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  1. looking to do player match achievements GT: Sheskaa
  2. So I've completed the campaign and decided i wanted to go back and mop up some of the achievements except it's not letting me select missions, only the first. Do i have to replay this? Is there a known fix?
  3. Looking to do any of the dlc ones that can be boosted pls message gt: Sheskaa
  4. How long do you think it will take to get 100
  5. If someone wants to do the win one of each with me hit me up, GT: Sheskaa
  6. The purchase another car for your garage did not unlock for me edit: neither is rep level 25, I don't see any issues with xbox live right now, and the achievements all say 0% locked.
  7. anyone doing the trial have a guess to how long it would take to finish
  8. Yeah if someone who is actively doing these and getting them, would post their solutions that would be great.
  9. Is there an updated guide with correct links to the scanable pinatas?
  10. anyone able to actually get the famous pinata? Since rare no longer gives them out? if so GT:Sheskaa
  11. there more than 1 achievement in TiP that uses a vision cam if i remember right, thats where the other 20 comes from, so 50 can not be earned in TiP.
  12. Yeah I'm having issues, tried to tweet them didnt get much of a reply.
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