimes like freeze in the middle of gun battles. Very annoying. Any suggestions.
  2. got one to and its doing the same kind of upset. hope it works out.
  3. I'm looking to do weekly heroic on hard if interested or need a third message cw rozay lvl 28 warlock
  4. I'm a lvl 28 warlock. Looking to jump in on a hard raid or someone who has a checkpoint at the boss. GT is CW ROZAY on now
  5. Willing to do the following: Strikes without dying(replaying earth) Attempt Nightfall Normal raid All weeklies(nothing over my level unless your higher than me) Take note I am a 27 warlock. I beaten the raid before. I follow. Good advice and can hold my own. I'm on now My gamertag is CW ROZAY
  6. Yeah I've came in top 3 many times and get nothing. Seen the worst player get items when the top doesn't. Sucks
  7. looking to do nightfall message cw rozay also will do weekly
  8. lvl 27 looking to do nightfall or weeklys. Also I'm at the portal part of the raid if anyone has a group right there and needs an extra message me. CW ROZAY
  9. Need three lvl 28 or above forr raid or 27 message cw rozay
  10. Yes add it with these changes Up level requirement to 27, keep enemies same level as they are. Make universal checkpoints to everyone if it's not there yet. Put it to where you can search for your checkpoint and continue.
  11. How does it work and who does it work against. Like the fire and I guess electric fusion rifles, who do they work against. I use them on all enemies and I steady see resist on every shot.
  12. looking to do nightfall currently level 26. Also willing to run other strikes. Message CW ROZAY
  13. back at it looking to run vog or any other strike would like to do nightfall CW ROZAY
  14. I guess im a sorry warlock, cause I sure as hell don't get a one hit melee.
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