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  1. I don't suppose there is anybody about who would like to boost this?
  2. Achievements only seem to work offline at the moment
  3. Is the challenging achievement still obtainable? I have just completed the man city Chelsea challenging on world class and it didn't seem to unlock!?
  4. Looking to get all the MP achievements, send me a message. GT = Jevanssss
  5. Got this by just setting up a dedicated server an just doing things round the house. I looked to see what the most popular game modes were at the time and set up one the same, when I came back the achievement had popped. Looking to get the rest of the ranked achievements now so drop me a message!
  6. I'm up for boosting the master of ceremonies achievement. GT = Jevanssss
  7. Sooty172


    Finally getting round to getting 1000 on this! Can you press rematch after every game to start a new one that counts to the MoTM awards or do you have to quit to the main menu every game?
  8. Managed to get rainman on the server, just joined it and there was 14 others in there the majority of them inactive and when I woke up after my sleep the achievement had popped. Just need to get 'hired gun' and I have completed all the multiplayer achievements.
  9. Hi, I need the rainman achievement and the one for killing someone who has completed the game on legendary, more than willing to help everyone get any other achievements that they need. I can usually be on from 7pm GMT My GamerTag is; Jevanssss If we can get 4 people together we can crack on with this straight away
  10. Im up for boosting alread got a ew achivemnts. GamerTag = Jevanssss Message me
  11. Where can I buy this in the UK? Its the stringed pro guitar you can use as a real guitar.
  12. Sooty172

    UT teams

    How do you get all the big names into your team on fifa 09 UT? I cant seem to make money fast enough
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