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  1. I went up to him and he offered me the Cursed Snowglobe which I beat but he doesn't offer me the Cursed Skull and didn't before. Do I get it somewhere else or something?
  2. This is a long way but it's the only way I could beat it. You set your allies to kill it (I reccomend you kill the officers first) and they eventually will. This does take awhile but remember they're invincible and your not.
  3. I have other save but not as far into the game. At least I beat it before this. Also, I just checked and if I go into old DNA sequences I'm him even if I'm supposed to be in a disguise if I was Ezio.
  4. Why is Xiahou Ba on Jin's side when he never fought for them and instead joined Shu.
  5. I filled Lu Bu's bar more than halfway but he never showed up to talk to me and he's not available as a sworn ally.
  6. In the DW7 at the Xiapi camp when you talk to one Private he says "I-it's Lu Bu! Oh, don't mind me. I was just practicing my frightened look. What do you think?"
  7. Who is your favorite leader. Mine is Sima Zhao.
  8. 1. Jin 2. Wu 3. Shu 4. Wei Yet I hate Zhong Hui, Sima Shi, and Zhuge Dan.
  9. Actually I looked it up after and it's the Japanese's game's equivalent for Chaos mode.
  10. :uzi:I found this glitch on a different website. You start a mission on Veteran and save & quit when you reach the 1st checkpoint. You go to mission select choose the same level but on Recruit. Go to Xbox Dashboard 1/3 thru loading. Start the game and click resume. Your enemies should be on Recruit but it counts as Veteran. I used it on "Their Land, Their Blood" and it worked. I know because I killed all of the tanks without dying.
  11. I finished all of the Clusters and was in that weird place and I quit when I got stuck. When I loaded my game I spawned in Rome as Desmond without a sword or dagger and invisible right hand hidden blade and parachutes. Also, when I bought a sword it was stuck in my hand permanently without me being able to use any weapon including the sword when it is stuck. What's up.
  12. If you beat Black Tuesday and Hunter Killer on Veteran and it didn't give you the Big Apple achievement just press new game, click Veteran, and watch the opening scene. It should give it to you.
  13. On One Shot, One Kill has anyone else noticed that right after Captain MacMillan tells you to take out the first guy 4 atack dogs start killing enemies?
  14. The clown looking 1 is definitely the best. Burst out laughing.
  15. "You keep sending them I keep knocking them down!"
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